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[study] 7 in 10 British Women Prefer to Leave Car Servicing to Men

When it comes to car servicing, battle of the sexes has definitely a winner: man. It’s not that all women are not good at cars, but statistically, only 3 in 10 women take their cars for servicing on their own (compare this with seven out of ten men who does this). At least this is the situation in United Kingdom.

The research was conducted by a car servicing network, Bosch Car Service, on 1022 British adults over eighteen. It revealed the fact that the problem comes from women’s fear they have no good experience with that (35% of participating women indicated this reason, while 24% of men have chosen the same answer). However, women might have lately made efforts to improve their driving skills, but men are still better at car servicing duty. No offense, ladies!

The interesting part comes with the next results: three out of ten drivers under the age of 24, regardless of sex, are letting their parents deal with the duty of car maintenance. The same number of persons have indicated they take the car for servicing on their own, while the rest of questioned persons recognized they leave this job to mum and dad. The reasons for this latter category of drivers could be inexperience and also costs.

So, do you take your car for servicing on your own?

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2 Responses to [study] 7 in 10 British Women Prefer to Leave Car Servicing to Men

  1. herpa says:

    9 out of 10 British men prefer to leave servicing to women *giggle*

  2. Cheap cars says:

    I thing this kind of situation is not only in British.

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