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BMW Posts Record Sales

2011 BMW 7-Series

It seems that things are going just great at BMW as the first six months of this year have been the best in the company’s history as far as sales, profits and revenues are concerned. The manufacturer’s second quarter profits went sky high, rising for 66% year-on-year to a whopping 2.85 billion Euros while the sales that occurred between April and June rose by a solid 18.5% to a grand total of 450,608 units.

In this first half of 2011, BMW managed to sell 34.2% more X1s, reaching 62,698 delivered cars while the sales of the X3 doubled, hitting 53,522 units. Regarding the X5, sales are up by 4.9% to 48,479 cars. Moreover, the redesigned 5-Series also has seen some great days as the sales in the first half of 2011 reached 170,708 units while the big boy 7-Series sales rose by 3% to 31,764 cars.

If we look at what Mini did, things are just as good as they sold 35.6% more cars in the second quarter of this year, reaching a total of 141,913 cars in the first half of 2011. A good reason why Mini is so successful is thanks to the Countryman which was sold in 40,171 units.

In addition, sales of BMW’s Rolls Royce department went by 64.1% in the first six months of the year, reaching 1,592 units. Lastly, the German manufacturer sold 60,580 motorcycles as well as 3530 Husqvarna motorcycles.

Source: BMW via Autocar.co.uk

New Sales Record For Citroen In March

Citroen DS3 Serie Noire Limited Edition

The French automaker Citroen has set a new sales record, managing to register almost 42,000 passenger cars in its domestic market last month, which is the highest monthly total in the country for more than four decades. Sales increased by 19.2% for passenger cars and 18.7% for light commercial vehicles.

The car manufacturer reported 49,746 vehicle registrations in France last month, up by 19% in comparison to the same period of last year. This boost in sales was driven by the passenger cars, especially from the C4 (6,300 units) and the C3 (12,500 units). The DS3 was also popular among buyers, as Citroen managed to deliver 4,500 units, taking the first-year total to 35,800 cars.

Source: Citroen

Limited edition Porsche GT2 RS sold out

It really looks like the recession is on its way to become history, at least judging by how fast exclusive care are sold out. After the $75,000 Neiman Marcus Camaro Convertible sold out in only three minutes, now Porsche has announced that all 500 units of the 2011 Porsche GT2 RS found an owner. The car was officially introduced at the Moscow Auto Show in August and out of the 500 units, 133 were sold in the United States, where the starting price was $245,000.

The Porsche GT2 RS is powered by a 3.6-liter twin-turbo engine that delivers 620 hp, mated to a six-speed manual transmission, which allows the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and up to a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h).


Porsche Panamera sells 22,500 models in its first year

Porsche surprised a lot of people when it first introduced the Panamera four-door sedan last year. But despite the controversial design and the fact that it takes the German sports car manufacturer into a whole new direction, it seems that the Panamera was just what Porsche needed.

According to the latest estimates, 22,518 Panamera models were sold during the first year of the German super sedan’s life.

As testimony to the desire for speed, the 394 HP Panamera 4S has been the most popular, followed by the range-topping 493 HP Panamera Turbo and the regular, rear-wheel drive Panamera S. It should come to no surprise that the city with the most Panamera models sold was Los Angeles, with a whopping 890 German sedans rolling through the streets of Southern California.

So, even though fans didn’t like the four-door and people were against the design, the Panamera has proven successful where it counts, sales.


Fiat plans on selling 50,000 500 city cars in 165 dealerships across the USA

Fiat has some huge plans for the USA later this year, when it will officially launch the diminutive 500 city car onto US soil.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Italian company wants to sell around 50,000 500 models in 2011, matching the sales of its nearest rival, Mini.

How will it do that? First it will use the capacity of Chrysler’s Toluca plant in Mexico to the fullest, in order to ensure a steady stream of models coming into US dealerships.

Speaking of dealers, Fiat has already announced that it has secured over 165 locations all over the USA, most of them already having Chrysler franchises.

Without a doubt the Fiat 500 will be a best seller, especially in urban environments, but we’re not so sure it can match up to Mini sales in its first full year. What do you think? Is the 500 going to be welcomed with open arms by Americans?



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All Sales 94007P Polished Billet Aluminum Third Brake Light Cover – GMC Logo



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Chrysler to set up new dealerships for Fiat models

Back when Italy’s Fiat Group acquired ailing US carmaker Chrysler, many believed that the European company would use the existing dealerships of the American brand to branch out, once more, into the North American market.

Now, it seems things aren’t quite so. Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed that a separate dealer network will be set up for the future American Fiat models.

Existing Chrysler dealers will be able to bid for the first 200 franchises, but they are required to make a pretty hefty investment. The company requires both separate buildings, as well as service areas.

The first Fiat model to be sold in the USA will be the 500 city car, which, given the great sales it has been achieving around the world, might become extremely popular.

Still, even if the 500 will become a best seller, we’re pretty sure not a lot of dealers will flock to invest in brand new locations and equipment, especially in these troubled times. What do you think? Share your opinion below.


2011 BMW 5 Series sold out worldwide

At the end of 2009, BMW revealed the 2011 5 Series sedan, a model which it hoped would guarantee big sales in the mid-size premium segment.

We’re pretty sure though that no one at the Bavarian HQ had any idea just how popular the new model would be, as it has just been revealed that the 2011 BMW 5 Series has been sold out worldwide. Those who still want to get their hands on a new car need to join four-month waitings lists.

“The 5-series is at the core of the BMW brand and we knew it was going to be a very strong vehicle for us,” said BMW’s sales and marketing director, Ian Robertson.

With the 5 Series Touring also revealed in Europe, plus the M Sport package incoming, not to mention the next M5 which has seen a lot of rumors, you can be sure that new 5 Series models will continue to sell like hot cakes for quite some time.


BMW X5 reaches 1 million units made

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are very popular these days, especially those manufactured by German carmakers.

Back in 1999 though, things weren’t like that. At that time, BMW took a huge gambit and released its first SUV, the X5. Since then, the model became a best seller, seeing one new generation released in 2006.

While winning accolades and becoming very popular with enthusiasts, the model also pushed rivals like Audi or Porsche to release their own SUVs, in order to make a dent in the X5 segment. BMW also increased the X family, adding the X3 crossover, the X6 Sports Activity Vehicle and the X1 soft-roader.

Even with that competition, the Bavarian SUV is still doing great, as BMW announced that it has reached the 1 million milestone of units produced.

The millionth X5 has been manufactured at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, and will be shipped to China. The model is a BMW X5 xDrive35i, decked out in Sapphire Black Metallic paint and Cinnamon Brown Nevada leather on the inside.


Rolls Royce sales up 146% due to Ghost popularity

The economic recession took a pretty hefty toll on luxury carmakers, which saw sales figures drop.

This forced a lot of companies to release more entry-level models, in order to attract those who don’t want to spend an obscene amount of cash on a new car. The Rolls Royce Ghost is one such example, as with its $250,000 starting price, offered a much more reasonable alternative to the larger Phantom.

Many scoffed at the new baby Rolls, saying that its niche just isn’t big enough. Luckily for the carmaker, they were very wrong.

New sales figures show that during the first five months of 2010, Rolls Royce moved over 678 models. While that doesn’t sound too impressive, it’s a whopping growth of 146% over the same time period a year ago.

No concrete numbers were released per model, but you can clearly guess that the lower priced Ghost is mostly responsible for the increase.

If you still can’t afford a Ghost though, perhaps you’re better off configuring one on the special iPhone app.


Porsche Panamera defeats 911 in April sales

While Porsche purists will be forever in love with a 911, it seems that actual Porsche customers are far more interested in the other models available in the range, more specifically the Cayenne or the new Panamera.

We’ve already known the proverbial hot-cake status of the Cayenne, but in April, while dealerships were preparing to welcome the 2011 generation of the best selling SUV, it was the Panamera‘s time to shine.

According to official sales figures, the four-door Porsche managed to sell 678 models, more than double the number of 911 units sold in the same month and totally eclipsing the performance of the more entry-level models, the Cayman and Boxster.

If the Panamera continues its high sales and the 2011 Cayenne confirms its status of best seller, then Porsche will definitely be laughing all the way to the bank. Purists shouldn’t be too sad though, as this means some of that money will also be invested in the 911.



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Lexus cutting prices on F-Sport accessories for IS and GS models

With summer rapidly approaching, people are once again aiming to showcase their rides to the public. Seeing as how you can’t even go outside with a stock car, accessories and various packages are the way to go in order to add that extra bit of flavor to your ride.

Lexus knows this and has just announced that it has cut prices on its F-Sport accessories packages, currently available for the IS and GS lineups.

You will now be able to order a suspension lowering kit for $1,450, for $4,495 you will also receive a set of new wheels wrapped in performance tires and if you want to go all out, you’ll get all that plus a new performance braking system for $8,995.

The sales on the F-Sport packages will start on June 1 and continue until the July 31.



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Autopitch website revealed, set to change the way we buy cars

At one point in time, we will need to buy a car. This usually implies hours of wasted time spent on the Internet browsing through many websites that sell cars, comparing prices or writing down numbers of specific dealers.

Seeing as how it’s our money on the line, things really shouldn’t be that way. That’s why a new website has appeared, Autopitch.com, which promises to change the way we shop for cars online.

How does it do that? By making the dealers hunt for buyers. The system is pretty simple, and can be described as a reverse Ebay, for example. Those who want to purchase a car can post an ad, describing the model and other details, and dealers will be able to pitch their offers to the buyer.

“Autopitch is the reverse of eBay Motors,” said Brad Chase, founder of autopitch.com. “People post the car they want and dealers bid on their business. This saves a huge amount of time and effort usually spent shopping for a car online.”

Most of the times, dealers tend to take customers for granted. But let’s not forget that buyers have the money and are doing the dealers a favor by opting to purchase from them. Hopefully, Autopitch will be able to finally put some leverage in the hands of the common user.

Ford posts $2.1 billion profit in Q1

Some say the global recession took a heavy toll on the automotive industry. Judging by ailing carmakers like Chrysler or GM, who were bailed out by the government last year, you might also be inclined to say so.

But Ford trumped all expectations yesterday when it posted a huge profit, $2.1 billion, for the first quarter of 2010. It seems that the sales increase in both North America (by 39%), China (by 84%) and Europe, where it became sales leader, have manifested in a huge profit for the Blue Oval.

Those with stocks in the company also had reasons to celebrate, as the largest price in over a year, $14.57 was recorded on Monday. Because things are looking good, Ford is planning to up the production, so that it can have more cars in dealerships and, hopefully, on the road during the second quarter.

Still, champagne bottles won’t be popped so easily at the Dearborn headquarters of the Blue Oval, as the company pointed out that the rest of 2010 might not be so great, and with a debt of $34.3 billion still owed, the carmaker needs to carefully plan its next moves.

Either way, Ford fans are definitely going to milk this oportunity to poke some fun at GM or Chrysler.


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