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Fast Five’s Vin Diesel meets with Riddick director

With Fast Five launch date just around the corner Vin Diesel invited director Riddick to take a glance into the vibe that Facebook fans create on the actor’s page.

Both tried to respond to some of the fan’s comments and left the feeling that they are enjoying what they do.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have an embed option for videos, that means we’ll just have to link you to the crime scene. Enjoy!

The Fast and the Furious Five – who has the most fans?

Facebook is all the rage these days and we’re fully committed to it. Since we get a lot of interesting news there, we thought it might be a good idea to help you keep updated with all your The Fast and the Furious Five news. The cool thing is that you can get cool stuff, like pictures and videos and such from the actors themselves.
But it’s not fun if it’s not a race, so let’s see who has the fastest and the most furious fans on Facebook:

7. Tyrese Gibson – 2,300
6. Elsa Pataky – 4,339
5. Jordana Brewster – 38,440
4. Paul Walker – 421,463
3. Ludacris - 1,675,864
2. Dwayne Johnson – 2,093,416
1. Vin Diesel – 20,762,247

Vin Diesel’s gazillion fans are not only a large crowd, but they are also very committed and extremely active. It’s clear that nothing can replace heartfelt, personally written Facebook status updates.

Photo source.

Porsche blocks employees’ access to Facebook

According to Bloomberg, Porsche is considering social-networking platforms such as Facebook or Xing a threat to the company’s privacy so they blocked employees’ access to them and other web-based services, including eBay. Dirk Erat, a Porsche spokesman said that the German car maker is worried about foreign intelligence services spying on what employees are posting. No idea why eBay is on the banned sites list, but I guess Porsche has a reason.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been a subject to privacy concerns, after the privacy settings change in May a lot of companies expressing their worries that Facebook is not doing a very good job keeping their users details private enough.

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GM reveals new OnStar features, includes Facebook and voice texting

GM reveals new OnStar features, includes Facebook and voice texting

Last week we revealed a report containing all of the new features that might be implemented in the new and improved OnStar system on vehicles from General Motors.

Now, GM has officially revealed what new things will be implemented in its next gen infotainment system.

First off, the voice recognition system has been improved, in order to allow drivers and passengers to better control the systems of the car. Secondly, the Bluetooth connection will support full phonebook integration, while the navigation system has been improved. You will also be able to connect to traffic management and weather alert services in order to stay informed on trips.

OnStar will also launch a new MyLink series of mobile apps for smartphones, including ones for iPhones and those running Android OS. These will basically act like your virtual key, allowing you to lock and unlock the car, start the engine and other such things.

Here’s the more interesting part, the rumored Facebook and voice texting support. These features are still in the testing, but OnStar will allow you to post audio Facebook updates, as well as read aloud updates from your friend feed.

The voice texting part has also been confirmed, but not in the way that you were expecting. When you will receive a text message, OnStar will read it for you, and allow you to select pre-recorded messages, like “I’m driving”. This will be achieved using only your voice. Those that wanted speech-to-text capability are going to be disappointed, as GM might not implement such a thing, in order to keep from distracting the driver.

Overall, the OnStar system is becoming extremely robust, and might constitute a big advantage for GM cars in front of its rivals. What do you think?


Audi TT RS coming to the U.S. after successful Facebook petition

It seems that Facebook users know how to get behind a good petition, as the one to bring the stunning Audi TT RS has gathered over 11,500 signatures in just a month.

As such, the German company has announced that the blazing fast sports car will be making it to US shores in the third quarter (fall) of 2011.

The Audi TT RS is powered by an turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-five, capable of 360 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque. It will be primarily targeted against the Porsche Boxster and the Mercedes-Benz SLK. Unfortunately, only the hardtop TT RS will be making its way over the Atlantic, as the soft-top roadster is still exclusive to the European market.

Expect more details concerning price and options to be revealed as we approach the launch of the powerful compact sports car.


GM reportedly upgrading OnStar, might add Facebook, texting and Trapster capabilities

GM reportedly upgrading OnStar, might add Facebook, texting and Trapster capabilities

The newest battle zone for General Motors and Ford is in terms of infotainment services, with GM boasting OnStar and Ford having the SYNC system.

Seeing as how Sync is still top dog, especially in its newest form, the MyFord/MyLincoln Touch versions, GM is planning a healthy upgrade to its OnStar service in order to expand its capabilities.

According to the latest batch of rumors, things might get pretty interesting for OnStar customers. It seems that the service will get Facebook capability, as well as the ability to respond to SMS messages with your own voice and even built-in functionality for the Trapster app.

First off, it seems that OnStar will use its voice recognition software to allow you to publish audio updates to your own Facebook page. While this idea sounds a bit weird, it might really help those that can’t get enough of the social network.

Secondly, when you receive text messages, OnStar will read them out for you and then let you reply to them by choosing four pre-determined messages through the voice command system. Not exactly what some might have in mind, but if it helps reduce distracted driving, we’re all for it.

The last rumor is a bit of stretch, but it might happen. Trapster, a popular mobile phone app which lets you know where police radars or traps are located, might be incorporated into OnStar. This is reinforced by the fact that a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe with manufacturer plates has recently been spotted around the Trapster HQ and will be used by the company in the 11-99 Foundation Car Drive.

The new and improved OnStar is set to be revealed next week, so until then, we can only guess what new features will be added.


Skoda Belgium offers a Fabia on Facebook in new campaign

Skoda Belgium offers a Fabia on Facebook in new campaign

Facebook is quickly becoming a serious weapon in promoting new cars. We’ve seen Mazda feature its new Mazda2 in a special game for the social network, while Ford has used it to unveil the 2011 Explorer SUV.

Now, Skoda Belgium has decided to offer a new Fabia Rock edition as a prize in a brand new campaign, centered around Facebook.

Basically (given our intermediate French skills), if people give 1 Like to the Skoda Belgium fan page, 1 Euro gets deducted from the price of the Fabia (12.950 Euros).

For two days people can like the Skoda Belgium page, share the news with others, and then place a bid for the Skoda Fabia Rock edition. The more likes, the less money you will have to pay for the car.

Currently a bid has already been placed, so Skoda is analyzing it. But if it gets turned down, you’ll need to place your own as soon as possible.

Overall, this is a pretty interesting campaign, and it gets a lot of props for originality. While you’re still on Facebook, why don’t you like our own website. We won’t give away a car (not yet, anyway) but you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest news from our website.


Audi starts petition to bring the TT RS to the U.S.

Audi fans, ready your Facebook accounts, as the Ingolstadt manufacturer has revealed an online petition in favor of bringing the extremely hot Audi TT RS to the USA.

It seems that the German manufacturer has left the decision in the hands of Audi fans in the US, and wants to see just how many of them want the 335 HP sportscar arriving in their local dealerships.

As you might remember, the Audi TT RS is already present on American roads, but just those up in Canada, where 250 sportscars were delivered as part of a limited series.

Now, if enough people will sign the petition, the German company might also ship some of its extreme sportscars to the USA. While no other details were revealed, like how many signatures are required, one click wouldn’t hurt. Check out the petition at this link.


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2011 Mazda2 gets promoted through Facebook game DriverVille

2011 Mazda2 gets promoted through Facebook game DriverVille

Ford isn’t the only automaker trying to get in touch with the cool kids through social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, as Mazda has also revealed it is ‘hip’ (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) with the social movement.

The Japanese company decided to use a bold new way of promoting the 2011 Mazda2 compact: a dedicated Facebook game called DriverVille.

The application was developed by Frima, a Facebook game developer, and concentrates on you building your own street racer and customizing your ride in order to race against friends. Think of it as a Need For Speed for Facebook.

As you can imagine, it targets more casual gamers and Facebook users, like those who are already into other apps like FarmVille. It also heavily promotes the Mazda2, as well as the racing endeavors of the Japanese team.

More importantly however, besides the fun aspect of the game, is that the company is also holding sweepstakes, with prizes like 64GB iPod Touch devices, as well as the grand one, a new 2011 Mazda2.

If you want to check out DriverVille, as well as read more details about the competition, check out Mazda’s official Facebook page. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ‘Like’ our own RPMGO Facebook page (see what we did there?).


2011 Ford Explorer reaches 30,000 Facebook fans, shows off its grille

As we’re sure most of you know by now, Ford is investing heavily in establishing the 2011 Explorer SUV on Facebook. As such, it revealed a few weeks ago that if it will get 30,000 fans (likes, actually) on its Facebook page, it will organize a sweepstakes and give away one of the brand new SUVs.

Now, that goal has been reached. While no details have been revealed as of yet about the sweepstakes, the Blue Oval did reveal a brand new teaser photo of the 2011 Explorer.

As you can see above, the grille of the next generation SUV is pictured, alongside a bit of its headlight, a part which was revealed last week.

The official presentation of the next generation 2011 Ford Explorer SUV is scheduled on July 26. At that time, locations all around the USA, including New York, Chicago or Los Angeles will display the new model. The biggest celebration will be at the ‘Glass House’ showroom, right beside Ford’s HQ in Dearborn, Michigan.


Ford wants to give away a new 2011 Explorer on Facebook

Ford wants to give away a new 2011 Explorer on Facebook

Ford is definitely trying to become one of the coolest automakers around, as it hasn’t shied away from using the new social networks in order to promote its models.

First we had the Fiesta Movement, which gave long term test drive vehicles to influential social media members, and now the 2011 Ford Explorer is slowly being revealed on its special Facebook page.

The Blue Oval wants to kick things up a notch for its overhauled SUV, and has announced it will be giving away a free model on Facebook, on one condition.

What’s that condition? If the 2011 Ford Explorer page will get 30,000 ‘Likes’ (aka fans). If it will reach that goal, the Blue Oval will organize a sweepstakes and give away the new SUV.

Currently, 10,699 people like the new Explorer. If you fancy a shot at getting the new SUV for free, then check out the official Facebook page and click on the Like button. While you’re at it, perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you ‘liked’ our own website. Check out own Facebook page here.

Source: Ford Explorer Facebook

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible teased on Facebook

Chevrolet is trying to gather the hype around its newest muscle car variant, the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, by releasing two teaser photos of the new open-top car on its Facebook page.

The Camaro has been fiercely fighting with the Ford Mustang, but it couldn’t compete, up until now, with the convertible edition of the ‘Stang. That will change at the beginning of 2011, when the Oshawa plant will begin producing the convertible Camaro.

No other concrete details are known, but you can expect all the regular things that will appear on the 2011 Camaro to also grace this folding cloth top variant. Enjoy the two photos and while you’re still on Facebook, don’t forget to become a fan of our website.


Audi reveals its Los Angeles Design Contest entries shaped by Facebook users

Even though most companies like to keep in touch with their customers, it’s a bit difficult for carmakers to do the same. Thankfully new social networking websites like Facebook are there to help.

Audi is really dedicated to the service, testimony being the over 400,000 fans the company has on the website. As you all know, the Los Angeles Auto Show is approaching, and with it the LA Design Contest, where young designers, but also large companies like Audi participate.

Seeing as how the theme of the 2009 edition is the YouthMobile 2030, Audi decided to use Facebook at its fullest, and asked for every fan to share their insight on how a car targeted at young people should look like in the year 2030.

The company was flooded with feedback, and sent it along to the team at Audi Design, which resulted in the accompanying two concepts, the “accessible” eOra and the “aspirational” eSpira. The two bold models, according to Audi designers, are filled with ways through which the driver can interact with others via social networking services, and show the direction in which upcoming cars need to go.

“Often, we’d encounter decisions in which both options had merit from a design perspective,” said Jae Min, Chief Designer, Design Center, California. “In those instances, it was especially useful to field input from the Facebook users. After reviewing the feedback, we would eventually notice a consensus formed among the community which shaped our final designs.”

In case you’d like to become a fan of Audi, you can visit this page, also, while you’re there, you should consider becoming a fan of our own website.


Facebook helps police find stolen VW Beetle

I’m sure most of you are familiar with all these social networking websites, such as Facebook, MySpace or Hi5. And if some of you consider hanging on these websites only a waste of time, well, it’s not really like that. Because, besides helping you make new friends, apparently you can use these sites for some other really useful stuff.

A Volkswagen Beetle has been stolen in March in Shrewsbury and, because the police was unable to locate tha car, the owner asked Facebook users to look out for the Beetle. And, surprisingly, it actually worked, because a woman contacted the police and said that she saw a VW Beetle matching the description in aa Telford car park.

A spokeman for West Mercia Police said that “the stolen vehicle has been recovered and the vehicle owner has been informed [..] This is a very unusual way of recovering a stolen vehicle but we would like to thank the eagle-eyed member of the public for her assistance. It’s another example of the community helping police to detect crime and we would urge any members of the public who see anything suspicious in the area in which they live to call us.”

I’m sure that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook never thought his site would help people in such manner and who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see a new “Stolen Items” Facebook application. Would be cool, because with these sites having huge communities, I’m sure it would work.