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BMW 4-Series In The Works

BMW 4-Series

It seems that the German automaker BMW is working on a new 5-door hatchback, filling the gap between the 3-Series and the 5-Series. According to AutoExpress.co.uk, the new 4-Series will be based on the next-gen 3-Series, which will be out next year in sedan and touring variants. These illustrations are based on the spy shots taken by AutoExpress and show us how the production model will look like.

Originally, it was rumored that the car will be named the 3-Series GT but BMW has decided to create a distinct model, which frankly I think that it is a good idea. Most likely it will follow the same recipe as its bigger brother, the 5-Series GT, offering a more premium feel in comparison to the car on which it is based. The seating position will be raised for the passengers in the back seat and buyers will be able to choose from two or three seats in the back. In addition, the 4-Series will be available with a two-stage tailgate that can be hinged at the bootlid or opened just like a hatchback.

The car will be powered by the engines in the upcoming 3-Series and will be available as a sedan, estate, coupe and cabriolet. The front will look quite similar to the 5-Series, with that wide kidney grille and the slim headlights. Thanks to its swooping roofline, the new 4-Series will offer a lot of headroom.

Just like the 3-Series Touring, the new model is based on BMW’s stretched rear-wheel platform in order to offer a generous interior cabin. For the front axle, the 4-Series will get a MacPherson suspension while at the back it will feature a multi-link layout. In addition, the car will benefit from the latest generation of the company’s electric power steering system.

BMW 4-Series

Most likely, the 4-Series will also be available in AWD xDrive versions, and customers will be able to choose from the newest 4- and 6-cylinder engines, both gasoline and diesel, including BMW’s new 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine that produces 245 hp, a power unit that we have already seen on the X1. The German manufacturer is also developing a smaller 3-cylinder engine that will do 75 mpg (UK) and emit less than 100 g/km of CO2. However, we don’t know for sure whether this engine will power the 3-Series or the 4-Series.

AutoExpress.co.uk says that the BMW will launch the 4-Series after the introduction of the new generation of its 3-Series model, which means that we should expect to see it on the roads sometime in 2014.

Source: AutoExpress.co.uk