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Car entry Fast Five style

We’re not sure, but we think we saw this in a Fast and Furious movie once.

This guy really knows how to enter a car with style. Plus he’s keeping the car door unused. Win-win situation.

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Only Vin Diesel can jump on moving cars

As you probably saw in Fast Five. So please, do not try this anywhere. You’ll just end up on the fail blog.

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Fast Five’s Vin Diesel has over 23.5 million fans on Facebook

One of the few celebrities who posts on his own Facebook page, Vin Diesel has one of the biggest crows on social networks.

23.585.666 people like Fast Five‘s Vin Diesel. Let’s just assume that his Facebook page helped the movie grow. Easy marketing.

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14 year old tries Fast Five stunt and wrecks Ford Mustang

Just one hour after his father bought this beauty, the kid decided to show off in front of his friends and cause some Fast Five kind of damage.

Look what happens when 50.000 $ worth of Ford Mustang gets in anyone’s hands except Dom Torretto. Hit the theatres to see some real Fast Five action.


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Fast and Furious 6 is on the way

We got lucky. Our patience did not left us and we stayed for the ending credits of Fast Five. We got to witness and see the breadcrumbs the producer left us.

Two more minutes of FBI searching for criminals on wheels. They found something. Looks like Fast and Furious 6 is on the way with Michelle Rodriguez in the cast again as Letty. No other details are yet exposed, but we’ll keep you posted with updates.

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Fast Five’s Dwayne Johnson interview

Probably the biggest FBI agent ever in a movie, The Rock talks about his experence as a Fast Five cast member, about Brazil and about his co-star Vin Diesel.

In Fast Five Dwayne fights Vin in an epil 4 minutes battle which you should not miss.


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Fast Five’s Paul Walker will star in another fast car thriller movie called Vehicle 19

Fast Five star Brian O’Connor is surely going to get the audience back to the theatres in 2012 for another epic car ride action movie.

The shooting for Vehicle 19 will start in the 3rd semestre of this year in South Africa and will feature Paul Walker running from the police with a special stolen vehicle. None of the other cast members are announced but we think that Fast Five fans will need no other reason to hit the cinema.


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Fast Five exceeds budget with US gross only

The estimated budget for Fast Five went all the way to 125 million dollars. If you ask us, our guess is on those wrecked police cars in Rio. But who cares?

After another week, Fast Five sold tickets worth of 140 million benjamins in US only. Now that’s a winner. Totally deserved money.

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Fast Five’s Elsa Pataky owns a Ducati

This Fast Five beauty craves for speed outside Hollywood’s studios.

Check out Elsa Pakaty on her own Ducati. Talk about sexy, huh? While during Fast Five she leaves the driving to the big guys, in her personal life things are different.

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Fast Five’s Gal Gadot didn’t make it to the top 100 sexiest women of 2011

And we honestly think FHM’s judges are losing it!

This Israeli beauty cannot miss from the 2011 top 100 most sexiest women in the world.

How many of us fell in love with her in Fast Five as soon as she walked into that warehouse on that bike? Let’s reconsider, FHM! Let’s reconsider!

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Fast Five rulz, Vin Diesel parties

While Fast Five sets the tempo in box office battle with a couple of hundred millions $ in the first week, Vin Diesel gets the credits from the fans.

Check out Vin in Rome after Fast Five launch a couple of days ago having a blast with these beautiful twins. Who said acting is easy?

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Fast Five hits #1 in US box office

A lot of people went out to see Fast Five this weekend in the US. They sure didn’t leave disappointed from the theaters because Vin Diesel’s blockbuster has what it takes to be on top.

83.600.000 $. That’s right! And it’s only the first weekend. If you missed it, there are plenty more chances left to see Fast Five. Go for it!

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Fast Five review: hot cars, hot girls and some very heavy action


We’ve been waiting for the Fast Five movie to come out for so long, that it just wasn’t enough to see it only once. That’s why we’re probably going to go see it again soon.


If you like cars, you’re going to love this movie. If you like massive action movies and insane stunts, you’re gonna love this movie. If you like hot women… well, I think you got the point. Fast Five delivers what’s expected of it and more. It all starts with Brian on the other side of the law and with Dom about to be put behind bars, when… it all goes down hill.

Imagine a team of maniacs that really love speed and breaking the rules and you’ve got a pretty fun ride ahead of you. The stunts are seriously wild and if Vin Diesel wasn’t enough, they brought The Rock to double the muscle mass on the set.

2010 Dodge Challenger

There will be a lot of fire power and a monster of a armored truck that could, pretty much, drive over anything. The acting is not bad either, although some actors are more authentic than others. But the action will keep you pumped with adrenaline for two hours that you won’t feel fly by.

You definitely have to go see this movie. Careful , though, don’t watch Fast Five and drive, because you might get pulled over before the first red light. It’s that exciting.

PS: Don’t leave the cinema during the final credits, because you’re in for a little treat afterwards.

Have you seen the movie yet? Did you love it or did you love it?

1966 Corvette Grand Sport

Photo source.

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Fast Five Germany Premiere

Most of the cast were present yesterday in Germany to honour Fast Five premiere.

The event was held at the Cinedome in Cologne and showed everyone how relaxed the Fast Five stars are. One more day, US, one more day!

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Fast Five Madrid Premiere

Vin Diesel and his co-star Elsa Pataky were present yesterday in Madrid for the spanish premiere of Fast Five.

While Europe got the latest Fast and Furious movie one week earlier, US has to wait until friday.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Fast Five climbed all the way up in the box office with two million dollars worth of tickets in the first weekend.


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