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2011 Ford Fiesta gets new graphics and fresh body kit

Ford is really hyping up the new 2011 Fiesta city car. After we’ve seen an interesting viral video, as well as a tie-in with US TV show American Idol, the Blue Oval is now offering a new array of options aimed at customers who want their Fiesta to be more unique.

As such, the 2011 Ford Fiesta can be ordered with a special body kit, consisting of a new air dam, side skirts and an optional rear spoiler which is exclusive to the hatchback version.

If accessories aren’t your thing, Ford is offering a wide array of LED options, which can decorate anything from the gear shift knob to the foot well or the side sills. All of the LEDs can be chosen depending on the color they emit.

Last but not least, the 2011 Fiesta will also receive a new batch of custom graphics, or “body tattoos”, as Ford calls them. They range from quite refined to downright awkward, but there’s something for everyone in the company’s selection.


Suzuki Swift Sport tuning by HKS

The Suzuki Swift is definitely one of our favorite cars out there and we’re excited every time we get news about it, especially when we see this little guy getting modified. And here’s a tuning program for the Swift, created by HKS. The kit includes front and rear lip, mirror caps, roof spoiler, hood with an aero scoop and a rear door spoiler, all made out of carbon-fibre. In addition to that, HKS also fitted the Swift with 18-inch Advan RC-III alloy wheels. For the customers who want more than a body kit, HKS also offers suspension, brake and chassis upgrades.

Check out more photos of the HKS body kit for the Suzuki Swift Sport after the jump.


Lamborghini Murcielago body kit by Premier4509

The Japanese tuner Premier4509 announced their latest creation, a new body kit for the Lamborghini Murcielago. With only 300 packages available, the body kit will include a new front bumper, new side skirts, a rear bumper made of carbon fiber and fiberglass and an adjustable rear spoiler. Each aero kit will carry a special numbered serial plate and will cost the already lucky Lamborghini owners an extra $28,000 (besides the $300,000 paid for the ‘normal’ car).

Premier4509 also plans on releasing limited-edition wheels and luxury accessories in the future. View more photos of the Lamborghini Murcielago fitted with the Premier4509 body kit after the jump.


Audi A5/S5 tuning by Caractere

Audi A5/S5 Tuning by Caractere

The new Audi A5/S5 is definitely up there among our favorite cars and any tuning programs only make us want it more. The Belgian tuner Caractere came up with this body kit for the A5/S5 which includes new front bumper with larger air dam openings, rear spoiler with or without exhaust pipes and boot spoiler. The kit will be available in June.

See more photos after the jump.


Lexus IS tuning by Wald International

Lexus IS Tuning by Wald

The Japanese tuner Wald International decided to create a tuning program for the Lexus IS. Already a beautiful car, Wald created a body kit featuring a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and rear spoiler plus Wald’s 19-inch Portofino silver polished wheels. There was no engine or parts modifications, which is a pity, because the styling is great, but could’ve used a little power upgrade, just to feel better. See some more photos after the jump.

Lumma body kit for the new BMW E92 Coupe

Lumma Design has released some renderings of its upcoming performance pack for BMW’s E92 Coupe. Lumma’s previous works, the CLR 600 and the CLR 500 RS were both based on M models, so this kit’s probably been designed specifically for the new M3 and it seems that the first production version will debut at Frankfurt in September, at the same time BMW will release the new M3.

The car will be powered by BMW’s new high-rev 4.0L V8 engine featuring probably some performance upgrades that should lift the engine’s output well beyond the 420hp figure of the M V8. From these renderings, we can see the BMW E92 Coupe by Lumma look very aggressive and will feature new front and rear bumpers, the latter integrating a custom diffuser and quad exhaust pipes, plus a carbon-fiber hood and 20″ wheels.

Click to see one more pic. (more…)

Alfa Romeo Brera By Lester

Alfa Romeo Brera is a beautiful car, no question about it. And the folks at Lester made sure it gets even better. The body kit by Lester personalizes its frontal with changes to the air intake, to the inferior grill, with an overturned trapezoid shape, besides new elements, like the sculpted profiles of the new bumper. The rear part becomes more aggressive, with the adoption of a rear apron and of an aerodynamic spoiler which intensifies the sporty inclination of the car. Click for more pics. (more…)