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[Study] BMW, Aston Martin, Audi – the first places in some charts

For the past few weeks, results of different type of analysis were released. Some were about the cars / brands in top consumer preferences in different areas around the world or, why not, actually in the entire world. Consequently, we’ve decided to present them in the same article. So, here we have:

BMW – world’s best-selling premium automaker through September: sales increased by 9.3 percent in September 2011. On the next two places: Audi and Mercedes-Benz. You can find out details here.

Aston Martin – the coolest automotive brand in Britain: for the fifth time in six years. The criteria included: “style, innovation, authenticity, originality and desirability”. More info about that, here.

Audi – the most social luxury brand in China: if we take into account the fact that China became the world’s second largest luxury goods market in 2010, a study about how top luxury brands in China are performing in social media was normal to be initiated. The winner: Audi. Details are here.

What do you think about the results?

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