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Car Insurance Rates

How come the car insurance rates vary so drastically from company to company? That is a very good question. I’m guessing you’ve seen commercials where all were boasting on how much money you can save on insurance by using their company etc. There are car insurance companies that have a comparing and rating system, showing you which is the company with the lowest demands, despite the fact that their company may not be on that list. From that fact many questions were born like: why there are such huge variations from company to company despite the fact that they provide the exact same coverage areas? What’s the difference in security if I’m using a more expensive company? Are there companies that offer different rates for different drivers? These are a couple of questions we’ll try to answer.

First of all you need to know that each company determines the rates given to drivers by a classification known as “tier system” in which the drivers are located. Big companies can go up to 15 tiers, while most of them have 3, 2 or even one (basically they have no tiers). Yet the most used classification is the 3 tier system where drivers are determined as preferred, standard, or below standard (substandard). A preferred driver will have the following characteristics: it’s loyal to one company, getting insurance from them at least three years in a row and in that time he didn’t have any problems or accidents, a clean DMV record and a coverage with limits in liability bigger than the minimum required by the law and above all, low annual mileage.

Car Insurance Rates

On the other side, a substandard driver will have misses in insurance coverage for over 30 days, several accidents that were his/ hers fault, claims for over $500 each, in the last three years, over six DMV points, not exactly the spotless record, or even a DUI. Therefore by elimination, no one that fits in both profiles will simply be categorized at standard. Because of these tiers, the major differences in insurance quotes appear. Take for example to companies: company 1 has 4 tiers of classification for customers, company 2 has 11 tiers. If you go to the first company and you’re a standard driver, than you’ll be placed on tier 2. If you go to company number 2, because of the increased number of tiers, you may qualify (because of some specifics) to a higher tier. Let’s say for example that if you qualify for tier 7-8 out of 11, you have a better chance of getting a good deal.

Another thing is those flashy commercials you see on TV. Those don’t come for free, as a matter of fact you pay for them with your premiums. Big companies like that, can afford to invest quite a lot into market advertising. Of course, that doesn’t mean that getting the cheapest insurance for some unknown company is a much better way to go, since you don’t know exactly how much they can finance in case something happens. Besides, the big companies work on big scale level. The best idea is to shop around for those that are pretty well known and still offer a decent insurance coverage and price.

Washington Car Insurance

As a responsible driver you should never drive on highways and roads without being the owner of car insurance. The Washington car insurance law states that the minimum liability coverage is mandatory for all drivers, but if you own a classic car, a motorcycle or a moped you may not have to buy auto insurance as a legal requirement. Nonetheless you should check with the local DMV in order to be sure about that.

The Washington state will fine you or suspend your vehicle registration tags and even your driver license if you fail to produce proof of the minimum liability car insurance requested in this state. That’s why you should know what the minimum coverage is. Like in many other states $25,000 are the minimum required for only one person that is injured as a result of an accident, $50,000 covers all the persons involved in the accident while $10,000 are considered enough for the case of property damage. But, this is only liability insurance, meaning that you and your car are not covered by this insurance if you are the driver found at fault. The bills will be paid by the insurance company only for the other driver. So, you can’t consider this full coverage when you start looking for the best deal of the market.

If you want a more diverse package you should find out more information about collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage and others that can include even towing or a possible rental car. Those are great ideas especially if you are the fortunate owner of a more expensive car or if you still have to pay for your car loan.

Washington Car Insurance

The number of insurance companies licensed in the state of Washington is impressive. You are free to choose between the 130 different companies, all able to provide you with Washington car insurance. Usually the best options seem the companies represented nationally wide like GEICO, Progressive or State Farm, but you can opt for regional auto insurers as well, because their strong competitors and offer interesting insurance packages. Such an example would be the PEMCO Car Insurance Company, dedicated to serving the Washington insurance market. Over the years it earned the respect of many clients that helped it leave behind the competition (even the national brands). You will be happy to find out that the rates offered by these companies are the lowest ones in the USA. In fact Washington car insurance is 15% lower if we compare it with the national average.

Each and every one of these insurance providers will take into account your driving record, your financial credit score, type of automobile and more personal information as well such as age or marital status. Keeping those in mind and obtaining quotes from different companies by using the online option you will make your life easier and help yourself get even better rates. There are also sites that make the comparison for you if you want to quickly purchase your Washington car insurance. Once you decide on the company and on the insurance package you should pay attention to the deductible’s value as well, because that seriously influences your rates.

No matter what course of action you decide to take remember that you can find affordable Washington car insurance and there in no excuse for driving without car insurance. That can get you in serious trouble and serious debts. Drive safely!

Driving Monitoring-Devices from Insurance Companies

Yes, insurance companies decided to spy on us, just as a way to keep our driving habits in check and to establish individual car insurance payouts. If we try to analyze the situation, this measure could be a really useful, just because it doesn’t force the one who usually drive safely to pay higher car insurance rates because of another person’s bad driving habits. And, let’s face the reality: there are far more drivers who don’t have an exemplary behavior while driving than the ones who have it, which really affects us and our insurance bill.

So, some insurance companies have started to offer the option to install a data-monitoring device on your car, which allows them to identify your driving habits, such as what time of the day you’re driving most, how far you’re driving or how hard you’re using the brake. According to insurers, by installing this device, a responsible driver can reduce his insurance rates, with an average saving up to $150 in a year.
Progressive, Allstate, GMAC and State Farm are some of the insurance companies offering versions of this program.

While some drivers refuse to have their privacy violated by such a device, some are really excited about the solution found by the insurance companies as a way to adjust the level of each payment to the personal behavior while driving.

What do you think about this device: are its options enough for analyzing the driving human behavior? Is this device or the payouts implication the solution for trying to set a preventive driving behavior?

[Source: Motherproof]

Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva is one of the most important car insurance companies in the UK, and occupies the fifth place in the top of world’s insurance companies. Its results are due to the over 50 million clients that are free to choose from a significant diversity of services and products. 28 countries have the opportunity to benefit from these options.

The Aviva’s car insurance company experience on the market helps it keep its customer satisfied. Recently, Aviva invested in the online facility, offering significant discounts that can go up to 20%. Their low cost rates are another incentive that usually convince people to go for the online option and the deals they offer.

Aviva Car Insurance

When it comes to reviews, Aviva is known for its transparent pricing policy and its well built online quotation system that helps the customer have a more complex perspective on the car insurance market. The company also takes into account the clients characteristics when it offers car insurance. For example, if you are an experienced driver, you don’t drive many miles a year or you are wiling to trust the company with the insurance of multiple cars you might be glad to take advantage of impressive discounts on the premium. The Aviva car insurance can be temporary if you wish and if you are going for a permanent one you can choose between comprehensive, theft and third party insurance.

The comprehensive Aviva car insurance is the most advantageous one. For example, all the drivers listed on the policy will be able to have their own no claims discount even if they share the same car. And sometimes building up a positive history with an insurance company like Aviva can bring a lot of benefits in the future. Secondly, this type of insurance comes with an “Underinsured Driver Promise”. That means that if in the accident you were involved, the other driver is uninsured and found at fault your claims bonus will remain unchanged.

So, even if you will be involved in an accident you should not panic. The Aviva car insurance company will make all the arrangements necessary in order to repair your car at an approved garage while making sure you and your passengers get home safely. Moreover all the repairs made during the active period of your car insurance will come with a three years warranty. The company will also provide you with a temporary car that will come with Aviva temporary insurance. In addition, if the car accident wasn’t your fault your medical expenses and the bills associates with car repairs will be covered by the company.

Aviva is always very interested in its costumer’s well being. As a result when the European Court of Justice ruled on the 1st of March 2011 that insurers will not take anymore into consideration gender when they calculate rates, the company posted a response on its site. The company wanted to assure their clients that for now nothing will be changed, considering that the transition period is extended until the 21st of December 2012. Their statement also emphasized that there are many other factors taken into consideration while deciding pricing. They assured their clients that the costs will always reflect the different levels of risk represented by different individuals.

If I got you interested you should check out www.aviva.com in order to get free quotes and some more information on the subject. From there you can go to the sites containing information about the Aviva car insurance available in your country.

Best Car Insurance

When we make a purchase we always want the best we can get for our dollar. Not always cheaper is also better and that rule applies to car insurance as well. You don’t want to pay high rates for the best car insurance, but you are also trying to avoid being left to pay expensive bills, because a cheaper one doesn’t cover all the damages.

Best Car Insurance

That’s why you should first of all understand the different levels of insurance available on the market. Basically there are only three types of car insurance: liability, minimum coverage and the safest type of insurance, the full coverage. Minimum, means you are paying insurance only to drive legally in your state and though is quite inexpensive is not highly recommended. That’s because in some cases this minimal insurance will not cover all the damages caused by a more serious accident. For example, if the car is totaled, the insurance will not cover the costs of its replacement.

The liability coverage helps you pay only for the damages suffered by the car of the other driver involved in the accident, but it will not cover the bills related to the repair or replacement of your car. Only the medical bills will be covered for all the persons that are injured as a result of the collision. But the full coverage remains the best car insurance, because it will keep al the parties involved in an accident safe from expenses. Moreover, you might be obliged to choose this form of insurance if you have requested a car loan or if you still have payments to make on your car. That’s usually a requirement of the loaner.

Having cleared that out, the first step you should take before going shopping is finding out which are the minimum requirements in your state. But that insurance will cover only the other driver. So, you should think about yourself as well and consider the comprehensive insurance.

If you don’t already own the car for which you plan on buying the best car insurance possible you should be careful when you choose the new car, because its features will affect your rates. A more expensive car will consequently mean more expensive rates, because the costs for repairs or for a possible replacement are higher. Moreover, if you choose to pay a little more for additional safety systems, the car insurance agent might see you car as a better deal and offer you a lower premium.

But no matter the car, you should take your time and shop around, compare quotes and talk with the agent about all your options. The Internet is also a great helper, providing you with a fast and simple access to information. You can start by reading some reviews and comparing quotes on specialized websites that will help you get one step closer to buying the best car insurance for you.

Once you have made your choice, don’t be ashamed to bargain and make your case. Only this way you might be able to receive a discount or better coverage for the same price. If the agent doesn’t respond well to your questions or demands you can at any moment leave its office in search of a more trust worthy insurance company. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it right the first time. Experience will eventually provide you with the best car insurance on the market.

Arkansas Car Insurance

Car insurance is essential if you want to be a responsible driver. If you want to get a good deal you should have an idea of the minimum requirements established in your state and you should also shop around and compare rates using online sites such as carinsurance.com.

Arkansas Car Insurance

In the state of Arkansas, the minimum requirements include a minimum Bodily Injury Liability of $25,000 for only one person that has been injured as a result of the accident, of $50,000 for all the injuries sustained by various persons in an accident and of $25,000 for the eventuality of Property Damage. When it comes to Arkansas car insurance you should also remember the Tort system that this state implements. That means that no matter the accident someone needs to be found at fault. That’s a reason why you should consider going for liability amounts higher than the minimum required by the Arkansas state.

Besides the mandatory liability insurance you can consider collision and comprehensive coverage that will be able to help you pay for damages caused by vandalism, natural disasters or other unexpected events. Uninsured/underinsured coverage is another good idea, considering that on highways, there are irresponsible drivers that might not be able to pay for the damages you sustain in the accident even if they are the ones found at fault. You should also take into consideration some other options that can be added to your policy such as rental insurance or towing if you feel that those are necessary.

Also, before purchasing the Arkansas car insurance you should check if the company is licensed in your state. To do so you should visit the Arkansas Insurance Department that monitors the activity of all the insurance companies in the state. Some examples would be Liberty Mutual, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive or Direct Auto Insurance. All these companies usually evaluate their clients by taking a look at their personal credit history. That is an important factor that will influence the rate, but you will get more information by asking a free quote from the company/companies you are interested in. That’s because the conditions vary from company to company and you need to compare your needs with their offers. Only by doing do you will be able to make the best decision.

The Arkansas car insurance law also states that is possible to exclude a member of the family from the insurance coverage if the same car is used under the household. For that purpose, insurance companies offer a special type of insurance usually called “household or family exclusion coverage”. When it comes to laws, you should also keep in mind that you must not forget to renew your policy when it expires. If you do forget you might end up with a suspended license.

Car insurance is a must have for all drivers, considering the world we live in. So take into account all those factors you can think of and start searching every way you can for the opportunity. It is hard to say which one is the best car insurance company, because it’s all up to you. As a customer you have the right to choose!

Car Insurance For Women

There is an established fact that the car insurance for women is cheaper than for men. The inexpensive feature is doubled by special policies created by insurance companies for women. For example there are policies that include coverage for the handbag. The special treatment is due to the fact that women are more interested in safety, have more patience and consider slowly driving as a precaution measure.

But there are also other factors that determine the cheap car insurance for women. The studies have showed that women are less inclined to break traffic rules and they purchase vehicles that are built for safety. For these kinds of automobiles the cost for replacing or repairing is quite low. Therefore, the companies are inclined to offer significant discounts.

Like in the case of men, cleaning that driving record will sure help a woman to get a better deal. To be sure you’re record is clean you should go to the local DMV and check it out, because there are insurance companies that like to check your history going back even 10 years. It may seem unbelievable, but is true. Therefore you should drive carefully if you want to benefit from a lower premium.

Car Insurance For Women

Another interesting aspect about car insurance for women is the fact that married women usually pay less for their insurance. So, single ladies will have to look more for a better deal. The same rule applies to young, single men. But if you’re single and plan on staying that way, buying a second car will help save some money. As an advice, you can use the cheaper car for daily usage, because there are insurance companies that reduce rates for a car that spends most of its life parked in a garage.

Your credit is another issue you should attend, because a clean credit will definitely provide you with a better deal. Also, selecting a higher deductible has the potential of turning into a good idea, because its value will be proportional with the value of your comprehensive and collision insurance. That will be a great financial help if you consider that the minimum liability coverage doesn’t make you feel safe enough. The extra you want to add to the minimum requirements won’t mean much higher rates, but will sure save you a lot of trouble if you are involved in a more serious accident.

To help you decide, there are a lot of online websites that offer you the possibility to compare quotes from different companies. You can also talk to your agent and see what offers he has available for you, because sometimes buying more products from one single company will get you a discount. But you should also check out the companies specialized on car insurance for women or the ones that treat the matter in specialized departments. Usually, their offers include special benefits and features that are addressed not only to you as a female, but also to your entire family. These companies are always thinking about new offers and ways in which you are going to fell more protected in traffic, especially when you are driving your children to school, or travelling and not only.

The key to finding best deals is information and the world we live in provides us with the necessary tools. Use them wisely and you will find what you are looking for.

Car Insurance For Young Driver

Car insurance for a young driver proves to be quite expensive in the most cases. And when you’re young, the word “expensive” is not something you want to hear. That’s why as a young adult, taking on the responsibilities of a driver you should take car insurance seriously and find the best deal possible by taking into consideration some factors that influence the rates.

The higher cost of the car insurance for a young driver is due to the lack of experience, many statistics stating that a young driver, under the age 25 of is more likely to get involved in a car accident. But cheaper car insurance can be found even for this category as long as you take the time to compare quotes, study offers and look for insurance companies that offer special deals for young drivers. The cost can be also lowered by the type of car you choose. If as a young driver you opt for a smaller model, with zero modifications the price paid for the insurance will be lower.

Car Insurance For Young Driver

Another step you can take is participating to a driver’s education course. By proving you have passed one of these courses, the car insurance company will be willing to offer the young driver a discount, usually between 5 to 10% on his insurance rates. The condition is not impossible to respect and while the company concludes you are less likely to get into an accident, you are offered affordable car insurance for young drivers. It’s a win-win situation.

To help yourself even more you should consider maintaining good grades in school. See this as another incentive than the ones you might already have. As a result, your premium might be slightly reduced, because it is believed that the good grades are an indicator of your level of responsibility. The only prove you need to provide in order to benefit of another discount of 5 to 10% on your payments, is a copy of your school grades.

Car insurance for young drivers can also be reduced by paying for the entire bill at once instead of choosing a payment plan. The reduction can go from 20 to 25% of the total sum. Even if you have to save some money in advance in order to be able to pay the entire sum at once, the benefits will be worth the trouble.

You should know that your driving record can also influence your payments during the years you are considered to be a young driver. That means an accident or a speeding ticket will certainly make your car insurance go up. If that’s not the case, you will be happy to know by making no claims you will be able to build up a bonus that will result in a discounted future premium.

The most indicated type of car insurance you should choose as a young driver is the comprehensive cover. This is an expensive insurance, but it will pay for both vehicles involved in the car accident even if you are the one found at fault. A cheaper method is to consider only theft, third party and also fire insurance, but though the cost will be reduced you will have to pay yourself for the damage sustained by your car.

No matter what you decide, keep in mind these tips and take your time making decisions. Car insurance should be on your mind since the moment you decide to buy a car, because the type of car is also a factor in the price of your car insurance for young drivers. So pay attention!

Aarp Car Insurance

AARP is the American Association of Retired Persons that thinks about senior drivers and their needs. That’s why they organize special driving courses for drivers over 50 in order to remind them of street regulations. As a result, many car insurance companies are willing to offer important discounts to senior drivers that have passed these courses.

In reality drivers who have reached an age between 55 and 65 are usually forced to pay for more expensive car insurances, because insurance companies usually see them as a more costly investment. That’s why the AARP thought about introducing these courses that are focused on helping senior drivers to deal with the busy streets and highways nowadays. It also tries to teach these people how to compensate for the changes that usually occur due to the age in their hearing, reaction time or sight.

Aarp Car Insurance

There are states, like Arkansas, where insurance companies are obliged by law to offer discounts to senior drivers. But all over America, insurance companies have adopted this type of ARRP car insurance. One of the companies that offer competitive rates on the market is the Hartford Company that has a special AARP car insurance.

This particular AARP car insurance offers a lost of benefits and features that are hard to find elsewhere. For example, your premium will not be increased after your first accident, if all the persons listed on your policy haven’t had any accident in the past 5 years. Moreover, your policy will continuously be renewed as long as you make the payments, you’re fit to drive and you meet a few other requirements as well.

If as a senior driver you have a clean driving record, the collision deductible included in your Hartford AARP car insurance will be reduced by $150. In addition to this for each year that your driving record stays that way, another reduction of $50 will be applied to your collision deductible until there’s nothing else left to pay.

Also the 12-months payment plan is another interesting feature of the Hartford AARP car insurance program. And you should also know that if within 15 months (or 15,000 miles driven) from the moment of purchase your car is stolen or totaled, the company will pay for the entire cost supposed by the replacement of the car. There will be no depreciation and the new car will be the same make, the same model and will as equipped as your old one. And if that doesn’t seem enough you will be happy to know that if after an accident the other driver is found at fault, the Hartford Company will cover all the damages, as well as the value of the deductible.

This is just one of the examples that I found to be interesting, affordable and therefore a great choice. But out there the AARP car insurance programs supported by many national insurance companies are able to offer you a deal hard to refuse if you are a senior driver. If you think comparison is a great way to decide you should take advantage of technology and make research easier by using the internet and the websites that offer all kind of facilities. One of these sites is carinsurancerates.com. You should also keep in mind that some insurance companies don’t oblige only to the discounts imposed by the law. Some of these AARP car insurance programs offer even bigger discounts as long as you are willing to take those courses and keep a clean driving record!

Alabama Car Insurance

Car insurance can make the difference if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident and also be found at fault. That’s why you should gather all the information you need and make a decision. And when I say gather information I mean you should know the minimum coverage that the law requires in your state and also which are the most advantageous car insurances offered by the companies licensed in your state.

Alabama car insurance

In the state of Alabama the law requires a liability insurance of $20,000 when it comes to injuries suffered by only one person as a result of an accident, of $40,000 per accident and of $10,000 for the public or private property damage that may be the result of the unfortunate event. Moreover, the Alabama car insurance law states that the driver should be able to prove he is insured at all times or, in case he chooses the bond option or the cash deposit option, he should carry with him the necessary certificate. If the driver fails to present such a proof, his license will be suspended until he insures the car using one of the methods presented above and he must pay a not-so-expensive reinstatement fee of $100.

Having that in mind you should start looking for the opportunities on the market that meet your needs. First of all you should check if they meet the minimum requirements, but you should consider a more serious coverage. That’s because if the accident results in considerable damages and/or injuries the minimum Alabama car insurance will not cover all the expenses and you will be forced to pay for the damages from your own pocket. That might an undesirable situation, because medical bills can be quite expensive.

For that purpose you should consider getting a Motorist Bodily Injury insurance as well, because you will be covered for accidents with uninsured drivers as well. But no matter what package you feel the need to choose, nowadays there’s a fastest and simpler way to approach insurance companies. All you need is a computer connection and a reliable link to the Internet that will smoothen your way. There are plenty of websites that offer you comparison tools and also insurance companies have designed special sites in order to be as helpful as they can. You can even buy the Alabama car insurance directly online, or over the phone if you trust better that option.

Finding the best deal is not the only option. In order to find an inexpensive Alabama car insurance you should also take interest in the discounts that the insurance companies offer all the time. For example if you have a clean driving record, or multiple cars, or you drive less miles than the average you might be able to save a few dollars, because insurance companies are interested in offering their services to reliable drivers.

In order to be able to trust an insurance company with your safety you can look into insurance complaint ratios that some states decide to make public, because they want to raise public awareness. Moreover, in the state of Alabama, the Department of Insurance helps the drivers deal with their complaints, offering all the support necessary. So, ask for help if you really need it.

No matter what Alabama car insurance company you choose, you should keep in mind the Alabama insurance laws and also the reasons why you want that insurance. There isn’t a single insurance that can satisfy us all, but by trying you can find the one suitable and affordable! Good luck and drive safely!