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Michigan Classic Car Shows


Classic car shows are very popular in Michigan. People from the US and from all around the world gather to admire rare and expensive cars. You can choose from over 50 shows organized annually in Michigan. If you love retro cars, modern vehicles or you only want to visit a classic auction or show than the Michigan classic car shows are perfect places where you can find what you are looking for.


One of these exciting Michigan classic car show is the Greenville Corvette Club show which is organized every December. This event focuses on raising funds and donations for the local children’s charities. The classic car show displays more than 44 Corvettes each of them being more amazing and incredible than the other. The 2011 classic car show is scheduled for September 10. So, get ready and don’t forget about this amazing Michigan classic car show.


The Kalamazoo Classic Car Show is another Michigan classic car show organized every year in western Michigan. The visitors can register their cars into a judging competition including several categories such as the “favorite kid’s choice”, the “quality of make” or the “people’s choice” category. The winners receive different awards along with a certificate of achievement. All the money come from the entrance fee and the money raised through stalls are donated to local charities.


Another Michigan classic car show is the exciting GVSU Car Show which takes place each year since 2004, at the Grand Valley State University. When this classic car show was organized for the first time, it was designed for students interested in getting together and talking about cars and information regarding their modifications or repairs. But this event became famous quickly and soon this classic car show became larger and included food, professional music and even competitions between cars.


The Detroit Autorama is another Michigan classic car show held each year in February. This event is called the “Cavalcade of Customs” by its promoters and features modified and customized cars including classic cars, motorcycles, trucks and scooters. The 2011 59th Edition was a real success displaying amazing classic cars including a 1940 Ford Hardtop, a 1947 Chevrolet Roadster Pick up and a 1963 Buick Riviera.


The list of Michigan classic car shows also includes the Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival organized at the Midland County Fairgrounds. This event is the home of the “Michigan’s largest antique, collectible and classic car show”. You have the opportunity to see amazing and incredible classic cars manufactured in different periods of time and in different body styles.


Another Michigan classic car show is the Oldsmobile Specialty Show, one of the largest one-day Oldsmobile-only car show organized in the US. This event displays more than 500 Oldsmobile cars. The R.E Olds Transportation Museum hosts also the Car Capital Celebration festival, each year. This classic car event highlights more than 200 classic cars that have the possibility to win special dash plaques, door prizes and special awards.


Michigan Classic Car Shows


The Sparrow Hospice Benefit Car Show is another Michigan classic car show which takes place twice a year and all the donations and proceeds go to the Sparrow Hospice. The locations where this event is organized include the Logan’s Roadhouse and the Chevrolet dealership, Bud Kouts. The classic cars which take part of this event are historical muscle cars that were manufactured between 1936 and 2006.


The Michigan classic car shows are amazing events that celebrate the elegance and style of classic cars. These events are the perfect places where you and your family can spend some time together and find information about classic cars.


Anheuser Busch Classic Car Show


Almost any classic car collector knows that each year, all around the world many classic car shows and auctions take place. These events celebrate the elegance and the design of aging cars. If when these amazing classic cars were first released on the market they changed the lives of their buyers, nowadays the spotlight is their favorite location.


One of these amazing classic car shows is the Anheuser Busch Classic Car Show which takes place each year in May, in Houston. For the classic car lovers who live in Houston, this classic car show has become a tradition, because it is an amazing and exciting event. The 19th Annual “United Way Bud Classic Car Show” was organized in collaboration with the Yellow Cab, the Silver Eagle Distributors and the Bud Cruisers Car Club.


This 2010 Anheuser Busch Classic Car Show displayed around 250 classic cars manufactured in different years, models and colors including dozens of vintage and newer-model cars. These classic cars competed one against the other for around 150 awards. The money raised during the classic car show where used for supporting the local health and human service programs that include more than 15 non-profit agencies. A year ago, the Anheuser Busch classic car show donated all the benefits to the United Way of Greater Houston. The total sum reached $118,000 donated by all the participants.


This event was free for all the classic car collectors who were interested in being part of this classic car celebration. The people who went there had the opportunity to see the passion and attention for details necessary for a restoration process of a classic car.


Another 2010 Anheuser Busch classic car show took place in Merrimack. This event is called the 7th Annual Northeast Exotic Car Show. It displayed more than 240 classic cars, each one impressive because of its unique features. This classic car show was organized to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and attracts each year passionate classic car collectors and enthusiasts.


1981 DeLorean DMC 12


One of the classic beauties on display was the 1981 DeLorean DMC 12 with only 50,000 miles on board and the reputation of an event winner. This car impresses because of its stainless steel exterior and because of its incredible well preserved interior. Another incredible classic car hosted by the 2010 Anheuser Busch classic car show was the 2003 Ferrari Enzo with brakes which cost around $35,000 while the entire car was estimated at an incredible sum of $1.4 million. Any participant could also admire the 2010 Viper ACR, an amazing fast car owned by Brian Rohloff. The owner drove to this event with a maximum speed of 200 mph, but he had some troubles on his way because the police pulled him over for driving too fast.


The list of cars displayed at this event continues with the amazing 2005 C6 Corvette Convertible, a red convertible which was admired by all the car lovers. Even if many modern cars took part in the event, the older cars were also well represented. The incredible 1988 328 GTB Ferrari owned by James Mirazita did stir among those present at the 2010 Anheuser Busch classic car show. I can not forget about the amazing 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo which was especially designed for high speed driving either. Even the Porsche got a ticket for speeding, but the drive was totally worth the fine!


As any other classic car show, the 2010 Anheuser Busch classic car shows were all successful regardless of the location and their success influenced the well-being of the community because of all the money raised


California Classic Car Shows

Classic car shows are organized every year all around the world. These shows are important events for classic car admirers, because in this way they can exchange information and discover new antique cars that were just found.

California is one of the states that have always hosted many classic car shows. An important city from California that organizes impressive classic car shows is San Diego. The admirers of classic cars from the 50’s or the 60’s should go in San Diego if they want to see live some authentic classic cars. At these California classic car shows you can enjoy the classic car shows and also the activities specially organized to entertain the participants.

The largest classic car show from San Diego is the Cajon Classic Cruise. The event takes place every year in June. It’s hosted on Main Street in downtown El Cajon. Each one of us can participate at the event because the entrance is free. The show displays more than 500 cars such as hot rods, motorcycles and custom cars that value more than $10 million.

Another California Classic Car Show from San Diego is the Thursday Night Back to the 50’s Classic Car Show. The event is held in La Mesa and is organized in June, July and August every Thursday evening. Every evening, the best four classic cars and the best motorcycle are awarded a prize. The variety of car styles is impressive. You can admire antique cars, motorcycles, horseless carriages and hot rods. Every week more than 4,500 people of all ages come and have fun at this event.

California classic car shows

In Escondido, every year, the Cruisin’ Grand is held. That’s another classic car show that begins in April and ends in September. The classic cars displayed at this event are American cars made in 1973 and the years before that. The show includes vintage, muscle and hot rod cars. The 2010 Cruisin’ Grand was a real success. The season attendance achieved the impressive number of 200,000 people.

The newest addition to the list of California classic cars shows is the Rods &Woodies Show. This is an event that takes place one the third Thursday of each month during the summer season. The interesting part of the event is the fact that you can admire classic woodies cars on the beach. The 2010 show was held on the coastal beach city of Encinitas, only 15 miles north of San Diego. It was the largest California Classic Car Show that hosted wooden bodied cars and I can even say it was the largest in the world. The stars of the classic cars show were of course, our eccentric cars. More than 300 wooden cars participated at this impressive show.

The show awarded several prizes to the wooden cars that were displayed at the Moonlight State Beach. Among the trophies that rewarded the elegance and the stateliness of these classic cars were: the trophy for the Best Sixty Surfer Woodie, Best Hot Rod and Best License Plate. The visitors could also talk to car owners or do some swimming and surfing.

I hope I gave you some good ideas for your summer trip. For classic car lovers the California Classic Car Shows, especially the San Diego ones, are places that help you find the most amazing and elegant classic cars. Even if you are a classic car admirer or you only love to travel, California, and especially San Diego, is one of the most amazing places in America.