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Audi signs partnership with Prada

It looks like Prada, the Italian fashion giant, is really fond of the automotive market, because after last year we announced a partnership with Hyundai for a special edition of the Genesis Sedan, a couple of days ago Prada announced another deal with a very important car maker, Audi. So far there’s no word about possible special editions of Audi models, instead, the two companies will work together this year for some high-profile events, the first one being the yacht “Luna Rossa” during the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series.

“Audi and Prada are strong brands,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi AG board of management member for marketing and sales. “We aim to pool these strengths and build up a long-term partnership.”


Hyundai and Prada to present Genesis Sedan special edition

This year, Hyundai has decided to join the luxury car market, with the new Genesis and, while they’re creating very reliable cars now, the South Korean carmakers still lacks brand image to attract customers. In order to take care of that problem, Hyundai has announced that the 2009 Seoul Motor Show will mark the debut of a special edition Genesis Sedan, built in cooperation with well-known luxury goods brand Prada. Built in Italy, there will only be three units made, one of which will be on display at the Seoul show and then at the Hyundai Motor Company’s headquarters in Seoul, while the other two will be auctioned for charity between March and June 2009 during a series of art and fashion events at the Prada Transformers building in Seoul.