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About Being a Female Engineer in the Automotive Industry

We all have the impression that the automotive industry is dedicated only to men, and women wouldn’t fit into the car manufacturers’ world. Well, this is not actually true, and this seems to have tried Chevrolet to prove by hosting the web chat from March 22 between four women with important positions in the automotive field and involved in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of the Chevrolet Volt, the world’s first electric vehicle with extended-range capability.

The guests of Chevrolet’s chat were: Pam Fletcher (Chief Engineer for Volt and Plug-In Hybrid Propulsion Systems), Teri Quigley (Plant Manager at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly), Britta Gross (Director of Global Energy Systems and Infrastructure Commercialization) and Cristi Landy (Product Marketing Manager, Chevrolet Volt). During this meeting, they answered some interesting questions about career, family and about how they succeeded in mixing them, about what made them choose the engineering and the automotive industry as a career and which are the challenges / opportunities in this filed for a woman. Definitely, those questions will help us better understand what it means to be female engineers in today’s fast-paced environment and about how the diversity of perspectives brings technology breakthroughs like the Volt to market.

What do you think: does a regular woman have a chance to succeed in this industry?

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Automotive Industry – the Most Spammed Sector

In those permanently technological changing times, we all enjoy the benefits of internet and emailing. Nowadays, they are more than a necessity; they are a way of living, once that information and being or getting informed became a commodity. However, the informative internet era has its problems too: spamming.

If you have an email address, it’s impossible not to have ever received a spam. Many of us get annoyed by the spamming unwanted e-mails and use to report their authors to the e-mail provider, which actually permanently tries to solve this problem and to maintain its users pleased by their services.

Symantec, focused on identifying, detecting and averting unwanted Internet threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and other inappropriate content, has recently made a study which revealed the fact that the automotive industry is the most-spammed industry from all. The results showed that 84.3 percent of emails sent relating to the industry are considered spam, which is higher than the rate generated by any other industry and even than the global spam rate of 81.3 percent. In addition to that, the rate is continually growing: in January this year, the level of spam in this sector was of 82.8 percent.

According to Symantec’s study, the auto industry isn’t the only one with problems. Financial, chemical and pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, marketing, public sector, IT and retail industries have more than 80 percent of emails considered spam too.

What do you think that has caused this spike in spamming for this year? How should spamming be prevented by automotive industry?

[Source: Autoblog]

Car Care Council Women’s Board Scholarships

The Car Care Council Women’s Board offers scholarships to women students who get educated for a career in the automotive aftermarket. This year, the Women’s Board scholarship program collaborates with the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) scholarship program.

The Car Care Council Women’s Board is composed of professionals concerned with informing the female audience about car care and encouraging the youths to consider “automotive” a career choice. Their goals are to make women active in vehicle maintenance, to promote opportunities for women to make a career in the automotive or service industry. Members of this board are motor sports figures, service shop owners, writers, association and company executives and consultants, and they also feature scholarship programs to female students who are heading into an automotive career.

If you are interested into getting educated in the automotive industry, you can check for further details on Carcare and send your application online.

[Source: Carcare]