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Hotter BMW M3 Sedan In The Works

We’ve learned from our colleagues at autocar.co.uk that BMW is working on a more powerful and faster version of the M3 sedan, before the next generation of the 3-Series debuts next year. These spy shots were taken on the Nurburgring track and we know that this hotter M3 will get the same V8 4.4-liter engine as the one in the M3 GTS. In addition, the car will go on a diet and lose some pounds, making it a more track-focused model.

The 0-62 mph sprint should be done in a mere 4.5 seconds, while top speed will be almost 190 mph. Expect to see some changes in the suspension and braking configuration of the car. From these spy shots we can see that the new variant of the M3 sedan will look a little bit more aggressive, featuring updated front and rear bumpers, along with new front and rear splitters as well as some lighter body panels borrowed from the aforementioned M3 GTS. In addition, it will take the GTS’ lightweight sports exhaust system.

The car will be slotted above the standard M3 and under the M3 GTS, which usually was M3 CSL territory, but we don’t know if the car will wear this moniker.

Source: AutoCar


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BMW launches M3 GTS, the track-oriented CSL you’ve been dreaming of, photos and video included

You’ve got to hand it to BMW: when the company launched the new M3, it has clearly emphasized that fans shouldn’t expect a CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight) version of the car to appear ever. BUt after a few years and a facelift, a track-oriented version of the M3 did appear, dubbed the GTS (see what they did there?). The model is aimed at the club-based racing scene, but in true BMW style, a homologation package, so that you can register the car for road use will be made available.

Let’s get straight to the details shall we? Powering the BMW M3 GTS will be a revised version of the stock M3′s 4-liter V8 engine, which has seen its displacement upgraded to 4.4-liters, thus increasing the low end performance of the unit. The M division also fitted a larger carbon fiber inlet manifolt, reworked throttle body butterflies, mounted cast aluminum pistons, a stiffer crankcase and many other tweaks. The end result you ask? 30 HP more, taking the final output to 450 HP.

Now while this may not sound as much, bear in mind that the model has been stripped of many “luxuries” and is now a full 155 kg (341 pounds lighter). Take into consideration the improved aerodynamics, largely due to the new body kit taken straight from the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) race car, the 320si, and you’ve got yourself an even faster M3.

Changes and weight saving have been made all around the car, starting with the carbon fiber roof to the new body panels and the spartan interior, which saw its standard trim replaced with carbon fiber and alcantara panels. Special racing seats have been added, as well as a six point harness, a roll cage and a fire extinguisher, just in case.

More mechanical upgrades were made to the M3 GTS, upgrading the M division’s seven-speed dual clutch DKG Drivelogic gearbox, which allows changes to be made through the shift paddles. More resilient clutch plates and other software changes makes the new model shift gears as fast as ever

The suspension was of course modified, with newer and lighter mechanical parts, as well as reworked dampers, which will be attached toa set of 19-inch cast aluminum wheels, wrapped in performance Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires.

Expect the BMW M3 GTS to appear on the market in summer of 2010, costing around €115,000 or $170,000. Hit the jump to see a teaser video of the BMW M3 GTS.


BMW M3 E92 CSL kit by Vorsteiner

Although BMW has announced that a track-prepped CSL version of the M3 will not be manufactured, thus breaking the hearts of a lot of fans, the guys at Vorsteiner thought that a kit that will make the standard E92 M3 look like a CSL is a great way to satisfy the need of those fans. They made the aero kit with what previous CSL (Coupe, Sport, Lightweight) version of the M3 had in common, like carbon fiber parts or really powerful exhaust systems.

This kit is actually composed of a carbon fiber lip for the front bumper, a rear diffuser complete with 3 air fins and a lip spoiler for the boot lid. The californian tuner also added a custom made titanium exhaust system, thus shaving quite a few kilos in the bodyweight section, and adding a really nice sound to the car. Other exterior elements that were added are the wheels, custom made for this car, dubbed the V-302 series, 5 spoke design of cold molded alluminium with 20×8.5J size in the front and in the rear 20x10J. On the inside, Vorsteiner has offered quite a selection of carbon fiber elements which the customer can choose to his own likeing, and come to blend in with the carbon fiber elements on the outside of the car.


BMW crushes fans’ dreams, no M3 CSL or M1 supercar

The M3 CSL has been expected since the launch of the standard M3, and several reports stated that it was on track for a 2010 release date. But according to Ludwig Willisch, the high performance M division boss, plans for a M3 CSL have been dropped, together with the ones for a M1 supercar of a M version based on the 1-series.

The Coupe Sport Lightweight version of the M3 was set to be the most track-oriented version based on the 3-series. It was set to top the power output at around 470hp and coupled with a weight reduction of 100 kg would be a real monster on the circuits. The official “excuse” for the M division is that a reasonable demand wasn’t made from the market, so instead of throwing money out the window, their engineers are working on performance models for the X5 and X6 SUVs, models which have had a real succes on the market.

Well it would seem that BMW sure took a risk with this decision and let’s hope no angry customers were made to reconsider buying an M3.