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U.S.-spec Mitsubishi i EV Will Cost At Least $20,490

Mitsubishi i EV

Pretty soon U.S. citizens will have a cheaper alternative to the Nissan Leaf in the form of the Mitsubishi i EV. This week during the New York Auto Show, the Japanese automaker said that the car will hit the dealerships in November this year, at a base price of $20,490 for the entry-level ES model and $22,490 for the better-equipped ES version. These prices include the government subsidies ($7,500).

Mitsubishi i EV

This means that the Mitsubishi i EV is going to be the cheapest 100% mass-production electric vehicle in North America, almost $5,000 more affordable than the Nissan Leaf, but keep in mind that the latter is a compact model, while the i EV belongs to the sub-compact segment.

Mitsubishi i EV

The car is powered by the company’s MiEV technology and its rear wheels are driven by a 66 hp synchronous electric motor, along with a 330V lithium-ion battery that is capable of storing up to 16 kWh. It also sports a single fixed reduction gear transmission and the electric motor offers a peak torque of 145 lb.-ft, good enough for a top speed of 80 mph (129 km/h).

Mitsubishi i EV

With the batteries full, the car can be driven for up to 85 miles (137 km) and to fill up these batteries you’ll have to wait 6 hours when using a 240V/15A Level 2 home EVSE Eaton charging station and 22 and a half hours from your conventional household outlet. The good news is that you can fill up the batteries to 80% of their level in just 30 minutes at a public quick-charging station, if there is one where you live. The battery pack has an 8-year / 100,000 miles warranty.

Mitsubishi i EV

The base model comes as standard with power windows and mirrors, AC, a 4-speaker 100-watt audio system, along with the MiEV remote system that allows the battery pack to be charged via timer and also you will be able to pre-activate the heater or the AC.

Mitsubishi i EV

Source: Mitsubishi via Carscoop


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