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2011 Mazda2 gets promoted through Facebook game DriverVille

2011 Mazda2 gets promoted through Facebook game DriverVille

Ford isn’t the only automaker trying to get in touch with the cool kids through social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, as Mazda has also revealed it is ‘hip’ (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) with the social movement.

The Japanese company decided to use a bold new way of promoting the 2011 Mazda2 compact: a dedicated Facebook game called DriverVille.

The application was developed by Frima, a Facebook game developer, and concentrates on you building your own street racer and customizing your ride in order to race against friends. Think of it as a Need For Speed for Facebook.

As you can imagine, it targets more casual gamers and Facebook users, like those who are already into other apps like FarmVille. It also heavily promotes the Mazda2, as well as the racing endeavors of the Japanese team.

More importantly however, besides the fun aspect of the game, is that the company is also holding sweepstakes, with prizes like 64GB iPod Touch devices, as well as the grand one, a new 2011 Mazda2.

If you want to check out DriverVille, as well as read more details about the competition, check out Mazda’s official Facebook page. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ‘Like’ our own RPMGO Facebook page (see what we did there?).


Ford wants to give away a new 2011 Explorer on Facebook

Ford wants to give away a new 2011 Explorer on Facebook

Ford is definitely trying to become one of the coolest automakers around, as it hasn’t shied away from using the new social networks in order to promote its models.

First we had the Fiesta Movement, which gave long term test drive vehicles to influential social media members, and now the 2011 Ford Explorer is slowly being revealed on its special Facebook page.

The Blue Oval wants to kick things up a notch for its overhauled SUV, and has announced it will be giving away a free model on Facebook, on one condition.

What’s that condition? If the 2011 Ford Explorer page will get 30,000 ‘Likes’ (aka fans). If it will reach that goal, the Blue Oval will organize a sweepstakes and give away the new SUV.

Currently, 10,699 people like the new Explorer. If you fancy a shot at getting the new SUV for free, then check out the official Facebook page and click on the Like button. While you’re at it, perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you ‘liked’ our own website. Check out own Facebook page here.

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