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Can A Car Wreck Cause You To Havea Problem With Spondylosis

Nowadays there has been a massive increase in automotive industry, thousands of cars exit the production lines and are put into circulation upon the vast highways of the world. The sad thing is that, no matter how technologically advanced the cars get, the number of accidents keeps increasing from year to year. This is probably related to the fact that as the safety measures increase in standards, so does the car performance, which leads to thousands of accidents where 3000 people die almost every day and a lot more get injuries that makes their life at least very unpleasant if not downright hard.

Lesser accidents leave more untraceable marks that still affect us very much later on. The most common of these accident related symptoms is the aggravation and intensification of Spondylosis. For those of you who don’t know about it, read carefully, you may never know when you need to be assisted or assist in dealing with someone who has it, not necessarily on the road.

Basically spondylosis is a progressing condition that usually occurs later on in life and it’s a progressing condition that affects the spine. It slowly weakens and deteriorates the cushions located between the disks of the spine. The major issue is that, when the discs are deteriorated, bones tend to shift out of balance sometimes even touching a nerve. In case of a car accident someone with this preexisting condition will be in serious pain since the cushions that are destined to absorb most of the shock inflicted on the spine, are seriously deteriorated.

Cervical Spondylosis

Lawyers that had to deal with these types of cases usually state that after a car crash the L4 and L5 disks are the ones most affected by spondylosis in back related problems, or the C4, C5 and C6 in most neck injuries. Yet keep in mind that spondylosis can affect any disk, these above are the most susceptible to accidents because these are the most exposed.

You may wonder how do you find out if you have spondylosis. The answer is simple:  even an X-ray scan will show if the vertebra shifted out of balance and that the disk is deteriorating. Yet a CT or MRI scan will show you a much more detailed image of the disks and are often ordered from medics to establish the exact area that is degenerating doe to spondylosis.

In case of a car accident you may not claim that the actual accident caused you the spondylosis, but you may claim that it aggravated your condition. Most of the times patients show no signs of spondylosis until the actual accident occurs. After that since, of the preexisting condition a more severe spondylosis sets in, making the patient unable to heal quickly in spite of the treatment received.

In case you had a car accident, from which your condition has aggravated, you are entitled to compensation. This is available for most health threatening conditions, but let’s take spondylosis for example. In case you spondylosis has aggravated after your accident, your compensation will come in the form of medical treatment, lost wages, and pain compensation. This is evaluated by a simple formula: let’s say that before the accident occurred you were suffering from level 2 pain because of spondylosis. After the accident that pain intensified to level 7. The compensation is calculated by the result of 7 -2, in our case 5.

Remember you are entitled to compensation if you think your condition has been aggravated in any way after a car accident. Don’t sit around go online for a free case consultation.