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Ford Focus III Gets Tuning Package From Loder1899

2012 Ford Focus tuned by Loder1899

It’s nice to see that every once in a while a tuning company decides to take an average car and create an upgrade program for it. Loder1899 has decided to roll out a tuning kit for the 3rd generation of the Ford Focus, the model fitted with the 2.0-liter diesel engine.

2012 Ford Focus tuned by Loder1899

In its standard output, this engine produces 138 hp (140 PS / 103 kW) and has a peak torque of 236 lb.-ft (320 Nm), but thanks to the modifications brought by the engineers at Loder1899, it has been dialed up to produce 192 hp (195 PS / 143 kW) and 291 lb.-ft (395 Nm).

2012 Ford Focus tuned by Loder1899

In addition, they’ve lowered the car by 35 mm and installed a stainless steel dual exhaust system. Also, you can get the full body kit in an RS-design, while the carbon fiber is an optional selection. Other goodies include the carbon covers on the headlights and the LED daytime running lights. You can choose from various designs of 18-, 19- or 20-inch alloy wheels.

2012 Ford Focus tuned by Loder1899

The car plus the power boost upgrade will set you back at least 27,695 Euros. For the rest of the optional features, you’ll have to pay more.

2012 Ford Focus tuned by Loder1899

Source: Loder1899 via WCF

Geneva Preview – Ford BTCC Focus Race Car

Ford BTCC Focus Race Car

Ford will unveil this week at the 81st edition of the Geneva Motor Show the first touring race version of the all-new Focus, ahead of its scheduled track debut that will occur at the end of this month in the British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch.

Ford BTCC Focus Race Car

The car was developed by Arena Motorsport with technical support from the Blue Oval, and it will be the first car to come out from a global initiative of the automaker to support private teams around the world in developing one common race car to meet the S2000 specifications.

Ford BTCC Focus Race Car

In order to fulfill the local regulations, the UK-based Arena Motorsport Team Aon chose a Ford turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, instead of using the 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost power unit that other teams will use in championships, in line with the international regulations imposed by FIA.

Ford BTCC Focus Race Car

The automaker announced that the new BTCC Focus Race Car will take part in all of the 10 races in the 2011 British Touring Car Championship.

Source: Ford

Ford’s SYNC Technology, Heading To Europe

Ford has revealed today its plans to bring the SYNC Technology, which is an infotainment and connectivity system, to the European models, starting with the new Focus. The Blue Oval said that it wants to have 2 million SYNC-equipped vehicles on European roads by the year 2015.

This voice-control technology is going to be available in 19 languages, as follows: United States, United Kingdom and Australian English; European & Canadian French; European and United States Spanish; European and Brazilian Portuguese; Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian. Other languages (outside of Europe) compatible with Ford’s SYNC system are Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

This system is able to recognize 10,000 commands in each of the aforementioned 19 languages which can give Ford drivers the possibility to control just about all of the car’s functions using their voice.

SYNC is able to connect to mobile phones via a Bluetooth connection and playback media is acquired thanks to the USB ports and can even act as a mobile WiFi hotspot for the vehicle’s passengers.

Source: Carscoop.com

Video: Ford reveals new airbag technology, will debut it on 2012 Focus

Ford is definitely amping up its safety technologies, and after revealing the innovative seat belt passenger air bags at the beginning of the year, it has now presented a new airbag technology.

Set to premiere on the 2012 Ford Focus, the new airbags have an array of features. The driver airbag will use a tether to pull in the lower part of it, in order to protect the driver’s rib cage and chest in case of a front impact.

The side airbags have also been improved, with the addition of air vents. While that may sound weird, the air vents are there to soften the blow in case of an impact. Taller inhabitants will naturally block those vents with their shoulders, increasing the effectiveness of the airbags on their own.

Last but not least, the front passenger airbag will have adaptive venting technology. Basically, the car monitors the weight of the person riding in front, and adjusts the amount of air that is required to be pumped into the airbag in case of a crash. This will prevent the airbag from actually hurting the passenger if it’s blown with too much power.

Overall, this new technology sounds mighty impressive. Hit the jump to see a video with it in action.

2012 Ford Focus ST revealed, packs 247 HP and will be sold globally

2012 Ford Focus ST revealed, packs 247 HP and will be sold globally

As soon as the 2012 Ford Focus was revealed by the Blue Oval at the Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of the year, fans eagerly awaited any detail on a more performance-oriented version.

Now, after plenty of rumors, the 2012 Ford Focus ST has been officially revealed, in the form of a design study set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

Even if it’s a study, at the moment, rest assured that this is how the Focus ST will look like when it will be available in 2012. The car is powered by an upgraded 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, capable of 247 HP.

Better yet, this new hot hatch will be available globally, meaning even Americans can enjoy the goodness that was denied for a lot of years in their country. Stay tuned for more details in the following weeks ahead of the car’s debut in Paris. Until then, check out the four high res pics of the Focus ST.

Photo Gallery: 2012 Ford Focus ST

2012 Ford Focus ST 2012 Ford Focus ST 2012 Ford Focus ST 2012 Ford Focus ST


Current Ford Focus ST set to be axed, next generation model to debut in Paris

The harsh Euro 5 emissions regulations have struck once more, as the Ford Focus ST hot hatch is set to be discontinued by Ford of Europe in the near future.

The model will join other powerful cars like the Mazda RX-8 or the Honda Civic Type R, as its turbocharged 2.5-liter engine can no longer meet the new emissions regulations currently being adopted in the Old Continent.

Fear not though, as Ford has confirmed that a new performance car will be revealed at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, and it’s a safe bet that it will be the ST version of the already unveiled 2012 Ford Focus. Most likely it will pack the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, already revealed for the 2011 Ford Explorer, capable of sending over 200 HP to the front wheels.

Stay tuned for more details on the next generation Ford Focus ST around the start of the Paris show in October.


Next Ford Focus RS to combine EcoBoost with electric motor in an all-wheel drive system

After hearing last week about a hotter version of the future 2012 Ford Focus, the ST that will reportedly appear at the Paris Motor Show, new rumors have been revealed about the future Ford Focus RS hot hatch.

According to Autocar, the Blue Oval’s global performance division is looking into several technologies to power the next generation Focus RS.

Among them, it seems that the team will combine an upgraded version of the new EcoBoost 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct injected inline-four cylinder engine, located on and powering the front wheels, with an electric motor, sitting in the back and powering the rear wheels.

This setup would allow for a better handling, as the increased amount of power won’t be fed just to the front wheels, like in the current Focus RS. Also, depending on the capacity of the motor and the size of the batteries powering it, short burst of all-electric drive may be possible.

If the plan goes through, the next generation Ford Focus RS would definitely one-up the existing hot hatch, and will attract both the regular European customers, but also American fans that want both performance and increased efficiency.


2012 Ford Focus ST performance edition set to be revealed in Paris

The 2012 Ford Focus is definitely one of the Blue Oval’s biggest bets for the next few years. The C Segment hatch will go on to sport a variety of body styles and versions.

We’ve already seen the hatchback and the sedan back at the Detroit Auto Show. We saw the Focus wagon in Geneva, and now, according to AutoExpress, a more powerful version, the Focus ST, will be making its debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

According to the magazine, the new Focus ST will try to quench the appetite of performance enthusiasts before a true hot hatch versions, presumably with the RS or SVT badge, will appear.

Until then, the ST will sport an upgraded version of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. Instead of its current 200 HP output, the report says that around 250 HP and 260 lb-ft of torque will be develop by the turbocharged unit. This will allow the hatchback to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in under 6 seconds, while at the same time achieve an impressive fuel average of around 29 mpg combined.

Bear in mind that this is just a rumor, but a performance 2012 Focus will become a reality at one point, and the Paris Motor Show might be the best place of any to announce it.


Video: See how the 350 HP Ford Focus RS500 is built

The Ford Focus RS500 is definitely something else, as it has surpassed the status of hot hatch and entered the world of sportscars, thanks to the 350 HP it develops from the turbocharged 2.5-liter engine.

In order to showcase that even with all of the serious enhancements, the RS500 still starts out as an European Focus, Ford has just released a video detailing the manufacturing and customization process of its brand new hot hatch.

In it, you can see how performance parts like the bodykit, or mechanical upgrades to the engine are made, as well as how it gets its matte black vinyl wrap.

Curious? Then hit the jump and check out this new video.

Ford France offering one-off Focus RS models with Le Mans-winning liveries

The current Ford Focus RS really took the notion of a hot hatch and blew it out of the water. Sadly, it will soon see the end of its lifecycle. Until then though, at least in France, it will have a proper sendoff, thanks to a series of unique models.

The five Focus RS versions you see above are all decked out in special liveries, which were showcased by historic Ford race cars at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race over the years.

While the light blue and orange Gulf livery sported by the Le Mans-winning GT40 in 1968 and 1969 is easy to spot for any racing fan, the other editions are also worth explaining. The black and silver stripe livery was showcased by the Ford Mk II which won the 1966 race. The red and white stripe came from the Mk IV which won in 1967. The White and thin blue center stripe was used on the Mk IIB France special edition in the 1967 race. Last but not least, the two-tone white and blue livery was made famous by the Capri RS 2600 which won the Touring category at Le Mans in 1972.

Only these five cars will be available for purchase, but you’ll also get special Recaro racing seats set to match the exterior livery, plus a personalized numbered plate.

Outrageous? Yes, but so is the 305 HP Ford Focus RS as a whole.


Ford issues its largest Chinese recall for 237,000 Focus models

Ford has just announced its biggest recall ever in the Chinese market, affecting 237,000 Focus models.

According to the report, the vehicles in question, all sedans, suffer from an ignition problem, with several owners experiencing stalling, after traveling at low speed for a certain amount of time. A new engine calibration software will be installed free of charge and the cars will be as good as new.

The problems are present with Ford Focus sedan models manufactured between August 18, 2008 and May 28, 2010. The vehicles are produced in China by the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co. joint venture between Ford (35%), Mazda (15%) and Changan Auto (50%).



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Video: Ford and Microsoft showcase how the Hohm power management system works

At the beginning of the month, when Ford and Microsoft announced that future Blue Oval-badged electric vehicles, starting with the 2012 Focus Electric, will be able to work together with the Hohm energy management system, a lot of people were left scratching their heads.

Now, the two companies released a video showcasing the principles of the Hohm management technology and how the future Ford EVs will blend right in and help both the end user and the power companies so that the power bill is small on one side and the grid is secure on the other.

Hit the jump and check out a video of how Ford EVs integrate with the Microsoft Hohm power management system.

Get your own Ford Focus RS500 with Mountune’s MP350 tuning kit

The current Ford Focus RS is one heck of a beast, with its 305 HP blasting through the front-wheels and slapping a big smile on your face. Seeing as how that wasn’t enough for some, Ford released the limited edition RS500 model, which upped the output to 350 HP.

Sadly, the 500 units in the limited run sold like hotcakes, and you can’t buy another one. Luckily though, Ford UK decided to help out those who didn’t get their hands on the upgraded RS500, and revealed, in partnership with Mountune, a special performance package, designed to increase the output to 345 HP.

The Mountune MP350 tuning kit, despite being a bit shy of the 350 HP of the RS500, will still manage to further increase the smile on the owner’s face, seeing as how it will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds, and stop at 165 mph (266 km/h). Torque output is rated at 339 lb-ft, so you know you have enough power.

The Mountune MP350 tuning kit will be available in May in all Ford UK dealerships. What’s even nicer is that the price is around £1,995, plus £200 for labor, totaling £2,195 (around $3,386). Not bad for such a power increase.


Ford Focus RS500 officially revealed, gallery included

Even though the teaser website Ford unveiled last weekend still says we need to wait two more days until the limited edition Ford Focus RS500 will be revealed, a full set of pictures with the ultimate pocket rocket from the Blue Oval has appeared.

Set to mark the end of the current generation of the Focus RS, we can clearly say that with 350 HP and 340 lb-ft of torque, the RS500 is one heck of an end. The increase has been achieved through the usual treatment of bigger exhaust, upgraded electronics and a larger air-to-air intercooler. This means the new hot hatch can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.6 seconds.

The car gets a pretty special paint job too, as it is coated in gloss black paint in the factory, and then shipped to the 3M factory in Frankfurt, where a special matte film is added on its whole body, except for the lower front grille and splitter, as well as the rear spoiler and diffuser. To go with the black, the brake calipers are coated in a fiery red color. The same color dominates the interior, and a special plate will mark the production number of each unit.

No official details of price and availability, but it will be showcased at the upcoming Leipzig Motor Show, which starts on April 10. Until then, check out this extremely hot matte black hatch in the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Ford Focus RS500


Video: Ford teasing Focus RS500 limited edition

Ford took the hot hatch concept to a whole new level with its 301 HP Focus RS model, but as you may have heard, an even more powerful edition is brewing for the Euro-only hatchback model.

While we revealed that it might be called ClubSport, it seems the Blue Oval will stick to a simpler denomination, and has just started teasing the RS500 limited edition through a special microsite. Nothing certain is known, as we only have a nighttime lap of the Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium with the new Focus RS500, but it’s obvious that it will be limited to just 500 units (a 500 HP Focus is still a bit overkill).

Also, many are pegging the new output of the 2.5-liter engine to be around 350 HP, a level reached by many tuning programs for the regular RS. Expect modifications to the styling of the car, the aerodynamics (a larger wing is seen at the beginning of the video) and many more.

Hit the jump to check out Ford’s teaser video of the Focus RS500, which proves that it can still corner, even with that extra power.

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