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Car Auction Florida

Each year, all around the world, amazing car auctions are organized with the purpose of bringing together car collectors and car enthusiasts interested in classic cars. The rare and elegant classic cars displayed are meant to determine bidders pay high prices for these beauties. A good location where you can find some amazing car auctions is Florida.

In fact, in 2010, RM Auctions organized an incredible car auction in Florida. The event took place in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward County Convention Centre and attracted around 20,000 enthusiasts and car collectors. This 2010 Florida car auction displayed more than 400 classic cars including hot rods owned by Bruce Rossmeyer and 138 vehicles from the John O’Quinn collection which were offered without reserve. The event was a real success with total sales of $16 million. 365 vehicles of all the 460 classic cars hosted by this RM auction, found a new owner. That means a 79% sales rate for this event.


Car Auction Florida

The O’Quinn collection of amazing classic cars managed to represent $6,843,000 million of the total sales recorded by this Fort Lauderdale car auction. The star of this 2010 Florida car auction was the restored 1935 Auburn 851 SC Convertible Sedan owned by Mister John O’Quinn. This incredible classic car was sold for $211,750 and is equipped with a 280 cubic inch V8 engine able to produce 150 horsepower and a three-speed manual gearbox.

Another high-class car part of this 2010 Florida car auction was the 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. The car is an incredible sports model that convinced its new owner to pay $209,000. On the list of the best sales that took place during this event also entered the incredible 1931 Cadillac Model 370-A V12 Convertible Coupe. This incredible classic car comes equipped with a powerful V12 engine able to produce 135 horsepower and managed to bring to the RM Auctions $209,000.

The 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible was another exciting sale which heated the spirits at this 2010 Florida car auction. This amazing classic car is equipped with a 322 cubic inch V8 engine capable to produce 190 horsepower. It features an elegant interior with leather seats and a lot of stylish features. This Buick Skylark was produced in a limited series and convinced its new owner to spend $187,000. An outstanding 1993 Jaguar XJ220 impressed the viewers who were part of this car auction, as well. It features a 6.2 liter engine producing 500 horsepower and an elegant exterior design. The Jaguar was sold in the end with $148,500.

The Ford models were as well part of this 2010 Florida car auction. I can mention a 1932 Ford Boyster II with Boyd Coddington wheels, a Gabe Lopes interior and a LS6 Corvette motor. Other Ford models present were the 1930 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster, the 1933 Ford Street Rod Coupe and the 1932 Ford Roadster. An incredible presence at this 2010 Florida car auction was the 1936 Ford Street Rod Coupe owned by Rossmeyer. It’s a stunning classic car built at high standards, with a unique structure and customized bodywork. It is equipped with a Windsor 427 cubic inch V8 engine and a four-speed automatic transmission.

All in all, this 2010 Florida car auction was a successful event and it was a great place to spend amazing moments with your friends and, why not, with your family. It was the perfect opportunity to find incredible classic cars for your own car collection. If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate at this car auction, you should consider visiting and why not bidding at the next Florida car auction.

Classic Car Auction

Once again RM Auctions managed to maintain its fame in the auction field by organizing another successful and amazing classic car auction. The audience had the opportunity to see incredible classic cars, rare, elegant and luxurious which took us back in time.

The 2010 Monterey classic car auction was a successful event organized at the Portola Hotel and Spa with total sales of $67 millions and a 95% sale rate. The RM classic car auction offered 221 vehicles for sale and 209 of them managed to find a new owner, statistics which reflect a great classic car auction, well organized, hosting incredible and rare classic cars. Over 1,000 bidders were present from 29 countries around the world such as Brazil, Japan or Monaco. Incredible or not, the price tag of 16 cars auctioned exceeded one million dollars.

The opening night of the 2010 Monterey classic car auction was an all-Ford affair including an exquisite selection of cars from the great Dearborn Company which generated $1 million for charity activities: the money was split between the Children’s Center Michigan and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Classic Car Auction

The star of the 2010 Sports and Classics of Monterey auction was the incredible 1938 Talbot-Lago T150 –C Lago Speciale coupe. This classic car is equipped with a six cylinder engine with hemispherical combustion chambers able to produce 140 horsepower. It also features a Wilson four-speed pre-selector transmission, an independent suspension, a black tobacco leather interior and original wood trim. This car was sold for $4,620,000. The same price was paid for the 1954 Ferrari 375 MM Berlinetta, the fifth of only seven models manufactured.

The list of incredible classic cars auctioned by RM during this classic car auction continued with the amazing 1949 Delahaye Type 175 S Roadster. It’s one of the only 51 cars manufactured using the Delahaye chassis and features a Dubonnet coil spring suspension, a six cylinder engine, an astonishing interior which incorporates a stylized eagle’s head on each door panel and an expansive dash panel. This classic car was sold for $3,300,000. Another incredible presence at the 2010 Monterey classic car auction was the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder which convinced its new owner to pay $2,612,500. The modern cars were well represented by the incredible 2007 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione which made it in the top ten Monterey auction best sales. This outstanding car was sold for no more and no less than $1,925,000.

A rare 1948 Tucker 48 Sedan was also displayed at this 2010 Monterey classic car auction and set a new world record for a Tucker model. It impressed with its incredible design and its six-cylinder Franklin engine. It also features a four-speed electric pre-selector transmission, a torsion suspension, the factory AM radio and a set of new old stock luggage. The price paid for this incredible classic car was of $1,127,500.

A small collection of “tinies” was also sold at this amazing event. In the spotlight was the 1963 Goggomobil “Krispy Kreme” TL-400 Transporter van. This “tinie” was sold in the end for $88,000. Unfortunately, the estimated star of the RM auction, the 1958 Ferrari 250 “Pontoon Fender” Testarossa wasn’t sold at this event. Its estimated price was of $10,700,000. What can I say? More luck next time!

All in all, this 2010 Monterey classic car auction was a real success and set new standards for the collector car auctions because of its high quality classic cars, because of its impeccable presentation and because of those who came to buy a collectible car and weren’t afraid to bid and extend their budgets if necessary.

Auction Online Car

Whether you want to get a cheap car, motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV and so on, you definitely need to head to a car auction. These organizations are safe heavens for anyone who wants to buy or sell just about any type of vehicle. Since dealerships ship cars that they can no longer place on sale, to auctions, private sellers that want to get rid of the cars fast, government gather repo cars from all around the country and also ship them at auction houses, it is impossible to walk out of there empty handed. Here are some of the best online auction sites. Get in, look around and start bidding.

One of them is Car-Auction.com. They assist potential buyers in finding the best auctions for the vehicles the buyers desire. They also offer access to thousands of cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, ATV’s motorcycles and so on, all for a little subscription fee. The websites offers a used friendly interface that enables the visitor to navigate through auctions with ease. For example, if you access the “seized car” section from the menu, you will be given instant access to no less than 29 relevant auction websites. Afterwards everything turns even easier, everything becomes similar to a Google navigation. The only downside is the limited variety of auctions for categories different from autos. Yet, despite the fact that most of them were repetitive, there was a minimum of one new link within each category. If you switch to the second drop down menu, you will enter the huge area of seized antique, classic and collectible cars.

Auction online car

Another great sign of trust is that, to each new subscriber a money back guarantee is offered if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the website. The swiftness of locating and accessing inexpensive cars (inside and outside the virtual market) makes Car-Auction.com one of the best auction websites around.

Another great website is the CarAuctionsInc.Com. This website has probably the largest car database in the world. The perfected online search system gives you access to less advertised car auctions (you can have real surprises on less popular websites) or other websites that usually most online auction systems don’t bother to integrate in their databases. They have a huge variety of car models and car brands that are used at a fraction of their market value. I was flabbergasted when I saw huge brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Toyota or Chevrolet being sold at a fraction of their market value. Keep in mind that these brands are some of the most popular in the world and aren’t exactly sold with discounts.

For only $50 you can get lifetime access to the website that currently holds the largest (auction) database in the world. Even if you don’t find your dream car on the spot, don’t give it the search yet. Sooner or later an offer with your name on it will appear.

Since it has such a large database, the online search system and the user friendly interface must be perfectly optimized. If not you will probably loose yourself in the hundreds of auction websites related to theirs. Because they are also one of the oldest car auction websites, they have undergone several transformations, all with the purpose of improving the quality of their services. Every 2-3 years they bring massive changes and considerable upgrades to their search system, auction system and, of course, database to include more and more websites.

Buying Car At Auction

Since dealers don’t offer the best solutions to the average Joe that can’t afford to pull $20.000 for a decent new car, more and more clients have diverted their attention from dealers to auctions. Here we will some of the car auctions types, see the advantages and disadvantages of each type of auction and so on. Here you can answer the question “should I head for a car auction to buy my car?”

If we were to look in a dictionary, an auction is defined as a public sale in which valuable items are sold to the highest bidder. It may sound simple enough, but that word can cause a wide array of emotions starting from excitement to disappointment. The simple process of placing an ad in the paper can be an auction since you will eventually sell the car to the person that offers you the most for it.

Buying Car At Auction

When entering in an auction house don’t expect any solidarity because in a bid it’s every man for himself. Despite the fact that the laws might have intended to protect the customer, they actually protect those who rip off the customer. By the simple use of 2 words like “As Is” an excellent defense has been given to a defense lawyer that protects the seller. At some auction houses you may pay a fee to receive a 30 day “warranty” for the engine, frame and bodywork. Yet the phrase “Buyer Beware” becomes very important at auctions since you don’t have time to get a mechanic to check out the condition of the car. Therefore each car is sold “As Is” and no warranty to cover it. The deal is final without the possibility of undoing it, unless you find out that the title is fraudulent.

Sellers are completely free to make any kind of promise without having anything in writing. Since there is no written contract, you have only your word against theirs, and they win all the time, since they claimed you were warned that the car is sold “As Is”. Therefore you should always be careful around auctions. If you feel that something is wrong like a very low starting price, than you should follow that instinct. Don’t think that the law will protect you in case of any scams because they won’t and since there is no written condition, you only have your word in court. A lawyer won’t even bother to talk to you if your car is a common used one, and not something of real value from which he may take some profit.

Another thing that places you in a bit of a disadvantage is the fact that you will always pay more for your car than you’ve bid. These premiums represent the commissions the auction house earns from each bid. That premium can mean a hundred or two extra which is not bad, but other auction houses charge 5 or even 10% of the winning bid which is quite a lot. Think about it, you’ve just won a used Audi with a $20.000 bid and afterwards you find out that you’ve got to pull $1000 extra to finally get the car. Tactic works like magic since usually bidders get caught up in the race for the car, and they forget about other taxes and premiums that ultimately go to the auction house. That premium may tip the price over a reasonable price, and you can’t back out either since you have been the designated winner. The same thing you could’ve obtained at a used car dealer

Barrett Jackson Car Auction

The 9th Annual Palm Beach car auction took place in April 2011 and it was organized by the Barrett-Jackson Auctions. This event was a test for the Reserve/No Reserve auction format and it was a success. If the Reserve format provided a great comfort level for the consignors, the No Reserve was a bit scary, but in the end they were surprised by the outcome. In other words, the Barrett-Jackson car auctions organized during the last six years in the No Reserve format confirmed that this pattern is the key to success.  Once again, it was proved that this technique is the best choice for a successful car auction and for selling cars at price tags that will satisfy the sellers.

These statements are supported by numbers that have been confirmed year by year. In fact, during the last six years collector vehicles valued at $1 billion were sold using the No Reserve format. The 2011 Scottsdale auction that followed the same format is another example, being the most successful event of this auction house that took place during its 40 years of existence with total sales that exceed $70 million. That’s a record for the car auction history as well.

This 2011 Palm Beach car auction was no exception and brought to the Barrett-Jackson auction house nearly $16 millions. That’s the result of selling classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, exotics and contemporary collectibles. More than 54,000 people were part of this car auction. This is a number that represents a record for a non-holiday weekend. Maybe that was because the Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson car auction featured more than 400 cars and managed to attract new buyers and consignors. Other incredible numbers related to the 2011 Palm Beach car auction refer to the number of bidders which increased by 57% while the number of consignors increased by 54% since last year.

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

At this car auction were displayed 52 Corvettes, but only 38 of them managed to find a new owner during the auction. The sales provided by these 38 Corvettes reached around $2.47 millions. The best price was paid for the 2012 Centennial Corvette Z06 ($175,000). The second price was paid for a 1967 Corvette Roadster ($99,000 were offered). Other interesting bids included incredible cars such as the 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible which convinced its new owner to pay $247,500 while the 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible brought to the Barrett-Jackson auction house $165,000.  The 1966 Shelby GT350 2 Door Fastback was another incredible classic car part of the auction and sold for no more and no less than $162,800.

Charities were also part of the 2011 Palm Beach car auction. In fact, this Barrett-Jackson auction, was able to raise over $500,000, for local and national charitable organizations. This sum is a small breakdown of the charity vehicles if we take into consideration that during the last five years Barrett-Jackson raised more than $32 millions for charities from all across the country. In this case, the money were obtained by selling during the 2011 Barrett-Jackson car auction a series of charity vehicles including a 1953 Chevrolet Custom 1/2 Ton Pickup for $72,000, a 1974 Mercury Montego Street Version Race Car for $90,000 and an incredible 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 4 Door Bio-Diesel touring Car for $32,000.

As we all expected this 2011 Barrett-Jackson car auction was an exceptional and successful event, proving once again that only professionals can organize these incredible car auctions. If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate at this Barrett-Jackson car auction then you should try visiting the next event organized by this famous auction house.

Auto Car Auction

Considering our way of life, which states that nothing comes for free, sometimes we can get quite skeptical when we find ourselves face to face with a luxury car that can actually be ours for a fraction of the price, we tend to think that it actually is a scam, and in doing so, passing up a great deal that is also legal and genuine. One of these opportunities is the government car auction. These auctions organized because of the huge number of cars that had to be repossessed, or seized, or simply were in surplus.

To better understand how the process works, one must realize the difference between seized cars and repossessed ones.

Repossessed cars, also known as repo cars, are usually offered as collateral against a specific loan, or have been repossessed by the government, banks or other financing companies because of the missed payments that were previously agreed upon. Repo cars are usually pretty used, so they should be classified as used cars (or second hand cars). This is one of the main reasons why repo cars are so cheap to acquire. They start the bidding very low since owners have been using them for up to a few years.

Auto Car Auction

On the other hand seized cars fall into the possession of the government, when a person has been imprisoned for a financial crime such as tax fiddling or fraud of all types. In these cases, all their assets like cars and other properties are seized. Even more, cars that have been used as evidence in a federal case or have been used in a crime of some sort, are seized by government organizations and auctioned off at typical government car auctions. Seized cars are different from repo ones since there is no payment default or other collateral involved.

People that are looking for luxury cars will feel right at home at government car auctions, since all these cars usually come from wealthy individuals that have been found as guilty for financial crimes. As a matter of fact, you can very well find a brand new car at a car auction for this exact reason.

All might seem pink and fluffy, but the truth is that you need to be careful what car you get from a car auction. It is highly recommended to have a mechanic with you when you bid for a car. Government car auctions are meant to help themselves and the people as well, while keeping neutral and transparent, but they cannot offer any type of insurance or they cannot guarantee functionality status for the car that is being bid on. If you have a trusted mechanic, ask him to check the car thoroughly, and if you don’t feel good about the deal don’t go through with it. Remember, there are literally thousands of cars auctioned daily so there’s no rush.

If you’re not familiarized with the bidding system, you should attend some auctions just to observe how everything goes, so you can get a good deal. Keep in mind that all types of auctions, including online ones are transparent and without hassle. Also you need to keep min mind that the price set is for the deal ALONE. That price does not cover any type of paperwork.

Car auctions are getting bigger and bigger since there seems to be a limitless number of people that enter in leasing contracts that cannot be paid and end up with their cars lost. Since the company is only interested to get a certain sum for the car, they auction them off.

Lamborghini Auction

Each one of us has a hobby or a passion for something as simple as a coin or as expensive as a car. Muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods, classic cars are all great candidates for a “crush”. This feeling can not be explained rationally and that’s why around the world there are many people who choose to spend small fortunes in order to fulfill their dreams by purchasing rare and exotic classic cars. Maybe for some of us this passion can not be understood, but the real car lovers know that if you fall in love with a car brand, money are the last thing on your mind (of course if you’re a rich guy).

One of these rich guys was part of the recent 2011 Amelia Island d’Elegance auction and had the opportunity to fulfill his dream by buying the amazing 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV Prototype. Even if the auction hosted impressive classic cars such as a 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Vignale Coupe and some amazing Mercedes-Benz models, this lucky guy choose the Lamborghini Miura. And honestly, I can completely understand him. Just take a look at that beauty.

Lamborghini Auction

This yellow 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 is fully restored and won the third place at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. What can I say? A winner car! The Miura P400 SV Prototype was revealed for the first time at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show and after the show it was sold to an Italian customer. The car was driven just a few kilometers on Italian soil and then was taken to Germany. Years later, due to some lucky circumstances this amazing classic car was purchased by the American Wayne Obry Motion Products Company that carefully restored the entire car and its former glory in the process.

When it comes to the exterior look, the Miura has a very low nose dominated by two grills that release the hot air from the radiator while the front end impresses with its two front wheel arches. The original chassis used on the 1971 Miura P400 SV Prototype is the 4758 chassis.

The restoration affected the chassis, the ventilated brakes while the rear suspension was revised and the cooling system for the engine was improved. The Miura P400 is equipped with a 3.9 liters V12 engine which produces 415 horsepower and has a five speed manual gearbox. All these improvements make it possible for this amazing car to go from zero to 60 mph in almost 7 seconds despite its age. The maximum speed isn’t less impressive either, because 186 mph seems like a fair number for me.

Actually, this prototype was the starting point of many successful versions of the Miura that were based on the chassis used for this prototype. That says something about the quality of Gandini’s work, because that is the designer who had the idea that produced this chassis. The later versions were improved when it came to performance, because they were equipped with more powerful engines. In fact, many consider that all these versions made it possible for the Lamborghini Company to be actually close to manufacturing a race car for daily use on roads and highways.

This Lamborghini auction was exciting for all the bidders that were part of it and for the Goodin&Co Auctions was a real success. The 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV Prototype was a top selling car of the event, because it was sold for no more and no less than $1,700,000. Impressive price tag! But this supercar is worth every penny!

Sell Classic Car

If you feel it’s time to be parted from your trusted “friend” the least you can do is to find your hot rod another home. Selling a classic car can be two ways, easy as breathing if the car itself has been a complete pain, or it can be heartbreaking, after hours on end spent in the garage restoring its smallest of components.  Either way, if you’re set on selling it then there are a few steps you need to take if you want to gain a little compensation for your pain.

The first thing you need to do is find out the market value of your classic. One of the ways to do it would be on the internet, there are thousands of sites and online guides for nearly every type of car in existence. There you can find complete details on cars, the exact model as yours with all the specs given.

Another way would be to contact a specialist, someone particularly experienced on your car’s model and ask them to evaluate it at professional level. That may cost you a couple of bucks, but the specialist can give you papers proving that the evaluation has been made and the car is in mint condition. This will appeal a lot more to the interested viewer than other similar models on sale, therefore making you a top priority for potential buyers. Don’t put too much trust in evaluation given by classic car insurances. They evaluate the cars based on a set of photos and that’s about it. As you may find yourself looking at a beautiful hot rod that’s missing a wheel or other “little” glitches. This is one of the reasons why a professional opinion will ensure more credibility to potential buyers.

Sell Classic Car

Once you have decided upon a price, the next obstacle to overcome is finding possible locations for advertising. The traditional way is to enlist the car and a couple of photos some of the many classic car magazines that are flying around nowadays. This way might take a while since there is a considerable amount of time from the article submission and the printing time.

A more efficient way would be enrolling it in a car auction. Keep in mind though that this is not the best place to get top bucks for your classic, on the contrary, as many people come the these auction in hope of getting a bargain themselves, therefore not the best place to go if you want to get a good deal for your hot rod.  Also keep in mind that each auction house has an auction house commission that can vary from 5 – 15%. All in all, if you want to get rid of your classic fast, an auction house is the place to be, otherwise if you think you have the patience, do it yourself.

An option that combines the two, but with great advantages drawn from both ways discussed above would be an online auction. By placing the car on a website (especially a visited one as ebay) you are ensuring that your car will be visited by thousands of viewers every single day. The beauty of it is that the fee is considerably smaller and you get to advertise the car exactly the way you want, you can pick which bidder you see fitting for it, after all you want your classic in a good home.

All that remains to be done is the deal. And the golden rule to it is: be honest. The buyer will know the car has faults.

Buying A Car At A Government Vehicle Auction

A government auto auction is a great resource to find and purchase a good car at a low price. However, you need to know that in most of the cases the cars do not come with warranties. Some of these cars may have been used aggressively by their previous owner(s) so we advise you to be very attentive when searching for the right car.

Still, buying a car at a government vehicle auction can be exactly what you need and if you do it through online auctions, it will be a piece of cake. You will have no problems with the process if you have used eBay or any other auction sites before. The United States government relies exclusively on www.gsaauctions.gov to conduct its online auctions. The website works just about the same as eBay Motors, but you’ll have to have a credit card in order to complete the transaction. When you decide to bid on a car, take into consideration the location of the vehicle before placing a bid. These cars may be situated anywhere within or outside the US.

Another great source where you can get a car is from the IRS auctions. The Internal Revenue Service commonly sizes cars and trucks to settle tax disputes. These vehicles are listed by the United States Treasury Department at www.ustreas.gov/auctions/irs – you’ll have to register and pay with a credit card.

All of the states in the US host local auction events, and some of them have an online government auction website. You should check with the official website of the state you live in to see if there are any auctions available.

If you happen to be a part at one of those government car auctions that hasn’t been widely publicized, you will be able to get a car at a very low price, since few people will be there to bid against you. Buying a car at a government vehicle auction at a very low price requires some detective work in order to find out the info on the local government auto auction, instead of waiting around until for the ads.

While most of us attend to these auctions to get a reliable car for the family and to save a couple of bucks, there are many people who turn huge profits by participating at these auctions, grabbing all the deals they can and then turning around and selling these cars at their used car dealership for even twice the price (or even more) they’ve paid at the auction.

Dealers that take part in these auctions and buy lots of cars should not be considered bandits. One of the most important things people fail to realize, a thing that we’ve mentioned in the beginning of the article, is that all the cars are sold without any type of warranty, or in the “as is” condition, and that all of the sales are absolutely final.

For the dealer that buys a great number of cars from these auctions for the dealership, it means that there will be a percentage of the vehicles that will require a considerable amount of repair before they can be resold for a profit. Most of these dealers that buy such cars have a team of mechanics that can deal with such problems, so in some ways it can be better that the car dealers get these vehicles that have hidden flaws because they can fix them more easily in comparison to us, the average consumers.

If you know your way around a car, buying one from a government vehicle auction can save you a lot of money, but if you don’t know anything about the mechanical workings of a car, it would be best to start searching for one elsewhere because you can end up with a lemon car.

You need to know that in order to buy a car at an auction like this; you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Some of the auctions are restricted to licensed car dealers, but most of them are not. A considerable proportion of these government vehicle auctions have a preview period of approximately two days preceding the auction in which you can inspect the cars. The bad news is that in most of the cases, you will not be able to drive the cars although you can start them and check them thoroughly.

A positive aspect of these auctions is that usually you do not have to pay any registration charges or buyers fees. You’ll have to pay only the price of the vehicle, that’s it.

All things considered, buying a car at a government vehicle auction has its ups and downs, it is up to you to decide whether you want to buy one or not.

Source: www.gsaauctions.gov | www.ustreas.gov/auctions/irs

37th Atlantic City Collector Car Auction

For a classic car enthusiast is very important to find out everything about the classic car auctions he is interested in. The number of auctions that are organized each year over the world is quite impressive. It would be impossible for a human being to attend all of them, but if you have the opportunity to choose you should definitely consider the Atlantic City Collector Car Auction.  In 2010 the event celebrated its 37th edition.

This event has been an attraction point for people from across the USA since its first edition that was held in 1973. In 2010 an admission ticket for the Atlantic City auction was sold for $20 if you were an adult and for $5 if the participant was a child under the age of 12.

The 2010 event was entitled “East Coast’s largest classic car show and auction” and hosted more than 600 cars displayed on the surroundings of the auction place and another 500 that were exposed in different saloons. The large number of cars and the diversity of styles guaranteed an exciting visual adventure for people. So, you could choose your own hot rod or muscle car or anything in between. An interesting feature of the event was the fact that the participants were able to buy all kind of car related items, such as car parts, tools, insurance, cleaning products or car magazines, besides the actual cars.

Atlantic city collector car auction

The most important classic cars put up on sale were a 1946 Mercury station wagon with a wooden body, a 1936 Ford Phaeton, a 1948 Bentley Mark VI, a 1966 convertible Corvette and a 1958 Impala. The bid for a 1968 Pontiac GTO Ram Air II went slowly up to $400,000. This car wasn’t restored and is one of the only two 1968 Pontiac GTO that were ever found. Another exciting appearance at this auction was a 1969 Camaro Double COPO. The car was manufactured by Chevrolet in 50 units and nowadays only a dozen of them are still available on the market.

Some special classic cars were gathered by the organizers for an exquisite event that took place at the Borgata Hotel, Casino&Spa. Before the auction the participants could enjoy an amazing cocktail party and after that they were invited to bid for one of the 50 “best of the best” cars that were enlisted in the auction. These were all cars manufactured by well known brands, such as Deusenberg, Cadillac, Packard and many others. The models that attracted more attention were a 1931 Pierce Arrow convertible coupe, a 1938 Packard Darrin Roadster and a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

Atlantic city collector car auction

An innovation of the 37th Atlantic City Classic Collector Car Auction was the possibility to bid live over the Internet. Car lovers appreciated the chance offered to them by the organizers and took advantage of it.

The 37th Atlantic City Classic Collector Car Auction was a real success for both organizers and classic car collectors or buyers. Time passed quickly! You know how they say: all good things must come to an end. But there’s always next year, and the year after that and…