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Car Safety Driving for Pregnant Women

Safety driving is one of the most important elements taken into account when building a car by the auto makers. In order to minimize the risk of accidents or possible injuries of the driver and passengers, they have tried to develop safety cars and to educate drivers about how they can keep themselves safe. One special category of drivers is the one of pregnant women, which have to apply particular rules to avoid getting hurt in case of an accident, such as:

- Always wear the seat belt.
- Use both the lap and shoulder belt.
- Wear the seat belt properly: the lap strap under the belly and over the hips, the shoulder across your chest and off to the side of the belly.
- Never place the lap belt across the belly.
- Never wear the shoulder belt.
- Don’t sit too close to an airbag, but don’t turn it off either: airbags aren’t dangerous for the fetus unless mother doesn’t wear a seat belt or sit too close to the airbag.
- Move the steering wheel back, in order to avoid mother’s belly slam against the steering wheel during a crash.

What other advice do you have for pregnant women drivers?

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