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Nissan’s Street Campaign Is Rudimentary, Yet Efficient

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjjqKLWP_aw[/youtube]

What would be the most direct and obvious way to get the attention of a Porsche driver in Germany and make him switch to a GT-R? Well, sticking the message right in his face is one. Although it isn’t subtle at all, it can work in some cases; this is one of them, according to the agency that came up with the campaign.

The idea behind Nissan’s campaign you see in this video comes from Dusseldorf-based ad agency TBWA. This agency went around sticking an ad poster that featured the GT-R’s rear end on the windscreen of Porsche models – pretty innovative, right? This ad asks the Porsche drivers whether they would want to have a different perspective and points them to Nissan’s website in Germany to put their name down for a test driver.

According to the agency, test drive requests went up by 23% after this 2-week campaign. I don’t think that this figure is true, plus there is a long way between test driving a car and buying one.

Behind The Scenes – Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Commercial

Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion

I’ve always liked Bertone as they designed some of my favorite cars and the Alfa Romeo Pandion looks awesome in my opinion. This commercial was shot last year but the 5 minute behind the scenes clip has just been released.

Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion

Zyclotron was in charge with making the commercial and in my opinion they did a very good job. I was surprised to find out how much work goes into a commercial, I always thought that it is relatively easy to make one, I was wrong.

Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion

The Pandion concept had its official debut last year at Geneva and was created by Mike Robinson, Bertone’s Design and Brand chief. The idea behind this very sexy design was inspired by the Pandion Haliaetus which is a predatory bird. The design’s theme is “skin and frame”.

Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion

The car is powered by a V8 4.7-liter engine that produces 444 hp (450 PS / 331 kW) and 347 lb.-ft (470 Nm) of torque. If these figures sound familiar to you, the engine was borrowed from the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The car has a curb weight of only 2205 lbs (1000 kg). This beautiful concept was created as part of Alfa’s 100th anniversary celebration and there are many reasons to believe that some of its elements will be found in the upcoming 159 replacement.

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCc_0Af89x8[/youtube]

Dodge’s Snowpocalypse Ad Is Cool

According to Dodge, if there will ever be a “snowpocalypse”, you should be behind the wheel of the 2011 Journey, Charger or the Durango thanks to their AWD system that can transform this epic winter weather into mild flurries.

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GolbkisULIM[/youtube]

Chevy’s Miss Evelyn Is The Most Watched Ad Ever


The numbers of this year’s Super Bowl edition were published and the winner for the most watched ad is General Motors with its ad “Miss Evelyn’s Wild Ride” for the Chevrolet Camaro. According to the estimates made by Nielsen, the ad about two guys describing a woman’s wild journey in a silver-painted Chevy Camaro was watched by 119,628,000 people, making it the most-watched ad ever made.

GM took down last year’s record that was achieved by a Doritos ad which was watched by 116,231,920 people. More than that, General Motors managed to grab the second place also, with the ad for the Chevrolet Cruze, watched by 119.3 million people.

Despite all of these achievements, the favorite commercial aired during the 2011 Super Bowl was VW’s little Darth Vader for the new Passat which according to Nielsen’s liability index it rated 186 which is quite impressive taking into consideration the fact that the average score for the Super Bowl commercials is 100, making Volkswagen’s ad almost twice as liked as the average commercial.

VW’s second ad was for the new Beetle and ranked 6th most favorite ad with a 146 score. The ad for Chrysler’s 200 model which featured rap star Eminem got a 138 score, good for the 8th place, while Audi’s A8 ad ranked 10th place with 127.

Cool Mini Campaign Idea


From time to time we stumble upon some good ads, some of them are even very clever and put a smile on our faces. Something like this one I’ve never seen before. This new alternate reality game / iPhone application combo from Mini in Sweden is seriously cool.

It happened back in November last year and all the people involved had to hunt, chase and escape with a virtual Mini in Stockholm by using the application for the iPhone and their own two legs. The catch was that you had to go within 50m of the virtual Mini in order to hit the “Take The MINI Now” in the application, before escaping as fast as you could. Why? Because anyone else who got within 50m of you instantly took the virtual car. The guy that won the car was able to hold it after seven days of 24/7 gaming.

Bridgestone Teasing Super Bowl Commercial


If we’ve got the brains and the necessary funds, why not do it? This is what the guys over at Bridgestone had in mind when they came up with this commercial. They paid a great deal of money to air the spot at the upcoming Super Bowl and now they are building our excitement with this trailer. This spot called “Carma” is featuring a Bridgestone-equipped Buick LaCrosse and one scared beaver (although not as scared as the driver is). Just like it says in the ad, find out what’s happening on February 6th when the full version will be featured.

Making Of – Mercedes-Benz ‘Sunday Drivers’ Ad


This is a making-of-video of the Mercedes ad called “Sunday Drivers” that features legendary F1 pilots like Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen. This video goes behind the scenes at how Mercedes shot a commercial in some terrible winter conditions in the mountains in order to demonstrate the efficiency of the 4Matic all-wheel drive system. Unfortunately the video does not explain how two versions of this Mercedes ad came to be made.

The one you saw aired on German television and features the aforementioned Formula One legends ultimately get surpassed by an older gentleman (Franz Beckenbauer, won 1974 World Cup as a player and the 1990 World Cup as a coach) driving a G-Class Benz.

There was this other version that was released exclusively online where a young British woman overpasses Schumacher and Hakkinen, referring to them as “senior citizens.” Our guess is that this one was good for the Internet but too cruel for TV.

The ad is pretty good in my opinion, featuring two of the greatest Formula One drivers and a football (soccer) icon from Germany plus the scenery looks great and those Mercedes look cool too.

The German automakers were always good at making ads for their cars, at least in my opinion.

Banned Dacia Duster Ad


The list of banned car ads just got bigger with the addition of this one for the Dacia Duster SUV, the most affordable sport utility vehicle in the world.  Sources say that the ad wasn’t made by Dacia. According to a comment made on AutoBlog, the team behind this ad is the following:

Production company: Artcore
Director: Berend Boorsma
Producer: Stefany Rietkerk
Production Manager: Christine Anderton
1st AD: Roel Boorsma
D.O.P.: Philip van Volsum
1st ASS Camera: Alex Hollay
Gaffer: Erno Das
Grip: Frans Leiwakabessy
Sound Recordist: Peter Westbroek
Art Director: Nedda Nagel
Make-up: Eugenie Abrahams
Styling: Nicole de Werk
Location Management: Mike Kuijper
Script Continuity: Maaike Boorsma
VTR: Rio Kierkels
Catering: Quiscene
Edit: Vava Tungsten
Sound: Studio de Keuken

In addition, Dacia denied any link with this ad.

While some people may find it a little bit vulgar, others will definitely like it.  I for one enjoyed seeing it but it is indeed a little bit too vulgar. What do you think?

Video: Cadillac CTS-V laps the Nurburgring in the new ‘Competition’ ad

Video: Cadillac CTS-V laps the Nurburgring in the new 'Competition' ad

Cadillac is extremely proud of its CTS-V lineup, and has released a brand new commercial highlighting the high performance these models can achieve.

In this ad, titled ‘The Competition’, the Cadillac CTS-V sedan is taken around the famed Nurbugring circuit. Also in the ad, Caddy gives credit to the two models that have inspired the development of the CTS-V, the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

For some stunning footage of the Cadillac CTS-V lapping the Nurburgring in 7:59.32, check out the commercial after the jump.

Mini Countryman gets clever billboard in Italy

If you can count on one car brand to have great ads, it’s Mini.

As further testament to its quirky ad strategy, the Mini Countryman stars in a very interesting billboard installed in Milan, Italy.

As you can see above, what might look like an ad for a surfing brand quickly shows off the actual billboard of the Mini Countryman, highlighting the crossover’s slogan of offering a getaway from the rest of the world.

What do you think? Share your thoughts about the ad in the comment section below.


Video: Ken Block takes care of everyday errands with his Ford Fiesta rally car

Video: Ken Block takes care of everyday errands with his Ford Fiesta rally car

Ford is kicking its marketing campaign for the new Fiesta compact into overdrive, just as the model is appearing in Blue Oval dealerships around the USA.

In order to highlight the sporty nature of the new Fiesta, Ford went to famous rally driver and stunt man Ken Block, and tasked him with completing a few everyday errands such as taking out the trash, going grocery shopping or delivering mail.

As you can imagine, he isn’t using a regular Fiesta for all these tasks, instead relying on his custom Ford Fiesta rally car. Needless to say, hilarity and awesomeness followed.

Still, the ad doesn’t just promote the new Fiesta, but also a novel competition, entitled ‘Rock it like Block’. Fans will need to access this special website, and enter for a chance to win a special Fiesta, customized by Block himself. While it most definitely won’t be the Gymkhana Three Fiesta, it will still be awesome.

Hit the jump to check out the new Ken Block ad, and then enter in the competition.

Videos: Honda Australia shows off how many things you can pack in a Jazz/Fit

We’ve seen some pretty interesting ads lately, culminating with the ones for the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, which put real people in the passenger seat of the performance model being thrown around by rally driver Dave Mirra.

Now, Honda Australia has revealed a brand new batch of commercials, under the slogan ‘How much _____ can you pack into a Jazz?’.

As you know, Jazz is the name of the Honda Fit outside the USA. The compact hatchback is now showcasing its spacious interior by trying to fit in as many unusual things as possible. The commercials attempt, in a ‘scientific’ way, to see how many hipsters, ninjas, rappers or even professional body builders can be squeezed into the Jazz/Fit.

Needless to say, all of the videos are hilarious, so hit the jump and check them out.

Videos: Subaru reveals awesome ads for 2011 Impreza WRX STI

Subaru’s ad campaigns can always be a hit or miss with some people. Sure, the dog commercials for the Outback were a bit quirky, but not a lot of people were intrigued by them.

Now, in order to promote the new 2011 Impreza WRX STI, Subaru definitely struck gold with the ad campaign.

This time you won’t see any dogs, just people, including Subaru’s own rally driver and former BMX rider Dave Mirra. He was tasked with taking regular people in a ride with the new WRX STI, and showcase what the car is capable of.

As you can imagine, the regular guys and girls were quite shocked by the talents of both the car and Mirra.

Check out the five videos after the jump!

Video: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 ad aims for the hearts of Americans

GM’s own supercar, the Chevrolet Corvette, has been relying only on its heritage to sell models for quite some time.

Now, it seems that the General has realized that an ad or a marketing campaign wouldn’t hurt, and revealed the latest commercial for the Corvette.

In it, the top-of-the-range Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 proves that American engineers are still building rockets (subtle, right?), and aims right for the hearts of patriotic Americans, just like Chrysler recently achieved with the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee ad.

Check it the ad after the jump.

Video: First 2011 Buick Regal ad isn’t shy about the car’s German roots

Buick is stepping into a new age, thanks to the upcoming launch of the 2011 Regal model.

As such, the Tri-Shield brand is slowly distancing itself from the traditional marketing methods, and trying some new things.

For the first Regal ad, the company decided to wave proudly the fact that the car is based on the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, one of the most popular models available in Europe and the UK. It also claims that the new Buick Regal is more than enough to warrant American Autobahns.

Curious to see the first commercial? Then hit the jump and check it out.

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