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China’s Auto Market Will Grow Even Further

Even though the Chinese automotive market is very big at the moment, one of the Chinese auto executives has predicted that it will double in size to 40 million units over the next ten years. This prediction was made by Dazong Wang who is the president of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. For this prediction to come to life, it means that China’s annual rate of sales growth will only have to be 50% in comparison to the last ten years.

With these incredible figures, almost half of the worldwide car production will be concentrated in China. However, he said that the Chinese auto market will not follow Japan’s market and become a center of automotive manufacturing. He said that the Chinese automakers will be making most of the cars for the domestic market, not unlike Japan that focuses on global sales.

In the last ten years, coastal cities like Guangzhou and Shanghai had a very powerful growth and now it seems that also the inland cities are seeing a significant boom of an emerging middle-class who wants to buy better developed cars.

Due to the traffic congestions that create serious problems, the Chinese government is already capping the amount of registrations that they are allowing.

The funniest car-related tattoos

In case you didn’t notice, we love cars around here, and if you’re reading this, chances are you’re pretty fond of them too.

But during our searches on the Internet, we found a lot of people who took their love for cars and/or specific brands further, and got tattoos of them on their bodies. Some of them were extremely impressive, resulting in true works of art, but others weren’t all that fortunate, ending up with some pretty hilarious results.

We decided to compile a photo gallery of some of the most unfortunate ones we found on the web. From funny, to weird, to frightening and even bizarre, you’ll find them all right after the jump.

Car makers’ logos history

Ever wondered where does the blue and white BMW logo come from? Or why Italians have a horse or a bull on their most known cars? We sure did and we meant to do an article about, but I guess we were too lazy. However, our friends over at CARversation did it first, so check it out. It’s a very interesting article about the histroy behind each major car maker logo. You can read the article here.


November Highlights on Auto Unleashed

November was a pretty interesting month for us, with great shows like the SEMA or the Los Angeles Auto Show and we got all sorts of cool posts and here the most popular:

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Car burglar gets nailed by gator

Long story short, here’s what happened. Some guy, whose name, so far, wasn’t released by the police, was burglarizing cars in a praking lot at Miccosukee Resort in Dade County, Florida. At citizens’ report, soon the police arrived, the suspect ran, trying to escape the men in blue and, cornered, he jumped in a pound found in the area. However, being in a hurry, he missed the sign “Danger! Live Alligators” and he met a pissed off 9 foot gator, who skipped the “You have the right to remain silent…” part and attacked him.

The result. Not so pretty…the police recovered the body the second day, body which bore alligator teeth marks on the upper torso, so the alligator attack was the most probable cause of death.

Brian Wood, owner of All American Gator Products, said: “They become too comfortable being around humans and they equate humans to food [..] Generally if a gator sees a person, he goes the other way, he goes down, he hides. This gator was aggressive, not afraid of people.”

Below you can see a video from local news station.


Maybach creating problems for Mercedes?

Even though the Maybach didn’t have the success Mercedes expected, they are pretty content with how the brand’s going and said it doesn’t cost that much to keep the brand going. But that’s not what the dealers think about it. With $500,000 spent by dealers with creating unique showrooms for the Maybachs, they are not happy with the sales they got. When Mercedes released the Maybach 57 and 62 back in 2003, they hoped to sell 500 units every year, dealers have sold only 778 cars up until July of 2007.

With this situation, it looks like Mercedes is considering absorbing Maybach and rebrand it as it’s top of the line. Word on the street is that Mercedes is considering adding some other models to the Maybach range, like a smaller model, in the S600 range, a Maybach version of the GL-Class and a convertible based on the Ocean Drive Concept.

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