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1964 Dodge Hemi Charger Concept Car, Up For Auction

1964 Dodge Hemi Charger Concept Car

The picture you see right in front of you is of the first Dodge that used the Charger nameplate, a living legend in our opinion. The car we are talking about is a 1964 Dodge Charger Concept Car. It was developed back in 1963 on Polara underpinnings and it was used by Chrysler to introduce its newest engine at that time, the now popular and legendary 7.0-liter (426-cubic inch) Hemi V8.

Over its 47-year existence, it was owned by several collectors and now it is going to be put up for auction at the 2011 Automobiles of Arizona event which will be organized at Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, on January 20th. Although RM Auction didn’t publish any official estimates, the same car was auctioned three years ago and managed to fetch $1.1 million. We assume that the car is now worth even more than that.

The car is at the moment in the estate of the now late John M. Quinn and it has been fully restored by Fran Roxas, a multiple award-winner, who fitted the car with one of the 15th original race HEMI power units that outputs 600 hp.

1964 Dodge Hemi Charger Concept Car

Looking at the specifications sheet, the very first Charger was fitted with a 3-speed automatic gearbox, independent torsion bar front and rear semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension. In addition, it features a 4.56:1 “Sure Grip” rear axle and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. The block casting of the 1964 Dodge Hemi Charger Concept Car is dated October 1963 which goes to show that this car is as authentic as it can get.

If you take a closer look at the pictures, you will notice that the car is in perfect condition and it has been kept in a climate-controlled storage. Basically, it looks as if it just rolled out of the production line. If I had the money to buy it, I wouldn’t hesitate and choose this over any type of modern vehicle that costs the same as in my opinion, cars like this one will never be made again and it is indeed a great shame, but there is nothing that we can do.

Summary – 2011 Dodge Journey

2011 Dodge Journey

In the last few months, Chrysler has brought many improvements and updates for the vast majority of their models and the Journey was not left out of the deal. Along with the 2011 Dodge Durango and the Dodge Charger, the Journey brings for 2011 a new look, significantly more power, a much updated interior look and decent fuel economy. According to the people at AutoBlog.com that had the chance of taking the car for a quick spin, it has one of the most generous and fast touch screen ever installed on an automobile before.

We all know that with their recent models, Chryslers has managed to greatly improve the materials that are used inside the cabin and it should come as no surprise that the Journey is benefiting from this trend. This is not the most important update brought to the car in comparison with the previous generation, as the engineers at Dodge spent a lot of time tweaking the driving character of the car. With these changes brought to the car, the Journey morphed from a car that was never seen as a potential competitor, into one that is worth taking into consideration when picking out a brand new crossover.

These significant changes were not applied to the exterior look of the car, Dodge wanted to keep the original look and improve things here and there, giving a more fresh and updated look to the Journey. Up front you will notice the redesigned fascia, the freshened corporate split-crosshair grille and the massive 19-inch rims. In the back the car got LED taillights and that’s about it, no other changes in comparison with the 2010 version of the Journey.

Once you get inside, you will notice the huge difference. Instead of offering new shades of the boring gray plastic, people over at Dodge managed to add new more exciting colors that give the car a new look as far as the cabin is concerned. Similar to other cars manufactured by the Dodge, the Journey benefits from the implementation of the single-piece, soft touch instrument panels. By eliminating the multi-piece dashboards that we are all accustomed to, Dodge managed to avoid the likelihood of rattles and squeaks and at the same time, reduced the possibility that during assembly, something might be done wrong. The nice to poke soft-touch material used for the cabin allowed the Dodge designers to throw in 0-milimiter tolerances for HVAC bezels.

We mentioned the big touch screen; it has a generous 8.5-inch diagonal (optional) that draws all the attention inside the large cabin of the Journey. The screen not only is very responsive and quick, but it also offers crystal-clear graphics. Changing the radio stations is done very easy without any hassle, and you don’t have to wait between two stations, we all know how annoying that could get.

2011 Dodge Journey

Moving on to more important business, the engine of the 2011 Dodge Journey is the new generation V6 3.6-liter Pentastar that is capable of outputting 283 hp at 6,350 rpm. Torque figures are 260 pound-feet at 4,400 rpm. In comparison to the previous generation of the engine, the car is now 20% more powerful which makes it very agile than ever before. The engine is linked to a comfortable smart-swapping 6-speed automatic gearbox, which will not give you any trouble in traffic. The Mexico-built 2011 Dodge Journey is available with a four wheel drive and it will do a decent 17 mpg city / 25 mpg highway. For those of you that cannot afford the Pentastar V6 3.6-liter engine, Dodge is offering a smaller 2.4-liter that outputs 173 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 166 pound-feet @ 4,000 rpm which is linked to an outdated 4-speed automatic gearbox, making the car quite slow, taking into consideration the weight of the 7-seater.

Of course the Pentastar engine is agile, but nobody can say that it is fast. However, thanks to the fact that it has a quicker-ratio steering rack, along with a host of bushings and stiffer springs, the 2011 Dodge Journey is quite capable of taking corners, despite its weight and size.

The base model for the 2011 Dodge Journey, dubbed Express, will cost you $22,245 but it will come with the outdated engine and transmission that don’t live up to the expectations of a 2011 model. For $2,000 more, you can get the Journey Mainstreet which will come with the powerful Pentastar engine. In addition to this price, you will have to pay a $750 worth of destination charge, regardless of the model you want.

Dodge managed to surprise many people with the launch of the 2011 Journey, which although does not offer many improvements as far as the exterior look is concerned, it brings many updates for the materials used inside the cabin, plus the V6 3.6-liter Pentastar power unit that gives the Journey a brand new life, leaving behind the rusted and outdated image of the outgoing generation that nobody took into consideration as a crossover choice.

Source: AutoBlog.com

150 Dodge Chargers for the Kuwaiti police

The Kuwaiti Police sure have some troubles with all those rich guys running around in powerful cars evading their cars all the time, so they decided to order a new model of police cars, something sensitive like the Dodge Charger (!), and quite a few, only 150. Chrysler did go all the way to convince their Deputy Ministry of Interior, Musaed S. Al-Guwainem, who was taken to the central headquarters of Chrysler in Michigan, where a demonstration of a full police-spec Charger was given to him, convincing him that it was the right choice.

And it sure worked, the minister puttin immediately an order for 150 cars, and declaring that “Reflecting an image of strength and power is important for our law enforcement officials and the Dodge Charger portrays this image to the Kuwaiti people“. What better way to discourage the bad guys than chasing after them with a big american muscle car. After they are specially fitted with police accesories, the cars will be delivered and policemen from Kuwait will definitely be happy for them.


Original 1964 Dodge Charger Concept auctioned for $1.1 million

The original Dodge Charger Concept, introduced in 1965 was recently sold for $1.1 million, though estimated somewhere between $1.5 to 2.0 million. The car had several owners until 1999, when show car collector Joe Bortz acquired it and he managed to find and fit the car with one of the original 15 engines produced for the racing circuit, complete with a block casting dated October 1963.

Introduced in 1964, Dodge Charger Concept is a show car based on a Dodge Polara and it introduced the company’s new 426 cubic-inch Hemi V8. What’s very interesting is that because a limited number of hand-built 426 Hemi V8 engines were produced for some select racing teams, when one of them blew up their Hemi, they had to use the one used on the concept. So the ’64 Dodge Concept ended up with the same 305 horse, 383 cubic inch V8 that came with the regular Polara.

“General Lee” up for sale again

We announced you some time ago that “General Lee“, the legendary 1969 Dodge Charger from “Dukes of Hazzard” was sold on eBay for $9,900,500. Apparently, the bid was fake, so John Schneider (Bo Duke) decided to put the car up for sale again. This time, the starting price was set to $1,000,000 and, to prevent fake bids, in order to place a bid, an user first has to register with Auction Wire.

Just like the first time happened, a lot of critics showed up, arguing that the car doesn’t worth more then $200,000 or maybe $300,000. But it seems that the car’s history makes it worth much more than that. We’ll let you know when news show up about the auction. (more…)

“General Lee” sold for $9.9 million

No, its not a prank, “General Lee”, the 1969 Dodge Charger which appeared on the classic show “Dukes of Hazzard” was sold on eBay for an eye-popping $9.9 million. Yup, no mistake. The winning bid was $9,900,500.00. Impressive. The car was owned by John Schneider (Bo Duke) before starring in Warner Bros production and becoming a myth. It even has a scratch from one of the shootings. If the buyer will pay, “General Lee” will become the second most expensive car sold on eBay, after Christie’s Auction House sold a rare 1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royal Sports Coupe for $11 million. (more…)