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2011 Volvo V60 revealed, the Sports Wagon version of the S60

After Volvo revealed the impressive 2011 S60 sedan, it was only a matter of time before the Swedish company presented the wagon version of that same model.

Now, the 2011 Volvo V60 Sports Wagon has been formally revealed, complete with an impressive video.

In terms of equipment, you won’t find any big changes, as it really is just the wagon version of the S60 sedan. Still, Volvo did try to implement a more aggressive design, with a sloped rear end, aiming to really highlight the sporty nature of its sports wagon.

There are changes from a technical standpoint though, as two chassis versions will be offered, Touring and Dynamic. The main differences reside with the suspension system, which is much more responsive in the Dynamic flavor. Still, both versions will provide an adequate amount of comfort, even on low quality roads.

As usual for Volvo, a huge amount of safety systems are offered, including the Pedestrian Detection one, which premiered on the S60 sedan. Hopefully, all of the systems will work in real life conditions. All-wheel drive is offered as standard for the top-of-the-range version, while you can order it as an option for other ones.

In terms of engines, Volvo is throwing everything it has on the V60, with three diesels and no less than five gasoline units. The diesel range offers the 115 HP 1.6-liter DRIVe, the 163 HP 2.0-liter D3 and the 205 HP 2.4-liter D5. Gasoline fans will be able to choose from the 150 HP 1.5-liter T3, 180 HP 1.5-liter T4, 203 HP 2.0-liter 2.0T, 240 HP 2.5-liter T5, 304 HP 3.0-liter T6.

No word yet on US availability, seeing as how Volvo might operate some changes to the American lineup. Still, Europeans will be able to enjoy the sleek new 2011 Volvo V60 Sports Wagon starting this fall.

Until then, check out the photo gallery below and then hit the jump for an interesting presentation video.

Photo Gallery: 2011 Volvo V60


VW wants to make Polo Sedan, Estate

Volkswagen has some big plans for its small hatchback, the Polo, as product chief for VW, Dr. Ulrich Hackenburg, has declared to Autocar that multiple new versions of the Polo, including a four-door sedan or a possible Estate (Polo Variant), might be made.

He said that the four-door version will have normal boot, not a hatch, and will be targeted at countries such as India, Russia or China. It will be based on a slightly longer platform of the normal Polo, and, if it becomes successful, might even reach European markets such as the UK or Germany.

He also revealed that this is part of a new strategy from VW in order to make the Polo as popular as the famous Golf model, and it wants to achieve that by offering many versions of the car. The Polo GTI, which we reported on a few days ago, will also be part of this new strategy, by offering a model for the performance enthusiasts.

But besides the this new saloon, VW bosses are also considering a people carrier based on the Polo, dubbed Raum, and an estate one, entitled Polo Variant. But seeing as how they are alternatives to one another, Hackenburg said that a decision will be made soon about what version will be sent to production, although he prefers the estate which “looks great”.

Overall, I think VW will definitely earn some big money as the lower-priced Polo, in multiple versions, might reach bigger sales than the Golf, especially in markets that are still in development and in places where the economic recession has taken a bigger toll.


Mercedes-Benz unleashes the E63 AMG Estate in Frankfurt

As the Frankfurt Motor Show is in full swing these days, we are literally flooded with new models and concepts. Among all of these announcements, Mercedes-Benz decided to reveal the brand new E63 AMG Estate model, based on the E Class limousine.

This top-of-the-range version will be the most powerful estate in the Mercedes lineup, being fitted with the traditional 6.3 liter V8 engine, courtesy of its tuning division, AMG, which will deliver 525 HP, with a torque of 630 Nm. The engine will see a special Speedshift MCT AMG gearbox fitted to it, which will have seven speeds and take it from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.6 seconds, and up to a electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h, a very uncommon figure when you consider estate cars.

Even though it will take performance to new heights, thanks to some careful tuning, the new V8 engine is even more economical than the previous generation, managing to average around 12.8 liters/100 km (18.3 mpg). Other technological improvements include a new AMG Ride Control suspension, which can be adjusted, a new set of ceramic brakes, a finer tuned steering system and a revamped ESP system, which can be turned fully on, put in sport mode, or off.

In order to reflect the sporty nature of the E63 AMG Estate, the outside has been improved by the AMG team, starting from new alloy 18-inch rims, to LED tail lights, bigger air vents, darkened head lights and some more aggressive front and rear bumpers. Another winning factor is the boot, which offers a generous 695 liters capacity, which can reach 1950 liters, if you fold the rear seats.

Overall, if you want a sporty car but with enough room for the family, then the E63 AMG Estate might be for you.


Video: The new Audi A4 Avant’s functionality

The Audi A4 Avant was presented for the first time last month, at the Geneva Motor Show and Audi said all the time that this is one of the most versatile cars on the market. And now they’ve released this video to prove that. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to check out and subscribe to the Auto Unleashed YouTube Channel.

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VW Golf estate is “Most Sensible Car of the Year 2008″

In a ceremony that took place last Friday, the German magazine “Guter Rat” (Good Advice) awarded the Volkswagen Golf estate with the “Most Sensible Car of the Year 2008″ award, based on the car’s CO2 emissions values, driving comfort and spacious, clever interior. On behalf of VW, Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Marketing, was present and accepted the award.

You can read more about the award in the full press release, after the jump.


SEMA 2007: Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagen

Once again, the thing that intrigues me every time I see high performance wagon cars (everybody knows the Audi RS6) is why the heck would someone buy these cars? But nevermind that, just my thoughts. Anyways, here’s the Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagen, presented at the SEMA Show and powered by a 2.0 liter Clean Diesel TDI engine which delivers 140 hp and 235 ft.-lbs. of torque.

The car is finished in custom paint and graphics and performance upgrades include H&R Springs to lower its ride height, Brembo brake kit, 19 inch Sportec wheels and Yokohama tyres. View more photos after the jump.

Video: Citroen C5 and C5 Estate get spied

Though we were expecting the new Citroen C5 to be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show which just ended, looks like Citroen will keep us waiting a little more. We are not such big fans of Citroen, but we have to admit that we were teased by the C-Airscape concept presented at Frankfurt.

So, here’s a spy video of the upcoming Citroen C5, both the sedan and the wagon versions, caught while taken out on the streets, for testing. Unfortunately, there’s some heavy camouflage on the cars, so we can’t really tell to much about it.

Mercedes Benz C Class Estate video presentation

We wrote last month about Mercedes Benz getting ready to launch the new C Class Estate. And here’s a nice video presentation of the car where we can see the large and stylish interior in more detail and we are informed that the car will go on sale in December. Enjoy the video and if want to find out more on the car, check out our post on the Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate.


2008 Mercedes C 63 AMG Estate ready for Frankfurt

Just a couple of days ago we announced the 2008 Mercedes C Class Estate and now we have another goodie for wagon fans. Mercedes’ factory tuner, AMG will present at Frankfurt the Mercedes C 63 Estate. The car will be equipped with AMG’s aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine delivering 457 Hp and 600 Nm of maximum torque. No official info, but rumors say it will sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.6 sec and to a top speed of 250 km/h (155mph), electronically limited. More pics after the jump.