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AC Schnitzer 2011 BMW X3

2011 BMW X3 (F25) by AC Schnitzer

The German aftermarket specialists from AC Schnitzer have revealed this week their tuning package for the 2011 BMW X3, featuring both performance upgrades and styling changes.

2011 BMW X3 (F25) by AC Schnitzer

The X3 xDrive20d model has received an increase in power and it now outputs 218 PS (215 hp / 160 kW), up from the standard 184 PS. Under development is an upgrade program for the xDrive30d model, along with a stainless steel sports exhaust system for the models fitted with the 6-cylinder, 2.8- and 3.5-liter engines.

Design-wise, the styling kit developed by AC Schnitzer consists of a protective film for the rear skirt and as you can see from this video, the front spoiler of the car maintains its integrity quite well. On the inside, the tuning program consists of an aluminum gear knob that has a digital gear display, a sports steering wheel (with airbag), aluminum pedal set, i-Drive controller aluminum cover and branded velours foot mats.

2011 BMW X3 (F25) by AC Schnitzer

Customers can choose from the long list of wheels available, like the Type VIII forged wheels for example, which measure 22 inches. These sets of wheels are capped off with a sports spring kit.

Source: AC Schnitzer via WCF

Fastest Mini Cooper JCW Revealed By AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper Eagle

If you’ve been looking for something even more powerful and quicker than the JCW version of the Mini Cooper, look no further as the guys over at AC Schnitzer have come up with this “Eagle” version. To demonstrate how fast the car really is, they took it to the famous Hockenheim circuit for some comparison testing. It managed to do a lap in 1:13.341 while the Ferrari California did it in 1:13.5, along with the BMW M3 in 1:14.3 and the Porsche 911 Turbo in 1:14.6.

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper Eagle

This “Eagle” model has the same engine as the JCW version, but AC Schnitzer tweaked it a little bit and it now produces 260 hp (191 kW) @ 5,000 rpm and 340 Nm of torque @ 2,950 rpm. The car can now do the 0-62 mph sprint in only 5.8 seconds, before hitting a top speed of 250 km/h.

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper Eagle

They managed to squeeze more power out of that engine by installing a new ECU, modifying the intercooler and the turbo and using a stainless steel exhaust system that has a racing catalyst. In addition, the car got a sport clutch, a lightweight ion battery, a limited slip differential, anti-roll bars and a racing suspension.

As far as the aerodynamic package is concerned, AC Schnitzer fitted this Mini with a new hood, a rear diffuser, boot lid, new doors and wings, along with a rear spoiler – all made out of carbon fiber to shave off a few pounds.

The price tag for the fastest Mini Cooper JCW is 62,000 Euros.

PS: These are the Hockenheim lap times:

AC Schnitzer EAGLE : 1:13,3 min.
Ferrari California: 1:13,5 min.
Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series : 1:13,8 min.
Porsche 911 Carrera S: 1:14,3 min.
BMW M3 : 1:14,3 min.
Porsche 911 Turbo: 1:14,6 min
Audi RS 4: 1:15,4 min.
Mercedes C63 AMG: 1:15,7 min.
BMW Alpina B3 Coupe: 1:16,1 min.
Audi RS 6: 1:17,6 min.
Ford Focus RS: 1:17,8 min

Source: AC Schnitzer via ZerCustoms

AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 320d, Heading To Geneva

AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 320d

AC Schnitzer are going to be busy this year at the 81st edition of the Geneva Motor Show because aside from bringing their upgrade program for the 2011 BMW 550i, they will also present their tuning package for the Z4 320d. Dubbed Z4 99d, the car will have an engine that develops 190 hp (140 kW) and 420 Nm of torque.

With these muscles under the bonnet, the Z4 will be able to sprint to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, onto a top speed of 235 km/h. Not only fast, but also fuel efficient and nature-friendly as the Z4’s fuel consumption will be of only 3.8 l / 100 km in the combined cycle and will have CO2 emissions of only 99.18 g / km.

AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 320d

In addition, comparing it to the standard version, the Z4 99d developed by AC Schnitzer will be 230 kg lighter.

Next week when the Geneva Motor Show starts we will be able to provide additional information about the AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 320d (Z4 99d).

Geneva Preview – AC Schnitzer 2011 BMW 550i

AC Schnitzer 2011 BMW 550i

AC Schnitzer has announced today that they will be bringing next week at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show their 2011 BMW 550i upgrade program. The car will feature a significant power upgrade to 540 hp (397 kW) and an impressive torque of 750 Nm.

With so much power under the hood, the car will be able to sprint to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds, onto a top speed of 320 km/h.

We don’t know what changes they brought to the engine, but they will definitely reveal them next week at Geneva so stay tuned.

AC Schnitzer tunes the BMW X1

The BMW X1 is one of the newest models coming from our favorite Bavarian carmaker. We had a blast testing it out in some rough conditions and the overall impressions were quite favorable. Now, the tuning team at AC Schnitzer decided to play around a bit with the X1, which resulted in an array of performance and cosmetic packages for the crossover-ish BMW.

First off, let’s start with the performance upgrades. At the Geneva Motor Show, AC Schnitzer will present the ones for the diesel variants of the X1: the 1.8d now generates 171 HP, the 2.0d outputs 210 HP and, last but not least, the xDrive23d gets 240 HP. All of these upgrades will be available for both the sDrive and xDrive variants.

Mechanical upgrades also include things like a new suspension system and an aluminum strut brace, in order to make the big BMW more agile. Cosmetic enhancements include the new aerodynamic body kit, made out of a restyled front spoiler, rear skirt extension and rear roof spoiler, all improving down force, as well as a chromed “Racing” tailpipe decoration and new sets of wheels measuring 18- or 19-inches.

On the inside, the AC Schnitzer BMW X1 sports a silver-themed carbon interior trim, an illuminated leather gear knob, “Black Line” aluminum cover for the i-Drive system as well as for the handbrake handle and pedal set.


BMW 335d tuned by AC Schnitzer breaks fastest production diesel record at 288.7 km/h (179.4 mph)

Diesel cars aren’t exactly know for top speed, as more car enthusiasts know that a true performance car needs to run on gasoline. But the team at AC Schnitzer has proven otherwise, and with many modifications to a BMW 335d coupe model, managed to break the world diesel speed record for a production model, reaching 288.7 km/h, or around 179.4 mph, at the Nardo track in souther Italy.

The model, dubbed ACS3 3.5d, can output around 310 HP although AC Schnitzer didn’t specify any exact numbers. This just goes to show what potential lies within BMW cars and that with the right amount of tuning and aftermarket accessories, you can reach dizzying heights with your own car. Just remember to take it to the track for all your attempts.


AC Schnitzer reveals Police-edition ACS1 2.3d, based on BMW 123d, photo gallery included

For all of our readers now connected to the German car tuning scene, it seems that the government is hosting a new initiative entitled: “Tune it! Safe!“, which promotes the use of aftermarket parts which are regulated and deemed safe by certification entities like TUV, thus making the tuned car safe.

Part of this initiative is this baby you see above and below, entitled ACS1 2.3d. The model started life as a BMW 123d, but has went through the hands of tuning company AC Schnitzer which outiftted it with the latest and safest aftermarket accessories.

The model is powered by the 2.0-liter diesel engine, which was upgraded to output 241 HP and 480 Nm of torque, meanig a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 6.7 seconds. Other upgrades were made to the outside, which saw a set of proprietary AC Schnitzer Type IV BiColor wheels fitted, wrapped in Hankook tires, new sport springs which lower the car by 30 mm. A new body kit was also added, consisting of a two-piece front spoiler, side skirts, rear wing and spoiler.

Sadly though the car serves only as an example for the Tune it safe campaign and won’t be used to round up racers across the Autobahns of Germany anytime soon. Enjoy the photo gallery below!

Photo Gallery: BMW 123d Police edition by AC Schnitzer


AC Schnitzer releases first tuning kit for the new BMW Z4

The Frankfurt Motor Show saw not only a lot of new releases in terms of cars, but also in terms of special tuning packages from the largest companies in the old continent. One exception, however, was reputed AC Schnitzer tuning house, which opted to reveal its first kit for the new BMW Z4 in a more silent way.

But when we’re talking the improvements the team did to the new Bavarian roadster, then silent is the complete opposite. The experts at AC Schnitzer decided to tackle the 3.5i version, out of which they managed to pull 360 HP, thus taking the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.9 seconds, and up to a dizzying 286 km/h (177 mph).

In terms of style, the company also respected its reputation, outfitting the new Z4 with a new front spoiler an chromed grille, as well as a rear spoiler and new exhaust tip finishes. In the inside, chrome was inserted with a lot of taste around the central console, the iDrive system and the pedals, in order to give a sportier feel.

For a first attempt, AC Schnitzer lived up to the expectations, but perhaps we might see something more outrageous in the future from the tuning house in regards to the new Z4 from BMW.


MINI Cooper R57 Convertible by AC Schnitzer

German tuner AC Schnitzer though that with the summer already here it would probably be a good idea to release a tuning program for the MINI Cooper R57 Convertible. And you gotta give it to them, the little fellow looks pretty good.

The pacakge features a body kit with new front spoiler, sporty rear skirt, sport exhaust system with chrome accents, plus a set of decal packages and, of course, several wheel packages. The interior didn’t remain untouched, AC Schnitzer offering a whole range of accessories including aluminium gear knob and pedals or velour floor mats.

Under the bonnet, the German engineers worked on a power upgrade kit which increases the Cooper S’ power output from 175 to 208 hp (226 hp for export models). Other performance upgrades include limited slip differential, height adjustable sports suspension and aluminum strut brace for the front axle.

Full Photo Gallery: MINI Cooper R57 Cabriolet by AC Schnitzer


AC Schnitzer tuning program for the facelifted BMW 3 Series

With the facelift for the new BMW 3 Series, it was just a matter of time before tuning companies started presenting tuning programs for the car, and it seems that the Germans from AC Schnitzer are among the first. The upgrade is available for both sedan and Touring versions and it includes a body kit with new front spoiler elements, new contours of the bonnet, AC Schnitzer side skirts, sports mirrors, spoiler insert with diffuser look, rear roof spoiler and a set of Type IV BiColor 18 or 19 inch alloy wheels. Mechanical upgrades include new AC Schnitzer suspension, extra sports antiroll bar and strut brace kit front and rear, plus a new AC Schnitzer Twin Sports Rear Silencer with interlinked chrome rings. Under the hood, the 3.0 liter six-cylinder diesel engine was upgraded from 245 hp (180 kW) and 520 Nm of torque to 284 hp (209 kW) and 570 Nm.

Photo Gallery: BMW 3 Series facelift tuning by AC Schnitzer


AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon tuning program for the BMW X6

Though German tuner AC Schnitzer already presented a tuning program for the BMW X6, apparently that was not enough for them, because today they’ve announced another one, the X6 Falcon, the latest addition to the Falcon family. The first thing that strikes you when you see the car is the body kit, which is features wing extensions (makes it 70mm wider at the front axle and 80mm at the rear), front and rear skirt, moved fog lamps, contoured spoiler edge, rear diffuser and spoiler, body-colored skirts, plus 22 inch AC Schnitzer Type VII alloy wheels, available in black or silver. Not to mention the two-tone gold-black paint finish.

Mechanical upgrades include a new exhaust system and an enhanced Control Unit which boosts the power upgrade for the two diesel engines available, the 3.0 and 3.5 liter, from 235 hp and 286 hp to 272 hp and 310 hp respectively. Check out one more photo after the jump. (more…)

BMW M3 Cabrio tuning by AC Schnitzer

BMW’s M3 is quite a good looking car, and the Cabrio version is even better. That being said, tuners can’t really do quite a lot to that car, BMW doing a great job on the exterior styling of the car. But AC Schnitzer decided to have a go at the sporty convertible and here’s the result: the ACS3 Sport Cabriolet.

The german tuners have stayed away from the 420 bhp V8 engine, and instead opted to fit the model with a new sport suspension, and for a cooler noise, fitted the powerdome of the engine with two AC Schnitzer Vents to give a more gruntled sound. The exterior was slightly remodelled, the front end gaining a new carbon fiber lip, modular side skirts to attract attention to the 20 inch wheels and the new AC Schnitzer high performance braking system. The rear was fitted with a carbon fiber rear diffuser and a silencer with chromed tailpipes.

More quality pictures of the car after the jump. (more…)

AC Schnitzer Falcon tuning package for the BMW X5

The German tuner AC Schnitzer, specialized in developing tuning packages for BMW, came up with a new one, this time for the new BMW X5. The package, called Falcon, includes a wide bodykit and an upgraded 3.0 diesel engine, which now develops 310hp (228kW), 24 hp more than the production version, which produces 286hp (210 kW).

The bodykit includes front spolier, rear skirt, front and rear wheel arch flairs (that’s where the Falcon name came from), two triangular metal-rimmed air intakes and 22 inch wheels. Mechanical modifications include an AC Schnitzer lowering spring kit and sport exhaust system.

Check out more photos after the jump.


AC Schnitzer tuning package for the BMW X6

The German tuner AC Schnitzer is the first tuning company to present a tuning package for the new BMW X6. Even though many think it’s not quite the best car BMW ever came up with, the car sells pretty good and many owners will definitely want to customize it. The AC Schnitzer package includes a sporty aero kit and a few mechanical upgrades. The body kit features a new front bumper with diagonal air intakes and repositioned fog lights, new rear bumper with diffuser center kit and integrated exhaust pipes opening, new 22 inch Type VII black alloy wheels. To give the car a ‘closer to the ground’ appearance, all new components are body-color painted.

Mechanical upgrades include a new Motor Control Unit (available for the 3.0dX and 3.5dX diesel versions) and an unique suspension spring kit. AC Schnitzer didn’t release any info about the car’s performance, but stay tuned because once we’ll know, you’ll know.

Check out more photos after the jump.

Tuning: Mini Clubman by AC Schnitzer

Though it’s not really our favourite car over here at Auto Unleashed, the Mini Clubman is selling pretty good, especially the Cooper S Clubman. And the German tuner AC Schnitzer came up with a very interesting tuning program for the British car. The 170 hp engine has been modified and it now develops 226 hp / 166 kW and 285 Nm of torque, which is quite impressive. The body kit also looks good, with new front spoiler and power dome, not to mention the twin sports rear silencer and chromed tailpipes which, besides looking good, make the Clubman sound pretty fiercy.

To improve handling and driving performance, AC Schnitzer fitted the car with a spring kit and height-adjustable racing suspension, limited slip differential (up to maximum 75 percent) and 17” or 18” special wheels.

More photos after the jump.


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