Interview with Nigel Mansell at Lotus Showroom Launch in Bucharest, Romania

2013 Lotus Esprit Today was quite a blast for us here, ar rpmGO: the first Lotus showroom was opened in Bucharest, Romania, and Formula 1 rock stars Nigel Mansell and Martin Donnelly were invited to cut the ribbon on the new establishment. Donato Coco, the Lotus head of design was also there and shared with the philosophy behind Lotus’s original... the full post

Tecnocraft 2011 Lotus Exige Carbon Fiber

Tecnocraft 2011 Lotus Exige Carbon Fiber I’ve always wondered why beautiful cars like the ones made by Lotus don’t receive their fair share of tuning programs which is why I’m glad that Tecnocraft decided to take the exquisite 2011 Exige and Elise and make some well-thought modifications. The company is no stranger to Lotus models as they released... the full post

Lotus reveals Roger Becker Elise and Exige special editions

  • June 22, 2010 |
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British carmaker Lotus has just announced that two final editions of its Exige and Elise supercharged models will be on sale, bearing the name of Roger Becker. For those who won’t know, Becker has worked with Lotus for over 44 years, and led vehicle development for quite a long time. It is thanks to him that we now get to admire models like Elise,... the full post

Video: Lotus Exige bursts into flames at Nurburgring 24, driver escapes unharmed

  • May 19, 2010 |
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The 24 Hours of Nurburgring saw some pretty sweet racing action, pitting BMW versus Porsche and Audi. While the main race was won by a BMW M3 GT2 model, the rest of the event wasn’t without surprises. One of the biggest incidents in the race through the ‘Green Hell’, as the Nurburgring Nordschleife is nicknamed, involved the #114... the full post

Lotus unveils Exige S Type 72, celebrates Formula 1 return

Lotus was one of the best Formula 1 teams of yesteryears, dominating its opposition with the fabulous Type 72 in the 1970s. As it will return to Formula 1 next year, the company decided to reveal a special edition model, dubbed the Exige S Type 72. The new car, hasn’t suffered any major power increases or anything like that, as it will still... the full post

Lotus Exige Scura / Stealth presented at Tokyo Motor Show, photo gallery available

In order to get itself more noticed, British brand Lotus has just revealed the newest special edition of its Exige model, the Exige Scura, or Exige Stealth, as it will be known in Asia and at the Tokyo Motor Show.The track-oriented version will be more darker (Scura means “dark” in Italian) and feature a unique finish with matte black paint... the full post