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Audi Triumphs At Le Mans

The 79th edition of the famous Le Mans endurance race was won once again by Audi, this time with their spectacular R18 TDI model. The Audi Team Joest drivers Marcel Fassler from Switzerland, Andre Lotterer from Germany and Benoit Treluyer from France managed to finish the race just over 13 seconds ahead of the second-place Peugeot 908.

You probably know that the German automaker Audi has been dominating the Le Mans for the last few years with the R-Series TDI race cars, but Peugeot has also done a pretty good job, winning the 2009 Le Mans.
The winning R18 TDI was the number 2 car and it was the only one who managed to cross the finish line as the number 1 and number 3 cars crashed. The good news is that drivers Allan McNish and Mike Rockenfeller didn’t suffer any injuries.

Source: Audi via WCF

Scary V8 Supercar Crash At Barbagallo

Yesterday during the Australian V8 Supercar series at Barbagallo a pretty scare accident occurred, before even the first corner. Karl Reindler in his Holden Commodore stalled after the green flag was waved and he was rammed behind by driver Steve Owen. The latter already had reached to almost 95 mph when he hit Karl.

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PU3YFvgjPc[/youtube]

The impact was so powerful that Reindler’s car burst into flames, sending both vehicles into the infield. The good news is that Karl managed to escape with only a couple of minor burns on his face and hands. Owen wasn’t injured at all, but the officials of the race sent him to the medical center after the driver complained of soreness.

Source: YouTube via Autoblog

Porsche 997 Martini GT2 Crashed In Finland

Porsche 997 Martini GT2

This is a Porsche 997 GT2 in Martini livery that recently has crashed in Finland. The good news is that nobody was injured in this accident and both occupants managed to survive without any scratches. According to Italehti, a Finnish newspaper, the car flipped over while travelling on a dual carriageway, approximately 6 km north of Helsinki’s city center.

Jimmy Keeney Flips His Subaru WRX

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROvB3LSOzrE[/youtube]

Last weekend at the inaugural Global RallyCross Championship, Marcus Gronholm managed to win both races, but people talked more about Kenney’s accident rather than Gronholm’s success. Kenney was behind Hyundai driver Marcus Dodd and he wanted to win back the lost ground. However, his 70-foot jump didn’t turn out to be as he hoped and the result you can see for yourselves.

Ouch! Corvette Flips While Doing 230 mph

On their way to breaking yet another speed record, the guys over at Hinson Motorsports ran into a little bit of problems last week at the Texas Mile when their twin-turbo Corvette Z06 decided to do some off-road adventures. Speed and grass don’t go well together and the “Vette turned over once before landing back on its wheels.”

The good news is that the driver walked away from the terrible accident, proving once again the strict safety standards found at the Texas Mile, as well as the strength of that car. Hinson Motorsports will not give up and they plan to bring a new car as soon as possible.

Source: Autoblog.com

Ferrari 458 Italia on fire, again [video]

This year, one of the “hottest” topics was the fires involving the new Ferrari 458 Italia (1, 2, 3, 4) but things cooled down after Ferrari finally came out and admitted something is wrong with their new car and issued a major recall to fix a faulty adhesive used to attach a heat shield under the rear fender. Everything until now, when another 458 caught fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not many details are available, like when this happened or if the car was taken to a Ferrari dealer to have the adhesive fixed, but it sure does raise a lot of questions.

Check out two videos of the burning car after the jump. (more…)

Video: Nascar and tuning legend Jack Roush injured after plane crash

Mustang and Nascar fans have no doubt heard about the legendary Jack Roush. He is not only the boss of the Roush Fenway Racing team, but also the owner of the Roush Performance tuning company.

Sadly, the 68-year old Roush has been involved at the beginning of the week in a plane crash, his second in 8 years. It seems that while attempting to land his company’s private jet on the Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the plane went out of of control and, despite Roush’s last second corrections, nose dived into the tarmac.

Luckily, both Roush and one of his female employees, Brenda K. Strickland, managed to walk away from the crash site. The hospital revealed that his condition was critical, but is now stable. His company revealed that Roush will walk away healthy, but some surgery is needed.

This is Jack Roush’s second airplane crash in 8 years, as he was forced to crash land his World War II fighter in a lake back in 2002.

Hit the jump to see the news story from ESPN and let’s wish mister Roush a healthy recovery.


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Mercedes-Benz crash tests its newest SLS AMG supercar in new video

Mercedes-Benz has just released a new video in which its newest supercar, the SLS AMG, is being crash tested at its safety labs.

The brilliant supercar is being subject to all kinds of damage, and, from what we can see, manages to keep its inhabitants quite safe, even under the most extreme conditions. But while many of its buyers won’t pay much attention to its safety options, much rather preferring the performance ones, especially the massive 6.2-liter V8 engine, it’s good to know that it is a safe car.

Hit the jump to see the video.

Dodge Viper owner shows off on highway, crashes into back of van

Ah yes, you just gotta love the guys who flaunt their performance cars on the roads us mere mortals dare to walk or drive on. This is especially true when you’re dealing with rookie drivers or those who can’t even control the power that their vehicle possesses.

Such is the case with the guy in this video, who took his Dodge Viper GTS for a spin on a highway in Chile. After getting angry at two truck drivers who didn’t let him pass, he stomped on the gas on a free lane and thought that he is teaching them a lesson.

Sadly, the Viper’s acceleration was too much, and coupled with the fact that the traffic was backed up in that particular lane, made the driver plow his vehicle into the back of a van. The action is right at the end of the video, but it is definitely worth it. Enjoy!


Dealer crashes customer’s Koenigsegg CCX, damages a Porsche 911 GT2

The Koenigsegg CCX is one of the most exclusive cars out there, with the Scandinavian manufacturer producing around 25 of these cars per year. That’s why you really have to be angry when you left your car at the dealership, then find out that the dealer saw fit to take the supercar for a spin and crashed it into a guardrail.

This is what happened in New York, after a clumsy dealer took the 800 HP supercar and lost control, smashing it into a guardrail and managing to damage a new Porsche 911 GT2 in the process. You can be sure that he’ll have a lot of explaining to do to his bosses and to his customer.

Only one pic was available from the guys at WreckedExoctics, but it’s plenty to shed a tear for that fantastic supercar.


Toyota Urban Cruiser proves it doesn’t fair so well outside the city

Now we may be a bit mean by that title, but it seems that this Toyota Urban Cruiser couldn’t use all of its systems (or perhaps they were turned off) to prevent itself from going off the road outside a mountain resort in Romania.

The car was being tested by an automotive journalist, as the Car of the Year contest is currently in full swing at the aforementioned mountain resort. Also bear in mind that there was some heavy rain and perhaps the driver didn’t adjust his speed with the driving conditions and the fact that the road was full of bends.

The result though is obvious, luckily all of the many airbags deployed and the driver was safe from harm. It’s probably still best to buy a Land Cruiser for trips outside the city. The pics are courtesy of Sorin, the man responsible for our Romanian “brother” website, AutoMOD, who is now in the jury for the Romanian Car of the Year 2010 contest.


Holden Commodore goes airborne, crashes into roof of Sidney house

Well this is certainly something, it seems that a Sidney driver at the wheel of a Holden Commodore decided that racing through the night would be a good way to pass the time. And it sure was until he lost control, hit a stop sign and spun out of control.

But up until now, it’s like your every standard crash. What’s interesting is that he then hit a ramp-like earth hill which projected the performance sedan over a 2 meter fence and onto a single storey house in the suburbs of Sidney, Australia. It is also reported that the crash sent many debris to other roofs and projected the traffic sign over 120 meters down the road.

Police, in their infinite wisdom, say that speed and alcohol might have resulted in the crash, but they say that there are statements pointing to the fact that the driver of the Holden, alongside one passenger, were racing another vehicle.

While the crash may seem terrifying, it’s good to know that the two occupants of the car as well as the resident of the house, a young family with a three month old daughter, escaped unharmed and are out of danger, but with one hell of a story to tell.

“I have been to some pretty bad accidents, but this is genuinely a different and strange accident,” said Blacktown Police Local Area Command Inspector Adrian Grech. “To have an accident which starts 90m away and actually gets a vehicle airborne, there would have been substantial speed involved. We have had a report of another vehicle which was following behind (the car) but no one can say the vehicles were next to each other.”

Overall, it just serves to remember the fact that you might want to keep your speed in compliance with local limits and take your car to a professional track if you want to experience what it can do.


Supercar horror: Ferrari 458 Italia models after crash tests

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the newest model from the Italian supercar maker which will replace the extremely popular F430 and take performance and style to a whole new level for the people who are rich enough to own one.

But before the launch of the car, which happened at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Italian company put it through its paces, which included besides endurance testing, a lot of crash tests, in order to ensure that the passengers will escape with the least amount of injuries.

The result of these tests? Images, took by the guys from WreckedExotics, that will make plenty of Ferrari fans shed a tear. Multiple Italias lay under wrap after being subjected to some serious punishment. Some of them were involved in front and rear collisions while some of them got into side crashes.


Nissan GT-R driver plows car into Canadian bank

*Sigh* Here we are yet again reporting on a car crash, and once more, the beautiful Nissan GT-R is the victim of a sloppy driver which couldn’t contain the power of “Godzilla” and ended up plowing his car straight into a Canadian bank in Vancouver.

It seems that the driver lost control of the car and unwillingly ran his beautiful supercar into a VanCity Credit Union agency. Luckily though, he ran straight into the ATM machines, meaning that nobody in the bank got injured, the driver also escaped with a few scratches, but the car sustained a lot of front end damage.

All we can do is shed one more tear and keep on protesting that powerful cars should only be sold to experienced drivers.


Dodge Ram SRT10 driver tries to do a burnout, ends up flipping his car

What do you get when combining a big heavy pick up truck with a 8.3-liter V10 engine? The Dodge Ram SRT10. What do you get when you combine that with stupid drivers? Wannabe racers.

The most recent example is this guy below, which tried to show off to one of his friends by doing a burnout with the the powerful pick up truck. All goes pretty well until he looses control and the front of the car lands into a earth hill and topples the whole car.

Do be warned that the video does contain some explicit language, but the pure sample of stupidity is priceless. I do feel sorry for the truck though.

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