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2012 Honda CR-Z iCF Mugen goes official

2012 Honda CR-Z iCF Mugen

If you have been waiting for one of the hottest hybrids of them all, you do not have to wait much longer because Honda UK has just unveiled the 2012 CR-Z iCF Mugen. What’s so hot about it? Well, for starters it has a 1.5-liter engine that fires 173 hp (175 PS / 129 kW). They managed to squeeze that much power from that engine by installing a centrifugal forced air conduction system and also remapping the ECU.

With this kind of horsepower under its hood, the CR-Z iCF Mugen is capable of doing the 0-62 mph sprint in a respectable 6.1 seconds, en route to a maximum speed of more than 130 mph (209 km/h).

2012 Honda CR-Z iCF Mugen

You should know that the European division of Mugen is still working on the car and Honda’s UK branch said that they will definitely roll out a production model. There are eight Honda UK Mugen dealers who have been informed by the company’s headquarters that by spring next year they will have the car ready for potential buyers to take them it for a spin. The starting price for the 2012 Honda CR-Z iCF Mugen will be of somewhere around 24,000 pounds ($37,245 / 27,944 Euros).

Source: Honda UK via WCF

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Honda CR-Z’s appearance in Intersection

Over the time, cars have been great subjects for magazines, especially for those dedicated to men. But men are not the only target of car manufacturers. So, women should have a special car magazine for them too, and they have it: it’s Intersection, a fashion-orientated magazine. In other words, we have an atypically magazine, which is not so interesting for gearheads or grease-fans, as it provides less specs and more spreads featuring skinny models next to cool cars or in curious positions (as it is the case of the Audi submerged in a swimming pool).

As about Intersection, in one of their recent photo shoots, the main character is a Honda CRZ, a hybrid painted into a matte beige paint, with orange steel wheels and matching orange tires for summer and black wheels with black tires for the winter. Eley Kishimoto is responsible for the interior and, let’s recognize it, it looks very in fashion!

The car was unveiled at the Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt in Paris and Honda France is reportedly considering a limited run for public consumption.

We’d better leave you with some of the images:

[Source: Autoblog]

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New Photos With Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Released

Honda CR-Z Mugen RR

The Japanese automaker Honda has decided to publish two additional pictures of its hot Mugen-tuned CR-Z hybrid concept. The model was first shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July and unfortunately there are no plans for a production version.

They didn’t provide any information regarding the engine but we do know that its European sibling features the standard gasoline 1.5-liter unit which has been supercharged and it outputs 197 hp. The exterior of this one-off is dominated by the huge rear wing and most of the bodywork, including here the hood, rear tailgate and the doors are specially made for this model and are from carbon fiber.

Honda CR-Z Mugen RR

The Honda CR-Z Mugen RR comes with a race-developed suspension configuration, a specially vented front bumper, full-length carbon fiber underbody, 18-inch alloys, twin central exhaust, 4-piston monobloc brake calipers and this striking paint job, dubbed Valencia Orange Pearl.

On the inside, it has leather and Alcantara, along with a clever sat-nav lap data system that can “learn” the circuit automatically, after you take just two laps.

Source: Honda via Autocar.co.uk

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Wraptivo Honda CR-Z Type-F prepares for SEMA debut

Tuning company Wraptivo wants to showcase its innovative vinyl wrap technology at the upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and as such, it has presented the first render of its showpiece, the Honda CR-Z Type-F.

As you can see, Honda’s sporty hybrid has received a matte black with carbon fiber accents wrap, as well as Volk TE37 wheels and other impressive exterior accessories.

The real surprise is on the inside, as the CR-Z wimpy 1.5-liter engine has received a new supercharger, as well as a custom exhaust and an optimized ECU. A Tein suspension, as well as new HKS components are also fitted to the Type-F.

In terms of interior, Wraptivo threw in a pair of Recaro bucket seats, new Alcantara trim and a sports shift knob.

Wraptivo’s Honda CR-Z Type-F will also be showcased on the track, not just on the SEMA Show floor. It will participate in the Source Interlink annual Super Lap Battle, which will take place after the show closes its doors.

Overall, it seems that Wraptivo may have a winner with this tuned Honda CR-Z. What do you think? Check out the render above and share your thoughts below.


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Honda S2000 replacement gets new details, might feature hybrid power

Honda made a name for itself with sporty models over the years. Sadly, the present isn’t the same, as the only sport-inclined model currently in the range is the new CR-Z hybrid coupe.

Still, that will change in the future, as the Japanese company is already patenting technologies for the successor of the S2000 sportscar, which was phased out late last year.

According to Autocar, the heir to the throne of the popular S2000 will use the Jazz/Fit platform, and feature a mid-mounted engine. Expect besides the internal combustion unit an electric motor, as hybrid power is deemed almost a certainty for the new car.

The use of aluminum and other lightweight materials is also rumored, in order to get the curb weight as low as possible and improve handling. Couple these things with a rear-wheel drive setup and a six-speed manual gearbox like the one on the CR-Z, and the S2000 replacement sounds extremely good.

The design of the car isn’t known at the moment, and the above picture is of the Honda S2000 Concept the Japanese company premiered a few years ago.

Sadly, voices are saying that the model will appear around 2014, when it will battle against Toyota’s own sportscar endeavors, like the production FT-86 or a hybrid MR2-inspired roadster.


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2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid starts at $19,200 in the USA, goes on sale August 24

Honda has finally priced its ‘next big thing’ the CR-ZSport Hybrid Coupe‘. The new model will start at a pretty reasonable $19,200 in the USA, and start shipping on August 24 across the country.

The retro-inspired hybrid will have two trim lines, a base and an EX one. The base with a six-speed manual gearbox will start at $19,200, but without a $750 destination charge. If you opt for the CVT gearbox for the base, you’ll need to pay $19,850, but you’ll be getting an improved fuel average (35/39 mpg US as opposed to the manual’s 31/37).

The CR-Z EX packs an upgraded 360 watt sound system, as well as leather-wrapped steering wheel and bluetooth connectivity. It can be yours for $20,760. The most expensive version will be the EX with Honda’s ‘Navi’ navigation system and the CVT gearbox, which has a price tag of $23,210.

Will you be checking out the 2011 Honda CR-Z when it goes on sale at the end of August? Share your thoughts below.


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Honda researching EV battery technology in China, says a breakthrough is needed

Honda has been covering all its bases in terms of future technologies, with projects involving hybrids, electric vehicles and even fuel-cell cars.

While many carmakers are just focusing on electric vehicles, Honda’s CEO, Takanobu Ito, has revealed that a breakthrough in battery technology is required in order to really make EVs profitable from a business standpoint.

In order to acheive such a thing, his company is currently looking into opening research centers in China, given the fact that the country has vast resources for such endeavors. Also, the government subsidies for research into electric vehicle technology are quite attractive, according to the Japanese executive.

Concluding, Ito revealed that another 10 to 20 years are required in order for electric vehicles to become reliable in everyday use and attractive from a price standpoint for the average consumer. Until then, Honda will continue to push hybrids like CR-Z (pictured above) and research other technologies.


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Honda CR-Z will appeal to tuning fans, executive says

Honda is marketing its newest hybrid endeavor, the CR-Z, as a sports coupe capable of eliminating the image of a slow but fuel efficient car from the minds of enthusiasts.

But seeing as how the car will be pumping out just 122 HP and 128 lb-ft of torque, not a lot of people are actually confident that this model will be any good.

You know what type of people will fall in love with the car, though? Tuners, at least according to John Mendel, executive vice president for automobile sales at American Honda. According to him, the spiritual ancestor of the CR-Z, the CRX, was a symbol for tuning enthusiasts. Because of that, they will absolutely fall in love with the new hybrid model.

Honestly, we’re having a hard time believing tuners might actually be interested in the car, at least from a mechanical standpoint. Sure, it looks pretty good and the aerodynamics will no doubt be top notch, but nothing short of an engine transplant will make it a great tuning choice.

What do you think? Are customizers going to fall in love with the Honda CR-Z hybrid? Share your thoughts below.


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Video: Honda CR-Z gets artsy promotional footage

Honda is really bent on promoting its new CR-Z hybrid hatchback model and spares no expense in getting people interested in this spiritual successor to the old CRX.

The latest endeavor in this marketing campaign is a promotional video made by London-based film and digital agency Gaucho Productions. To get the prestigious artsy badge, the video goes all crazy with swooping shots, various digital effects and even fog machines, which, at least in their eyes, highlight the hybrid “sports” hatchback.

Curious to see? Then hit the jump and check out this new promotional video for the Honda CR-Z.

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Honda reportedly working on more powerful hybrid models

Hybrid cars, up until now, haven’t really broken the mold in terms of power output, at least for those intended for mainstream use, like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. The latter company is currently hoping to change that, with the release of the CR-Z “sports hybrid coupe”.

Sadly, with 122 HP coming out of the 1.5-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine combined with the Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system, it isn’t looking very performance-oriented. According to MotorTrend though, Honda might be preparing some new applications for the IMA system, involving either a V6 engine or a bigger 2.5-liter four-cylinder unit.

According to the report, it seems Honda wants to make a proper hybrid sportscar, and will reveal a new model soon enough. This hybrid will be a completely new car, and roughly the size of the Accord coupe edition.

Besides this, the V6 engine might see use in models like SUVs or minivans, together with the hybrid system, to produce adequate amounts of power. Also, the Japanese company might also be working on an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (ER-EV), like the Chevrolet Volt, that will use a capacitor-based energy storage device.


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Video: Honda explains CR-Z legacy, its connection with the CRX

Honda, with its latest hybrid model, the CR-Z, is firmly trying to connect it with a pretty popular model it had in its heyday, the CRX.

In order to further get the point across and highlight just what features, in terms of design and philosophy, went into the new CR-Z hybrid coupe, the company released a new video in which some of its executives, as well as enthusiasts or former owners of the CRX talk about the new hybrid model.

Hit the jump to see the connection between the new CR-Z and the old CRX.

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Mugen reveals accessories lineup for Honda CR-Z hybrid

Good news and bad news for Honda fans: Mugen decided to tackle the Honda CR-Z hybrid, but the company only released a series of accessories which just make the hatchback “look” fast and won’t improve its rather small power rating of just 122 HP.

You will get quite a lot of things to add to the upcoming hybrid hatch, including a full aerodynamic kit consisting of restyled front and rear fascias, side skirts, and a huge wing for the roof, which considering the low power of the car, just looks silly. Other style upgrades include a new grille with LED daytime running lights, triangular rear exhaust tips like the Civic hatch, and five various wheel design options. Weight will also be “saved” with the carbon fiber license plate mounting.

For the inside, Mugen revealed an aluminum gearshift knob, a three-gauge central cluster, floor mats and another brilliant weight saving option of a carbon fiber rear-view mirror cover! Handling will receive a slight upgrade through the optimized exhaust, suspension and braking system.

Until the oft-rumored Mugen-tuned high performance Honda CR-Z hot hybrid hatch appears, you’re going to make do with these offerings.


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New rumors on Mugen-tuned Honda CR-Z Type R

When Honda announced the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe, I’m sure most of you, including us, were expecting something a bit more aggressive in terms of power than the current setup of a 102 HP 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a 20 HP electric motor.

But even though the stock model might not have blown our minds, many hardcore Honda and hybrid fans are beginning to ponder if the Japanese company will reveal a Type R performance model, or, better yet, if its traditional tuning partner, Mugen, will thoroughly give the CR-Z a power make over.

Although nothing is confirmed, the guys at AutoExpress have come forward with a few interesting rumors and speculations on the future performance CR-Z hybrid. According to them, the engine’s output will be taken to a more respectable 150 HP, but seeing as how the hybrid setup can’t be taken out of the body, the electric motor will also receive an upgrade, taking it to around 50 HP.

Other handling upgrades, like a revamped suspension, better brakes and aerodynamic accessories will also be added to the 200 HP hybrid coupe. A new Sport Plus driving mode, which will modify things like throttle response, steering and how the electric motor helps the engine, will also be added, to increase driver pleasure.

It’s quite likely that at least a Honda CR-Z Type R will appear in the future. Whether or not it will have these power figures is still unknown though. What do you think? Would 200 HP of hybrid power get you interested in the three-door hatch?


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Honda announces “Live Every Liter” campaign for the CR-Z hybrid

Honda has just announced that it will be promoting the new CR-Z hybrid sports coupe with a feature-length film created by famous European director Claudio Von Planta.

But don’t go thinking that Von Planta will just film the CR-Z inside and out, as the company also started this special website, called Live Every Liter, where participants can register and post their own idea of the perfect drive with the CR-Z.

After they’re done posting it, they have the opportunity to share it with friends via various social networks, in order to get votes. Those with the best and most popular ideas will get to turn that drive into reality with a special CR-Z filled with cameras. These will capture the emotions and the reactions of the drivers and their friends while on their dream trip. Von Planta will then step in to edit this footage in order to finally create the feature film.

People can register on the website until March 19, 2010, but you’ll have to be living in Europe to be eligible.


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Video: Honda CR-Z was inspired by Lotus Elise, was made with fun-to-drive aspect in mind, engineer says

Honda has just published a recent video with one of the chief engineers of its newly revealed CR-Z hybrid sports coupe, Terukazu Torikai.

According to his statements, the team spent a great deal of time analyzing the Mini, the Volkswagen Scirocco and even the Lotus Elise, in order to see what made them tick, and create a fun-to-drive model like the CR-Z.

Frankly, I had high hopes for the Japanese hybrid, but the power figures of 122 HP and 128 lb-ft of torque from both the 1.5-liter gasoline engine and the electric motor aren’t really keeping my hopes high for when the model hits this spring.

Hit the jump to see the video of the Honda CR-Z.

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