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Novitec Rosso Ferrari Scuderia 777 Final Edition

Novitec Rosso Ferrari Scuderia 777 Final Edition

Back in October 2009 the tuning specialists over at Novitec Rosso revealed their upgrade program for the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Dubbed Edizione 747, it featured the same V8 engine as the original car, but it produced 747 hp, hence the designation. Well, now their back with another iteration of their tuning program, that is even more impressive in comparison to its predecessor.

New Lancia Stratos is real and based on the Ferrari F430

Before our website went on vacation for a bit, spy shots of a rumored Lancia Stratos prototype were making the rounds on the web and caused a lot of speculation.

Now, the project has been officially detailed and even has its own website called, what else, the New Lancia Stratos.

As was rumored, the project is currently a one-off model, built by Pininfarina and based on the Ferrari F430. As you can imagine, the new Stratos uses a different body, made completely out of carbon fiber. This means it will be extremely lightweight and have a near 50:50 weight distribution.

The car is being made for German enthusiast Michael Stoschek, who is really into racing old rally models.

No other details were revealed, but if more people will be interested in the project, there is the possibility of it being made into a limited series instead of the current one-off.


Lancia Stratos prototype reportedly just a Pininfarina one-off

Last week Lancia fans became ecstatic when a couple of spy photos from a Fiat test track showcased what looked like a spiritual successor to the iconic Lancia Stratos model.

Seeing as how the car borrowed heavily from the 2005 Lancia Stratos Fenomenon, rumors immediately pointed to a revived sportscar, which would act as a halo model for the rest of the Lancia range.

Now, a new report from ItaliaSpeed has shed some light on the mysterious model. It seems that a very rich customer asked Italian design house Pininfarina to develop a special one-off model, in the vein of the Lancia Stratos.

According to the same report, the car is based on a shortened Ferrari F430, and might keep the massive V8 engine of the Italian sportscar. As you can imagine, big power, low weight and improved aerodynamics are some of the best ingredients for any car, so this model will honor the Stratos’ legacy.

Expect this Pininfarina one-off to appear at upcoming auto shows, before the Italian company sells it to its mysterious customer.


Russia’s Status Design reveals tuned Ferrari F430 SU 35

A lot of new Russian tuning companies are appearing lately, but Status Design is really taking things in a more interesting direction with its projects.

The newest one is this Ferrari F430 SU 35, which borrows some of its features and styling from the famous Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighter (pictured in the background), which saw service in the Russian Aircraft.

The tuning group fitted a lot of interesting accessories, from the restyled body kit to the impressive cabron fiber rear wing. A new set of wheels were added, in order to compliment the two-tone paint scheme, similar to the F430 Scuderia‘s.

Still, it’s not all show and no go, as thanks to an ECU reflash, plus an upgaded exhaust system, the F430 SU 35 is now capable of 525 HP. If customers want something even more potent, Status Design can fit a Novitec Rosso supercharger, which bumps the power level to 700 HP.


Man fools casino valet parking, leaves with Ferrari F430

As yet another downside to leaving your car to valets, even at the most high end casinos or hotels, a recent blunder in Australia led to a guy driving off with a Ferrari F430 Spider which wasn’t his.

Professional Australian poker player Van Marcus went out to the Crown Casino with some friends to indulge in his favorite pastime (which earned him around $1 million). He left his convertible Ferrari F430 with the casino’s valets, which parked it outside. A short time after, one Adam Ramsey walked out of the casino and told the valet he lost his redeem ticket, pointing out the Ferrari as the car he owned.

The valets followed procedure (a bad one, we might add), so after completing some paperwork and paying $30, Ramsey was given the keys and drove off in the red Italian supercar, worth around $355,000, according to The Herald Sun.

As you can imagine, Marcus wasn’t exactly pleased when he found out that his Ferrari was given to another guy. Luckily, the car was found six hours later, in a gas station. Ramsey was found in the vicinity by the police and will plead guilty in front of the judge.

Still, this left a very angry Marcus and another word of warning: be careful when you leave your car in the hands of valets, no matter how pricey the casino or hotel might be.


Ferrari F430 Spyder burns in the streets of Singapore

Supercars tend to offer some extreme thrills, unrivaled by most of the vehicles we see on the road today.

Sometimes, owners might get a bit too much than what they bargained for, and get some life threatening experiences alongside their expensive supercar.

We’ve seen Audi R8 models burst into flames or catch fire on the road, but now a new incident has been reported, concerning a Ferrari F430 Spyder, which caught fire on the streets of Singapore.

The incident happened two days ago, but not much is known about the whole deal. There were no people in the supercar, and the Singapore Civil Defense Force managed to extinguish the fire eventually. All we’re left are these terrifying photos before the fire crew arrived and after the blaze.


Video: Three Ferrari F430 models go racing in Malaysia

In what seems to be a sequence taken from a real life racing video game, three guys with various Ferrari F430 variants, like Spyder or Scuderia, have raced against each other on a private road, at least according to them, up to a casino in Malaysia.

According to various YouTube comments though, that was actually a regular road, leading up to the Genting Highlands resort in the Asian country. This means that they were actually putting their own lives and the lives of other motorists on the line just so they can push their Ferraris to their limits.

We don’t approve of such things (get those cars to a closed track for God’s sake), but the resulting footage is still pretty amazing. Just close your eyes and listen to those glorious engines. For the full race sequence with three Ferrari F430 models, hit the jump.

Video: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi boasts cheapest Ferrari ride

We’ve already talked about the massive Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park set to be opened late this year on the Yas Marina island in the United Arab Emirates. The massive construction, the first of its kind, will dwarf all other constructions on the island, including the Formula 1 circuit.

But besides the many offers it will have, the Ferrari World park will also boast the cheapest ride in a Ferrari you’ll ever experience. No, it won’t offer actual cars for test drives, but it will be dressing up its roller coaster cars as Ferrari F430 models, so you can experience the excessive speeds behind the wheel of the Italian model.

Besides the aforementioned GT Racing Coaster, the theme park will also feature 20 other rides, from the vertical shooting one to another roller coaster, designed to offer Formula 1 thrills to the riders.

Hit the jump to check out a special video made by AMEinfo about the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park, which is still under construction at the moment.

South Korean Police enlist Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Gallardo

We’ve seen our fair share of impressive police cars around here. From the Italy’s Lamborghini Gallardo, to USA’s Dodge Challenger or Abu Dhabi’s Nissan GT-R, all of them made plenty of criminals surrender instead of fleeing from the scene.

But it seems all of these police departments have nothing on the South Korean law enforcement division, which owns not only a Ferrari F430, but also a Porsche 911 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. With such cars in the garage, where can we sign up?

This should serve as a reminder, don’t try speeding in South Korea, they will catch eventually.



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Hitman driving Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 crashes into Ferrari F430 in South Africa

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday, a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 crashed into a Ferrari F430 at a South African VIP event in the town of KwaZulu-Natal.

But even though the nature of the crash is quite exotic, we haven’t gotten to the best part. It seems that the Lambo was being driving by a convicted hitman, which was charged with killing six people, and sentenced to 72 years in prison. He was subsequently pardoned, and even attended this political event without anyone saying anything.

But it seems he wasn’t too fond of the people who showed up after the crash and started taking pictures, as he reportedly began threatening and confiscated their mobile phones or cameras. Needless to say, when the police arrived on scene did nothing except call in the tow trucks for the wrecked supercars.

Thankfully a brave guy managed to score a few pics, and sent them to our friends at WreckedExotics.


Video: Ferrari F430 Spyder falls off truck at dealership

You’d think that problems for powerful sportscars begin when the owner takes control of the vehicle and starts pushing it until he gets into a crash.

That’s what usually happens when we report exotic accidents, but this time, a Ferrari F430 Spyder didn’t even reach the dealership from which it should have been sold, and it was already damaged, after falling of the top level of the transport truck.

Details are sketchy, but you can guess that the guy responsible of taking it off the truck is in a lot of trouble. What’s worse is that the Fox News helicopter was around the area and got to film the aftermath of the crash. The only thing funny about this crash is that the windshield wipers were, for some reason, turned on the whole time.

Hit the jump to see a video of this crashed Ferrari F430 Spyder.

UFC boss Dana White crashes his customized Ferrari F430

Besides taking an interest in watching big sweaty guys duke it out in his competition, UFC boss Dana White also prefers cars, with one of his latest acquisition being a customized Ferrari F430 sports car.

But the model has now entered into a bit of troubled, as highlighted by the picture the UFC executive posted on TwitPic, with the front side of the car being a bit smashed and cooling fluid, besides a few other liquids spilling on the asphalt.

No details were given, so we shouldn’t point any fingers (that and because White knows a lot of strong fighters).


Novitec Rosso launches Edizione 747, squeezes more power out of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Even though Ferrari replace the current F430 with the newer 458 Italia, the special Scuderia high performance model of the old and reliable F430 is still quite popular, especially when it comes to tuning opportunities, fact highlighted by this new creation, dubbed Edizione 747, from Novitec Rosso.

As the name implies (no, they didn’t turn it into a Boeing plane or something like that), the tuners managed to extract a whopping 747 HP from the Scuderia’s V8 engine, all of which are available at 8,500 rpm, with a torque of 738 Nm. This is extremely impressive, as the Maranello engineers “only” managed to extact 510 HP in the stock Scuderia. In case you’re wondering, this massive increase in power is thanks to a new twin-turbocharger, a revamped ECU and a new cooling system with separate radiator.

All of this power translates into a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of just 3.4 seconds, and will reach 351 km/h (218 mph). Again, as a reminder, it will sprint from 0 to 300 km/h (186 mph) in around 22.9 seconds, according to the tuning house.

In order to put the power on the road, the company also outfitted the Edizione 747 with a new set of high performance suspensions, lowering it with 30 mm, but also added a hydraulic system, which can raise the system by 40 mm, in case you want to get over speedbumps without losing your front bumper, or park on a curb.

Speaking of looks, the Edizione 747 received a matte paint, but not in the already old black, as Novitec opted for a yellow one, in combination with a gray batch. The head and tail lamps also got darkened, to reflect the power of this model.


Ferrari 458 Italia will see a convertible version in the next few years

Here’s something that was pretty clear from the start, it seems that Ferrari will be unleashing a convertible Spider version of the brand new 458 Italia supercar in the next few years. The statement, made by the president of the company, Luca di Montezemolo, revealed that the plans are in place, but the new California model will be marketed as the most important convertible in the car lineup.

Fans and enthusiasts alike were clinging on the fact that the model which the 458 will replace, the F430 saw the coupe and the convertible editions announced and launched in the same year. It seems that they will now have to settle with the California or the old F430 in order to drive a Ferrari and feel the wind in your hair.


Ferrari F430 tire explodes at 190 km/h (120 mph), driver escapes with just a scare

Having a blown tire can really suck, but imagine the tire exploding at around 190 km/h (120 mph). Well such a thing happened to a Ferrari F430 driver, which took his car on a “casual” drive. He was allegedly doing about 290 km/h (180 mph) when he heard a strange noise. He decided to slow down and investigate the problem on the emergency lane. He was a bit too slow in this regard, as the tire burst while he was still braking, at around 190 km/h.

The results, as you can see, aren’t that bad, but it still makes me sad to see a beauty like the Ferrari F430 damaged like that. Hopefully blown tires won’t cause other victims, be them supercars or regular vehicles in the future.


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