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Miami cop drives the car up on a pole

According to ABC News, a police officer by the name of J. Brutus was driving the police car near the intersection of NW 6th Avenue and 67th street in the state of Miami. It appears that he looked down to get a pen that had fallen from the dashboard and during this time he lost control of the car and the vehicle veered off and rode on a Florida Power and Light pole’s extension cord which as you can see, plunged the car to a 45-degree angle against the pole.

Unfortunately for Brutus he wasn’t able to get out of the patrol car and he had no other alternative but to give a phone call to the Fire Rescue to take him out of the vehicle. The good news is that he managed to walk away without being injured.

Source: ABC News

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Avoiding a collision by inches, literally…

Like a commentator said on YouTube, “no way in hell it could have been closer than that”. The video you are about to see was recorded in Russia where two lucky drivers managed to escape what could have probably been a fatal accident as a tractor trailer truck that was coming from the other direction jackknifed and missed them by only a few inches.

If you look closely at the video you will notice that the lorry which was in front of our subjects starts to pull over to the side of the road in its attempt to avoid the incoming huge 18-wheeler that was out of control. The driver behind it had no idea of what was about to happen and he tried to pass that pulled over lorry that was in front of him but immediately he noticed what was about to happen. He stopped the vehicle as fast as he could and probably started saying a few prayers.

Someone certainly heard him because he managed to survive without a scratch in what could have been a horrible and probably deadly accident. We don’t know what they are saying in the video after the incident, but we’re sure that they’re extremely happy that they have made it alive.

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Massive supercar pileup in Japan destroys lots of Ferraris

Last Sunday on the Chugoku expressway in Shimonoseki, Japan, 14 cars were involved in a huge pileup that ruined 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes-Benzes, a Lamborghini, a Toyota Prius and another Toyota. The good news is that nobody was seriously injured, but some of the drivers involved in the accident suffered some minor injuries and bruises.

Some of the eyewitnesses said that those cars were travelling over the speed limit, going around 85-100 mph (140-160 km/h). According to the local media, the total worth of the supercars that were ruined is somewhere around 300 million yen (about $3.85 million / 2.85 million Euros).

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Two Corvettes crash during street drag race

The video you are about to see was recorded at a stop light in The Woodlands where the driver of a Corvette C5 decided to do a drag race with an owner of the current-gen Corvette C6. Just like they do in the movies, both drivers decided to rev their V8 engines and pushed the acceleration pedal down to the floor when the green light came on. The race lasted for only 9 seconds because the owner of the C5 lost control of his car and hit the C6.

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Funny rally accident in Poland

In racing there’s a saying that you never know what is waiting for you around the next corner because from one moment to another your perfect drive can end in disaster. This is what happened to a Mitsubishi Colt hatchback driver during a rally in Poland when he was coming fast on a very narrow road when some of the spectators started cheering him when he passed by.

Nothing out of the ordinary until now but a split second later his rally came to an instant end after he hit the car into a brick fence. He says in the video that he had a problem with the car’s brakes so the accident didn’t occurr because he was distracted by the cheering audience.

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Learning how to drive a Corvette can be expensive

Learning how to drive a powerful car like the Chevrolet Corvette can be a little bit difficult. The owner of the car you are about to see in this video was doing just fine at an autocross even organized in a parking lot until he thought that he learned how to master the vehicle and pushed the Corvette beyond his experience. The consequences are very expensive for the owner of the sports car but the good thing is that nothing happened to him. We can’t say the same thing about the car though.

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Careless motorcyclist hits flexible plastic poles

Since nothing bad happened to the motorcyclist in the following video, we can consider this accident as a funny one in which a careless scooter driver managed to hit a barrier of flexible plastic poles. The video you are about to see has been edited to look like a Mario game. Enjoy the clip which in less than two weeks it was seen by more than two million people.

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Very attentive driver avoids terrible accident

Every time you drive on the highway you expose yourself to some risks, even though you are following the speed limits and doing everything by the book. It only takes a blink of an eye for something very bad to happen.

In this video you can see that the driver that has a dash-mounted camera not only managed to dodge a sedan that was out of control and slid in front of the him/her, but he also quickly turned the wheel of the car in order to avoid a frontal collision with an incoming SUV which probably would have been deadly. Was it luck or just an extremely skilled driver? Probably both.

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How NOT to do a wheelie

Doing a wheelie on public roads is dangerous not only for the person riding the bike but also for pedestrians and other people as well. The person riding this BMW motorcycle you see in the video tried to be cool by performing a wheelie when the light turned green but the Bavarian motorcycle was not in the mood to do that and it threw the driver down and kept on going for several feet before stopping.

The incident happened in South Korea and luckily nobody was injured. Here’s what happened:

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Mercedes ML 350 driver runs a red light, see what happened

The video you are about to see was captured by a traffic camera installed at an intersection in Timashevsk, which is a small Russian town located in the Krasnodar region. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz ML 350 didn’t care about the red lights at continued his trip at a considerable speed and as you can see he was hit on the rear passenger side by an oncoming Daewoo Nexia (also known as Cielo in some areas), causing the German luxury crossover to roll over towards a pedestrian who was on the sidewalk.

The good thing about this whole incident is that the woman managed to see the incoming ML and she jumped to safety at the very last moment. Who knows what could have happened if she hadn’t been that attentive. The crossover eventually stopped after hitting an electric pole and the driver of the car wasn’t hurt.

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Second crash for the 2012 BMW M6 prototype

2012 BMW M6 (prototype)

Back in late August this year, a prototype of the upcoming 2012 BMW M6 crashed while undergoing some tests at the Nurburgring-Nordschleife. That accident occurred in wet conditions on the part of the track called the “Galgenkopf”. The driver of the car was coming around a right-sided curve and he lost the control of the M6 and hit a barrier.

2012 BMW M6 (prototype)

This new accident also occurred on the Nurburgring-Nordschleife and the prototype of the M6 took a lot of damage, especially in the front and rear ends of the vehicle. According to the journalists from WorldCarFans, the car was undergoing a very demanding 300-lap endurance test when that accident happened, eight laps before the finish. It seems that the driver of the BMW M6 lost control of the vehicle at Fuchsrohe.

Source: WCF

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Live crash with the Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

This would have to be the first video where we see a live crash of an Aston Martin Rapide. The accident happened on a highway somewhere in United Kingdom and one of the reasons for this unfortunate accident was because the driver disabled the car’s traction control. He did this because he thought it was the sport button.

While he was getting out of the highway, the car understeered severely and the driver was not able to control the car anymore. The beautiful Aston Martin Rapide ended up in the side barrier and it was heavily damaged. The good news is that the driver and the passenger escaped without any injuries.

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Crash & Burn For V8 Supercar

What you are about to see is a driver by the name of David Besnard who barely escaped the bursting flames coming from his crashed V8 Supercar. The driver lost the control of his car while he was doing more than 143 mph (230 km/h) due to brake failure on the 112th lap of the 1000 kilometer race that was organized on the second weekend of this month in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.

The car hit the wall rear end first which lead to the rupture of the fuel cell. The fuel that was spilled on the track ignited and the driver unstrapped himself and managed to walk away from the car. Who knows what might have happened if those acting marshals haven’t been on the scene right away.

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Lamborghini Countach Dragster Goes Pinball

If the guys who made the Mad Max movies would decide to make a new one, this is the car that Mel Gibson should be driving. Anyway, this dragster can do the quarter mile in six seconds but as you can see for yourselves, it’s rather difficult to control it as apparently it likes pinball more than it should.

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Scary V8 Supercar Crash At Barbagallo

Yesterday during the Australian V8 Supercar series at Barbagallo a pretty scare accident occurred, before even the first corner. Karl Reindler in his Holden Commodore stalled after the green flag was waved and he was rammed behind by driver Steve Owen. The latter already had reached to almost 95 mph when he hit Karl.

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PU3YFvgjPc[/youtube]

The impact was so powerful that Reindler’s car burst into flames, sending both vehicles into the infield. The good news is that Karl managed to escape with only a couple of minor burns on his face and hands. Owen wasn’t injured at all, but the officials of the race sent him to the medical center after the driver complained of soreness.

Source: YouTube via Autoblog

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