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About Used Car Parts

Cars have become a crucial part of our lives, there is no getting around without them. These means of transportation have become such a big part of our lives that, when facing the decision whether to buy a house or a car, people fumble and get undecided. The car market is the most expanded, worldwide covered, largest market in the world. Getting a car might seem really easy. Keeping it alive and kicking, is another thing. No matter whether you’re a car collector or a mechanic, or in the car parts business, or you’re the average Joe that’s happy he just acquired a car of his own.

No matter who you are, owning a car comes with the responsibility of learning at least the basic notions about cars and car parts. Auto parts knowledge can prove to be incredibly useful in countless situations, whether you’re facing a malfunction, or you remain stranded somewhere, or simply doing proper maintenance to make sure that none of the above actually happen.

Let’s say that you’re a mechanic. In this field it is an absolute requirement to know much more than just the basics of a car. Naturally you will have to deal with loads of cars, or none at all in case you have no idea what you’re doing or what to look for in a car. If a client, any client sees that you can’t separate the front of the car from the back, than he’ll definitely take his business elsewhere.

About Used Car Parts

In case you’re just an ordinary car owner that doesn’t work in the car repairing field but owns a car, learning the basics about car parts can prove to be very useful because, you will be able to diagnose and identify some of the problems yourself, and may even fix some that don’t seem too complicated. Doing so you save yourself a lot of money, not having to go to the first auto shop for an oil change, a busted light, or a flat tire.

There are hundreds of ways to acquire information about cars, and car parts. Here are some of the fastest ways to learn all you need to know about car parts.

One way to actually learn about car parts from a “live source”, is subscribing to a car club. That is the perfect meeting place for car fanatics, experts and enthusiasts, that gather in such places from everywhere. They actually hold classes any seminars where their car experts hold lessons about car parts the way they function. These professionals mention in their speech a whole lot of cool specs and tips for amateurs to use. During these sessions you can get good advices about driving habits, maintenance, used car  shops, parts replacement and such that can be of great use to anyone interested. Therefore, no matter what the topic is, or what is currently being discussed, you should always pay attention because there is a lot to be learned from these people that have made an obsession with cars and the parts that power them up.

Another great way to learn about car parts, is heading online for the endless number of car forums. Sign up on some of them and start discussing topics, and believe me those complete strangers, will feel very close to you because they share a great interest in cars as well and they will help you every time, no matter what question you might ask. Some of them, cannot wait to get a good question and start a topic about something as interesting as a car engine.

Used Car Parts

A very important step in maintaining your car is the searching of quality auto parts. In case your car doesn’t work as well as it used to work in the past, it is time for you to take it to a service. And if you don’t want to spend a very large amount of money in this way, you can always search for used car parts for your vehicle. As a statistic, 8 of 10 peoples prefer to safe their money then they fix their car.

In order to find a used car part, you can directly contact the different auto stores in your area or to search within the local newspapers for parts announces and to see what you can find in your area. In present days, online market of used car parts offered the car owners the opportunity of finding more easily what they are searching for and also offered the stores the change of selling faster and easier all their products. In this way, you can search exactly what part you need from the comfort of your own home and also you can find the best offers by comparing the prices of the founded parts. In the end, you can ask for home delivery too.

Used Car Parts

Most of the peoples are wondering if a used car part will be weaker regarding quality and performances than a new one. But this industry didn’t appear lately, it exists from the moment of car appearance. Most of them come from cars that insurance companies declared irreparable cars. Even though, some parts could be recovered, being in a good shape and having only few years age. So, a used auto part is not rusty, extremely used, but it is tested first and checked in order to discover if this part can be used more or not by other car.

The secret of used car parts is avoiding compromises regarding quality of them. You will find a lot of auto markets specialized in used auto parts that were tested and that offer guarantee for them. It is highly recommended that you search online and then to go personally and check that all founded information are correct: the brand, the model and the manufacturing year. And more, before closing the deal and buy the part, check if you are satisfied of the part quality. It is not good to buy a part that doesn’t have a guarantee of minimum 6 months.

Don’t forget that you can make a good business by buying used car parts for your car, truck, tractor or any other vehicle type, in case you have enough spare time to search for these kind of parts. Your car will work as new and you will save a lot of money.

Lamborghini Parts

Lamborghini Company is related to the man that had the inspiration, knowledge and determination to transform a dream into reality: Ferrucio Lamborghini. Mr. Lamborghini was born in Renazzo, a small village near Bologna, Italy, at April 26th, 1916. In world war two, he is sent to take care of maintaining the vehicles in Rhodes Greece. In this period he bought few military old vehicles and transformed them into tractors because Italy needed urgent those kind of vehicles after war. In 1959, its business is getting bigger and bigger and he starts producing ovens and air conditioner machines. At some point he even tries to produce helicopters, but he is restricted by the Italian government

Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to turn his attention on the automobiles and in this way, his life changed dramatically and since that moment, the world of vehicles wasn’t the same. In 1964 Lamborghini starts to deliver cars that represent the ideal of beauty and perfection expressing better than anything else the ideal of being the best. Year 1972 was marked of the biggest crises in the Lamborghini history, so Ferrucio Lamborghini was obliged to sell 51% of his company to a Swiss citizen named Georges-Henri Rossetti and then in 1974, he sold the rest of the company meaning 49% to a friend of Rosseti named Rene Leimer.  Even so, the name of Lamborghini for one of the most expensive cars in the world was kept in the same manner as his founder did.

Lamborghini Parts

Due to the high price of the Lamborghini cars and because those cars are so rare, the Lamborghini parts are not so easy to find. Searching for Lamborghini parts, the best store that can assure the quality of its parts and great stocks of parts for this make of car is LamboStuff. From accessories, exhaust systems, fluids, wheels and engines, this store offers you new and used parts for your Lamborghini. This store offers also service maintenance for Lamborghini cars and provides you tools, diagnostic and tuning. Even if this is an online store, it also has a local store with the following address: 1626 Oakwood Trail, Xenia, Ohio 45385.

But if you are far from this store, you can create an account and order the Lamborghini parts on their website. If you need assistance, there is an online help service that will guide you in the purchasing process of the necessary spare parts for your Lamborghini. If you still are undecided about your order, you can ask for a free catalogue with the parts this company is selling and as soon as you decide you can access the online store and insert the category of product and the part number from catalogue and the necessary parts will be found immediately for you.

Audi Car Parts

Audi AG is the car manufacturer from Germany and the products of this manufacturer are various starting from super mini cars to crossovers SUV’s and the prices for them are also various so the manufacturer allows everyone to buy an Audi car. Owned 99% by Volkswagen, Audi is famous for its exclusivist cars.

Because of the fact that this brand is European and because the price of it in the American continent is a little higher than in Europe, the Audi car parts are also a little more difficult to be easily found all over the places. Because local stores can’t assure all the time the auto parts for your Audi, the perfect way to find the parts for this car make is online way. Online stores are various and they are separated in two categories: new and used Audi car parts online stores.

Audi Car Parts

For the new Audi parts, there are several online stores that can assure the car parts for all car makes and models, for example Advance Auto Parts online store (this is also assuring service for your Audi), but this is not a specialized store in Audi car parts. An online store with only Audi and Volkswagen car parts is Maple Wood Audi from 2450 North Highway 61 Maplewood, MN 55109. But, in order to avoid visit their local store, their website is also an online store. They are the biggest dealer of Audi cars and Audi car parts. Their online store is offering besides auto parts, new and old inventory, news about Audi cars and financial opportunity for buying an Audi or some parts that are too expensive and you can’t afford buy them with cash. You have available an online chat directly on the website so you can ask for online help in order to find the proper car parts for your Audi. Mistakes can be done, so you better ask for their consultancy.

Used Audi parts can also be found online. There are several online stores with used Audi car parts, but there are only few that can assure all the time the certitude of permanent stocks. This is named 4 Used Audi Parts and it has available a lot of option for Audi owners on its website. From engines to alternators, this online stores is offering your car parts for all Audi models and years, you just have to know for sure from the beginning what you are searching for. If you are not sure that your search can be precise, you can call them for free at 1-800-641-6038 and they will help you find exactly the parts you are searching. All their products have a warranty period and this period is different from one product to another. You can also return the product after you receive them in 15 days if you are not satisfied with them or if they didn’t send you the right product.

So, no matter if you want a new or used Audi car part, you always can search online because online stores are opened 24/7 and they help you save a lot of time.

Best Online To Sell Car Parts

If you were to snoop around your neighborhood a bit you would see that a quarter of them have cars in their garages that don’t do anything else but stay there and acquire rust. Since used car are a lot easier to be bought than sold, people tend to get another car which is better and leave the old one just hanging there. That isn’t exactly wise since that car can still have some useful parts in it, so why not try to sell those parts?

First of all you have to analyze the conditions to determine the most profitable one. For example, if your car has suffered considerable damage and it’s classified as a salvage car (junk car) that cannot possibly be repaired to function properly without a major investment (which is not worth it), than selling it for parts may be the best way to go. On the other hand, if the car is in decent condition and can be repaired it might be worth it, but be careful. If the costs of repairing it leave you with a win of only a couple of hundreds of bucks than you did nothing, you might as well do an estimate on the parts and sell them.

There are thousands of people that navigate online each day searching for used, cheap yet rare components for their cars, therefore selling car parts could turn into a profitable business for you. For that you need a coupe of things taken care of: working car parts (naturally), a big place to use as storage, some websites where you can advertise your business and last but definitely not least, a bank account where payments can be made. It may sound easy but, if you want to earn some decent cash, than you better prepare yourself for a meticulous job that requires attention to details.

Car Parts Online

The first step is to have a complete list of all the parts you are planning to sell. There is a wide array of car parts and accessories you can sell to people, all you need to do is to head online and check out the most popular, the most desired, and (if you can get your hands on) the rarest.

Next step is setting up a shop. Contact a real estate agent that can provide you with a good space, somewhere in a commercial region for you to turn into a car parts shop. Try to get it near commercial centers, like malls and such. Next stop is advertising. If you know your way around a computer, than you might want to create the website yourself, if not you can hire a professional (recommended) since he can make your website more attractive and interactive. If you have a friend that knows more about car parts than you, or the most fortunate case: a mechanic, than offer him the job of dismantling on the spot. Doing so would mean a win-win situation for you since you have a trusted friend on the spot and you can offer him a decent salary for starters. This will help a lot with your capital.

Do your best to affiliate your site to one of Ebay’s subsidiaries. Since Ebay is one of the largest virtual market in the world, you can have great success in selling your car parts through them. Know that no less than 100.000 people enter Ebay daily from all around the world. From that number at least 30% are looking for cars, car parts and accessories. Make your ads easy to understand and attractive for top sales.

What Car Parts Do

It is impossible for you to own a car and not have any idea about what its major components and systems are. You need to know at least the basics so that you can intervene in case of something going wrong and you find yourself stranded, or to simply know how to check the oil level, water level, tires and so on. This is simple maintenance that any car owner should be able to do on his own.

Let’s start with the engine system. This is the one that produces the actual motion and converts the gasoline into raw power. Currently the easiest way to achieve motion is by burning the gasoline in a burn chamber located inside the engine block. When the gasoline enters the chamber it is lit up by a spark coming from the spark plugs. In that moment, an actual explosion takes place which pushes a piston down. At this moment you have created movement. This is how an internal combustion engine functions, named so because the combustion takes place internally. Yet this is not the only engine system, there are diesel engines, or gas turbine engines as well.

Car Parts

Next in line is the transmission system. Cars need transmissions because of how the engine physics work. Firstly, you need to know that any engine has an rpm limit called redline. If this limit is exceeded, the engine will literally explode. There is a certain interval when rpm, engine power and torque are at maximum capacity. Let’s say that an engine achieves maximum horse power at 5.500 rpm. This means that the transmission will allow the gear ratio to change shifts in order to speed up or slow down. The best time to shift gears, to obtain a maximum power boost, is when the rpm are below the redline, but close to the band.

We all know that if you push down the brake pedal, the car is supposed to slow down or stop completely. When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake system transports the force from your foot to the brakes using a fluid. Since, to actually slow down or stop the car, you would need superhuman strength, therefore the braking system multiplies the force you exercise on the brake pedal. This amplification can be done in too ways: by the use of mechanical systems or hydraulics. The brakes transport the force to the wheels through friction, the tires transport that force onto the road using the same friction.

For a car to turn normally, each wheel must have a different circle. For example, the inside wheel will follow a circle with a smaller radius resulting in a tighter turn than the outer wheel. The steering linkage geometry makes the inside wheel turn more than the outer wheel. This is achieved by the use of two systems: the rack and pinion and recirculating ball.

Wires fuses and connectors are essential for powering up your car. Without these you won’t even be able to start the engine, since the spark that ignites the gasoline comes from a spark plug. Wires connect all the electrical components, one to another and to the car battery that allows them to be charged.

Catalytic converters are very simple devices, yet they have a major importance in the exhaust system. Inside the converter, there are two different types of catalysts. One is a reduction catalyst, and the other is an oxidation one. By the reactions caused, these catalysts allow us to decrease the emission of carbon monoxide, therefore making the car “greener”.


Sell My Car For Parts

Let’s say that you’ve had your car a long time, and with time the old gal’ has little life left in it. In the meantime you got another car that’s working very well and you don’t want to keep the old one in the garage to acquire nothing but rust. Well if you find yourself in this situation, than the best idea is to sell it for parts. This is an ideal way to get some cash for it since it’s not running any more and no one will buy it as whole. If you decide you want to do this than here are a couple of ideas on how to approach the subject.

The first place you need to go is the closest junk yard. Often junk yards will get old cars off your hands if you give them a reasonable price. They probably won’t pay as much as a private buyer would, since they will do the work for you, in stripping the car apart and select the parts that are still usable, and put them up for sale. This is the fastest way to get rid if your old gal’ since it doesn’t involve any hassle and you won’t even have to check out its parts.

Penny Saver

If you want to do it yourself, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. One of the main factors, is knowing about how much your car is worth. One option is to look online to similar cars from the same year and weigh their prices against yours. Another option would be visiting a local parts store or get a mechanic to check up your car and give you an estimate. You might have to offer him a little extra but at least you’ll get a truthful answer and you’ll know where to start.

After you’ve settled your price, than it’s time for a little advertisement. One place if great interest is the classifieds section of an online website such as PennySaverUSA.com or CraigsList.org. These websites are known through all USA so your changes of getting a prospective buyer are very high, especially if you have a good set of parts for sale. Go ahead and pick up a local newspaper or a “Thrifty Nickel” ad book from the nearest gas station. Snoop around for individuals that are looking to purchase used car parts. Select the ones you think are best suited for what you have to offer and give them a call, to come and check out your car. If they like what they see, than you’ll receive a price offer. Remember, always be flexible because with a little negotiation you can both end up happy.

Another simple, yet effective way to do a little advertisement, putting up a few flyers in local stores. You can easily make your flyers on your computer, by the use of simple programs like PowerPoint. Include a photo of your car, the asking price and of course a few contact details. Make sure to explain that you’re selling the car for parts.

Another good option is enlisting your car in a car auction. Contact the owners and see if you’re allowed to put your car up for sale (don’t forget to mention about the car parts). If so, enroll the car in a bid. Than all you need to do is wait comfortably for the price to rise. Don’t forget to specify that you don’t want to go below a certain price, and keep in mind that the auction house gets a commission from the sale so pick the price carefully.

Antique Car Parts


For every car enthusiast, to have a classic or even better an antique car in its garage, is one of the greatest perks he can imagine. Since nothing spells class and sass like an old school automobile, you will probably want to do anything in your power to keep yours up to shape. So if you’re tired of going from shop to shop only to be disappointed because they don’t have the original components you want to put on your classic car, than forget about running around in circles and come online to see some of the best antique and classic car parts websites.


So let’s start with the rightfully proclaimed “Rolls Royce of fiberglass bodywork” the RedneckSteetRods. They are a group of hot rod and street rod “fanatics” that specialize in Ford car kits and replicas. If you want to have your own ’33 Ford, that’s the place to go. Fiberglass bodies and sturdy chassis are the “salt and pepper” of their antique car parts business.

Antique Car Parts

If you feel for a bit of restyling and giving your hot rod the angry look it deserves, than you should head for the designing specialists at Graphics Express Stripes and Decals. They manufacture and sell stripes, decals and other accessories, enough to make your car as mean on the outside as it is under the hood. Think about it, equipping your car with blazing flames that will steal the eye of every car fan on the street.


If you’re classic is slowly fading away than you need some serious quality parts to push the life back into it. Kanter Auto Products at Kanter.com are the ones that will help you out with that. Feel free to search through their online database of restoration car parts. You can simply make a free account and request a catalog and you’re set, everything you’ll need will be in there.


The boys at Deuce Steel have been working with classic cars since… they weren’t classics. Therefore you don’t have to look any further, they cover just abut any area of a car. You can order online just about anything from a fully equipped chassis, to original headlights. If you’re having some tech problems, you can easily get on their Tech Info section and receive online help FOR FREE.


Another good choice for antique Ford cars is macsautoparts.com. Mac’s is possibly the best place to head when in need of Ford auto parts. They have a car part range that covers cars from 1909! So you will be finding anything Ford related. Whether you have a model T Ford, Or a model A Ford a good old fashion Ford Pickup or a Thunderbird, they’ll cover it. This is probably the biggest compendium of Ford car parts, manuals, car kits, accessories and upholstery kits.


If you’re in need of some “softer” parts than you need to go to metrommp.com. They specialize in rubber parts and windows and door kits that are a big necessity in any restoration project. You can get universal parts, basic kits and other components needed to protect your car parts from clashing. You can find all types of seals starting from window seals to door top and side door seals.


And finally, for the ones with classic trucks in their hearts and their garages Americanclassic.com comes to their aid with components for Chevrolet and GMC trucks that cover any model that go way back to 1936. A smart and easy to use filtering system will enable you to find the parts you need in a matter of seconds.




Buy Car Parts


Tired of having to go from auto shop to auto shop and not finding what you need for your car, walking around in circles because you cannot find a component that fits the exact specifications of your car, or simply don’t trust the component’s quality. This ends now! Time to head for the internet. Since the evolution of the internet brought a new level of marketing, the virtual one, people can literally buy anything from the internet. Starting with computer parts, phones, cameras, to cars, houses, or land. Because it is by far the cheapest and in the same time fastest way of communication the virtual market is currently, by far the most populated one.

Buy Car Parts

Ok we are going to limit ourselves only to buying car parts online. Car parts shops and dealers around the world have advertised their business over the internet and own a professional website that can be found online. These parts have not hundreds, but hundreds of thousands of car parts on display, enough to satisfy even the most exclusive of customers and cars. You can hear about “heavy” manufacturers that offer car parts online like: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, GM, Chevrolet, Hyundai, VW, Toyota, Ford and many many others. The biggest advantage related to online car purchase is that you can get them at near production prices, benefitting from considerable discounts, all these only a click away.


From the moment you click “Buy it” and the little time that passes before you get your car part at your door step, there is an entire process. Their website receives a purchase order, it connects to their huge database containing all the existent parts in their warehouse(s) they verify the existence of the desired component, pick it, wrap it up and send it via shipping company to your door. The best part about it is that you may require a part which they have overstocked on, the result you can get more than 50% discount for it.


All online dealers have a wide range of car parts suppliers, therefore making the customer’s location problem, very manageable. The moment a customers places a request for a specific car parts, the process explained above makes the car part arrive at his doorstep while a reasonable fee for transport is added. Even better, most car parts dealers have eliminated the shipping company and are able to do the transport themselves, which makes their parts even cheaper than others. If you’re getting a component from a car dealer you can rest assured that it’s genuine and will, in most cases, carry a warranty. If it happens that a car part is damaged in any way, the client can easily get a replacement, yet that rarely happens because the parts are sturdy and reliable because they are shipped directly from the manufacturer.


On the other hand, a word of caution is advised. Like all things the online system is reliable, fast and easy to use, but NOT perfect. And some individuals will always try to take advantage of the honest client that is interested in something and attempt to scam him for money. Therefore you need to look carefully from which website you decide to buy. Buy your components ONLY from well known manufacturers that are genuine, and reputable. A good idea is to seek out members of a Better Business Bureau (an association that rates and reviews online service and also “kills” possible scam websites). And probably the most important thing, use a credit card when you pay because it is possible to reverse the transaction in case of scams.



Electric Car Parts

Cars are not like they used to be any more. Keep the electronics to a minimum and keep the car simple, mechanics would ensure that the car is moving, it’s stopping, moving again, accelerating and decelerating. Now hundreds of abbreviations control just about every part of the car. ABS, EGR, ASR, DAC, EGD and many others are linked to one main computer that controls and analyzes not only the car, but the surroundings as well as the very ground the car runs on. So to maintain a car that is run by 10000 electrical components, you will need help and a lot of electrical devices. Thankfully that such places are in hundreds. Electrical car part stores and hardware stores can be found, literally everywhere.

Electric Car Parts

Firstly let’s head on http://www.chophockhong.com.sg/. They are about the largest suppliers of vehicle electrical parts in all of Asia. They can supply electronics and electrical parts like motor starters, alternators for a wide range of vehicles, regulators, armatures, relays and may other. And it’s not only cars they supply for. If you have a truck or a crane, a heavy duty tractor and such other industry vehicles they have the components for them. Even equipment for boats can be found there.

While you’re checking around their webpage, be sure to download the brochure which contains considerable information on prices and offers. If you’re looking for something in particular, you have at your disposal a neat search engine, with possibilities of narrowing down the search by selecting the category you’re interested. In case you feel like browsing around, you can see a menu with all components sorted by category. In case you require several things at once, you may want to check out the “Great offer” section. There are the components on which they have overstocked and are placed on sale, with nearly half the price cheaper, while the quality remains the same.

Heading on to www.cens.com we stumble upon a long list of components that would satisfy even the most demanding customer. They have it covered, starting with engine and body electrical parts, and ending up with horns and spark plugs. Not only that they supply electronics themselves, but they can redirect a customer to another supplier in case they don’t have the necessary components. Being affiliated with many other companies, they have an interesting feature where not only buyers are interested, but sellers as well. It’s an innovative system where a seller may choose to sell a car’s electric parts, or he is given the option to advertise on their website for other interested buyers: http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/category/cate_list_A2001.html.

And finally we head on to partstrain.com, which currently is the market leader when it comes to car all car components, not only electrical. Unlike any other websites where you’re given a search option, Partstrain makes the search for you. All you need to do is complete an online form with only your car model, car year and trim level. After that you will be redirected to a page where you’re given all the components and car accessories for your model alone sparing you of the grueling process of shifting from model to model, to finally find the alternator you’re interested in. In case you’re looking for a good deal, than you have to check out the “Featured products” section. There are placed the most sold parts and the best deals. You can simply add the ones you need in a cart and wait for their arrival at your doorstep. It just doesn’t get simpler than this.

Vw Car Parts

The Volkswagen is currently the biggest car manufacturing franchise in the world. Their engines power up other well known cars like the Skoda series, the Seat, and of course, the ultimate luxurious, the Audi. Not to mention the millions and millions of Volkswagen cars currently on the market. There is no way you won’t be able to find VW parts and accessories since just about every car parts store in town will have them. If you want to get selective and search for the bigger, better deal, than here are some of the most renowned car parts stores. They guarantee top quality parts that are enough to “satisfy” even the newest of model and the most prestigious of customers.

First we head on to car-stuff.com. Collecting, seeking, storing and selling parts for VW for over 25 years has made the crew from car-stuff one of the most respected and experienced in the business. From the moment you enter, the website literally screams professionalism. You have a neatly sorted list of all components sorted by name and specifications from which you select the ones you’re interested in. In case you want something in particular you can go to the precise search engine and you can check it up by brand.

Vw Car Parts

Besides car pars shopping you have many other features meant to ease up your work. The Diagnose problem feature is really interesting you have the power to analyze your car’s problem by yourself. All you need to do is insert some info about your car model and a form with a few car “symptoms” and the system will give you possible troubleshooting options. Not to mention the multitude of car maintaining tips and other useful “How to” guides.

Our search led us once again to the famous Car Parts Wholesale which has a huge section dedicated only to Volkswagen parts which will definitely be sufficient to any VW enthusiast. They cover many models from the “vintage” VW brand like: Beetle, Cabrio, Passat, Golf, Gti, Jetta, which basically are the base of each town’s car population. They provide a complex, yet easy to use search system which will enable you to find absolutely anything you need. Never forget to check out the best selling list or the featured parts inventory because there are the best deals that can be found. VW starters, seat belts, rear strut assemblies, front shock absorbers and many more on display offered with incredible prices and at top quality. Note that all the components have a guarantee specified, not leaving you uncovered if a part would fall apart the next day.

The Live Help feature, present here as well, enables you to get in touch with real technicians that can help you find out what you need for each car in no time, showing patience and professionalism, and …free of charge.

Our next stop takes us to the VW Mart which seems to be composed of discount parts alone! Every component you find here is at top quality, and as incredible as it may sound, at a discount. You have a huge list of car parts that takes you all the way back to the ‘80s VW models with new and top quality parts for each of them. Every part you purchase is given a 1 year of lifetime warranty which ensures that in the eventuality of a car part breakdown, you have the option to get another part from them or you can get a refund, feature not usually offered by most shops.

Tp Car Parts

Nowadays the used car market has become one of the most profitable businesses that you can possibly find. Due to the deteriorating economy, the life of used cars has been expanded more and more. Getting a new car may be an easy process but is a costly one as well, so instead people would rather pump up their old car with a bunch of upgrades and keep it as such. Because of that, car parts shops have “sprout” like daisies. Let’s check out some of the most popular car parts stores online.

Let’s start with Auto Parts Warehouse this is one of the largest warehouses you can find. They have car components for just about every type of car, new, old, muscle, classic, family, truck, van and so on. You have a very friendly browsing system from which you can find the type of component you are interested in by choosing its use, or its class. All the components are divided into classes, from bodywork and mirrors to engine and drivetrain. In case you know exactly what you want you can use the search engine in which you have to select the car model and trim, and simply type the car part you’re interested in. working only with the finest and most known of manufacturers like Reese, Bosch, EBC or Dorman you know that what you’re getting can only be the finest of fine replacements for your car.

Another huge player on the car parts market is the Auto Parts GIANT. They bring up to the table incredible prices for top quality car parts and accessories. Even more they offer free shipping to any order that exceeds 50$ (consider that on most car parts store, you can pay that only for the transport).  And to top it, they boast on having over 1 million parts in stock. The user friendly system enables you to search directly for your components, or browse around by selecting the car model and you’re shown the parts available for it. As you can see they are not few. With offers like : engine components starting from less than $1.00, or CV axles that get less than $59 you just have to check it out. All that combined with the possibility of paying by PayPal (thus ensuring a minimum of warranty as well from the credit card), is not something you simply look at.

Tp car parts

Next stop is the AutoGeek.net. Leaving aside the awesome looking website and the entire set of promotions on display only a click away, they have a system that guarantees you the best possible price on the market. Their online database is linked to multiple car parts review websites which enables them to find out where the competition stands. With this connection they can top and match just about any other website on the market in pricing and offer. Not only that you can snoop around looking for car parts, but they have personalized accessories as well. Think about it, make your simple, dull looking Mazda Miata, look like the twin turbocharged Nfs Underground top racer. For each set of products that place themselves between $60-80, you can get flex polishers with other free products. Thus making your car as sparkly and hardcore looking as always.

Furthermore, they provide a wide series of online tips and vides on how to maintain every car part. How to detail it properly or simply to keep it shining even after the muddiest ride. Car wax, polishing, making that chrome shine are the top appearance aspects that every car lover has to be able to do.

Selling Car Parts

Since the car market seems to be more alive and more active than ever due to the degrading economy, used car lives are extended more and more every year. No one feels like spending thousands of dollars on a new car so with much less invested they can have a decent, reliable used car that will get the job done. With the increase in demand for used cars, there has been an increased interest used car parts. So if you have a passion for cars, work a lot around a car and know the technical structure of the car, than you may very well be eligible for selling car parts.

Selling Car Parts

The very first thing you need to do is find a decent space where you can effectively store all your components. You might want to head out to a real estate agent to find a good deal on a commercial space to buy or rent.

Than you need to try your best to find the cheapest car parts you can find so that you can increase your profits. Head online and search for all the manufacturers and suppliers you can find. Make a list and start comparing prices. Divide the car into sections, mechanical, electrical, bodywork etc. and see which supplier can provide the best price for your each of your categories.

Be sure to know what are the most popular cars on the market. For those particular cars, you should purchase the parts directly from the manufacturers. But purchase intelligently, don’t overstock because you can always order other parts in case the demands is high and you see you’re running out. The best tactics are to focus in finding a market niche and specialize in that. It will reduce your competition considerably. Think about it, if you’re the sole supplier of antique car parts or collectible car pars than your business will flourish.

Make a slogan for your car parts store. Focus more on the important benefits that a buyers can have. Put in things like “fast delivery” or “reliability and warranty” and similar things. Try to make it more personal and attractive, not just something copied from the web. Show them that you care for your business. When you’re done expand it into an easily read marketing message that you can post around through articles, or brochures or even direct mail. Make it either very funny to be attractive or very “serious” standing for serious business.

One of the fastest method of information travel is online so building a website is just about the best advertising venture you can do. Try to make the site more interactive, not a simple table with lists and prices. If you don’t know how to do it, hire a professional designer that will add interactive elements like flash animations or cars and body parts and such.

Don’t add something off the subject on the website because people will simply think it’s one of those advertising websites and move on. So put only relevant information. A couple of useful tips are always appreciated. Try writing about maintenance and do-it-yourself repairs. Take and upload pictures of all the car parts alongside with a shopping cart so that a customer can purchase multiple components at once.

And the last thing you need, is signing up for a type of merchant account so that your website will be linked to one of the companies that allow payment by credit cards online. All you need to do is pay an application fee and a little paperwork.

Good luck and good business.

Car Parts Tutorial

Did it ever occur to you to look under the hood of the car and wonder what’s making your car move? To the untrained eye it all may look like a conglomerate of wiring, metallic parts, fuses and fans. If you own such a contraption known as vehicle, it is unacceptable to not know at least the major processes that occur from key turn to car moving. There are four major components that compose your car alongside many other accessories and components. These major components are: The engine System, the power train, the breaking system and steering alongside with suspension.

Let’s start with the engine. This may sound strange but the best way to understand the internal combustion engine is to compare it with a … cannon. As the fuse when lit creates an explosion by igniting the gun powder inside the cannon, thus propelling the projectile forward with incredible speed, the same goes for the engine. It has a burn chamber in which the controlled explosions take place. The explosion is created by the surge of gasoline released into the gas chamber and the spark plug provides the spark that ignites the gasoline which by burning results in enormous pressure that propels the “projectile” in this case a piston forward creating a circular movement. The only difference is that the piston comes back to the initial position unlike the cannonball.

Car Parts Tutorial

Next stop is transmission. What exactly does happen when you shift through gears? Let’s find out. Inside the transmission you have a set of gear sets that do all the work. You have the input shaft which is connected on the clutch disk which is turned by the motor’s power and an output shaft that determines the gear.  On both shafts you have a set of gears and set of metal sticks called selectors. They determine the shift that you’re placing the car to through a shifter linkage. Once the output shaft has its gear selected, it connects to the input shaft through the gears and “dictates” the transmission how much power to deliver.

Ok so you have the means to move and the power to make the car move. The question is how you stop it. Here is where the braking system comes in. So when you press the brake pedal, the car transfers the amount of force inflicted by your foot to the brakes through a fluid called obviously: brake liquid. Since your foot doesn’t have nearly enough power to inflict the necessary force that it would take to stop a 1.5 – 2 ton car, that power has to be amplified. That can be done in two ways: mechanically that involves the principles of leverage in which a force applied upon a leaver activates another and another therefore amplifying the force considerably. The other method is hydraulically that involves the principle of fluid atomicity, knowing that it cannot be compressed, it inflicts great amplifying power.

The steering may seem simple but is actually a complex system of axles that are activated by the recirculating ball system. The ball system actions as a gear would and determine the axels movement when the steering wheel is moved.

All the power in the world is completely useless if you cannot control the car. This is where suspensions come in. Simply put, the suspension is a piston filled with fluid and a powerful spring. Its role is to absorb the shocks created by the road’s irregularities and maximize the contact between the tires and the road.