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2012 Tata Nano announced

2012 Tata Nano

The 2012 Tata Nano has been revealed and its tiny 2-cylinder 600cc will get 3 hp more, raising the output to a grand total of 38 hp. Torque figure is also up by 3 lb.-ft to 38 lb.-ft, and the car promises to be more fuel efficient, managing to do 59.7 mpg (71.7 mpg UK or 3.9 liters / 100 km), with CO2 emissions standing at 92.7 g/km.

2012 Tata Nano

The revised version of the Nano will benefit from a new suspension set-up that will have an anti-roll bar at the front. In addition, the car’s steering mechanism will be revised while the exhaust note will be enhanced. As standard, the 2012 Tata Nano will be sold with power assisted brakes. The car will be available for purchase in a greater variety of exterior colors and clients will be able to choose from more interior materials.

2012 Tata Nano

The starting price for the 2012 Tata Nano is $2,670 (1,980 Euros / 1.40 lakhs).

Source: Tata Motors via Autocar

Video: Another Tata Nano catches fire and burns to a crisp

Quick, what do the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Audi R8 and the Tata Nano have in common? Both the supercars and the cheap compact are extremely fire-prone.

After hearing quite a few stories about burning Ferrari 458 Italia models, the Nano is back with a vengeance, as another model went up in flames on the streets of Delhi last week.

It seems that as soon as the owner attempted to turn on the car, sparks came out of the rear, where the engine was located, and a fire immediately started. Fire fighters were quick to intervened but the Nano already burned to a crisp.

A Tata spokesman revealed that the cause of the fire is still unknown, but that people shouldn’t panic, as there are still tens of thousands of Nanos on Indian roads that aren’t burning.

Check out the fire engulf the Tata Nano in the video after the jump.

Tata Nano convertible gets used around the factory

Everybody remembers the Tata Nano right? The low-cost (albeit fire-prone) small car phenomenon that has already gripped India, right?

Well, you know what the Nano really needs, besides aftermarket tuning options or things like that? A convertible version.

That’s at least what the Indian plant where the Nano is made believed, as it has manufactured a few convertible versions of the Nano, in order to transport visitors around factory grounds in style and with the wind in their hair.

Although it seems the car has endured a few other modifications, like the tribal decals on the side or the step bar, the sight of a Nano without a roof is mighty impressive.

Still, don’t expect it to actually be available to the public, as the Nano was already cutting it close in terms of structural integrity as a coupe, so a convertible edition might be downright dangerous to drive.

What do you think of this low cost open top convertible? Share your thoughts below.


Tata completes Nano fire investigation, says cars are safe

India’s low cost car phenomenon, the Tata Nano, has sold like hot cakes since it was made available in the subcontinent.

At the beginning of the year though, things got much hotter for new Nano owners, as three cases of the tiny car catching fire have been reported. While in two of those incidents, the fire was a result of a faulty switch, the third one left police investigators puzzled.

As such, Tata got together a team of its own experts and went to work on the remains of the charred Nano. The results are finally in, but are still a bit inconclusive.

Without revealing just what went wrong with that specific Nano, the team said that “no manufacturing defects” were found. As such, all other Nanos are completely safe to drive. If you’re still feeling a bit hot in your low cost city car, rest assured as Tata will be conducting extra investigations for all cars already in service.


Tata opening investigation into recent Nano fire case

Indian car company Tata is selling the new Nano low-cost models like hot cakes. But as we revealed yesterday, some models are a bit too hot for their own good, as four cars have been involved in spontaneous combustion incidents while parked or on the road.

As you can imagine, in order to gain back the confidence of the public, Tata has started investigations into all of the cases. The first three incidents were seemingly caused by a faulty switch near the steering wheel, but how that could result in the parked cars catching fire is still a mystery for us.

Now, with the most recent incident happening while the car was driven on the road, Tata began a new investigation, and promised that it will showcase the results as soon as possible. At the same time, a spokesperson admitted that the recent case is pretty unique.

Until the investigation is completed though, if you want to drive your Nano model, just pay extra attention to any smoke or excessive heat.


Tata Nano models experiencing “slight” problem: they catch fire

Many people in India eagerly awaited the low-cost Tata Nano city car. Offering a cheap and reliable means of transportation, with just a bit more power than a scooter, the Nano is experiencing sales like the proverbial hot cakes.

But it seems that Nano models were so hot that several new cars erupted into flames just after their customers picked them up from the dealerships. The latest incident involved a Mumbay resident who picked up his brand new Nano, and was being driven by a chauffeur (he didn’t have a license yet) to his home.

On the road, the two guys were overtaken by a motorcycle, and the rider immediately pointed out that the rear of the car, which housed the engine, caught fire. The driver and passenger managed to get out safely, but the resulting blaze (pictured above) charred the Nano model (pictured below).

This isn’t the first time Nano cars have caught fire, as three more such cases were reported at the end of last year. Tata denied that a recall was in order, as the fires are likely due to short circuits, and aren’t connected.

Either way, you can be sure that these incidents will make a considerable dent in the popularity of the Nano. Now, at least, Toyota’s unintended acceleration problems don’t seem so severe.


US-spec Tata Nano to cost as much as $8,000

The Tata Nano has become nothing short of a phenomenon in the last few years, even though it is present on its native Indian market for just a short amount of time. This popularity was largely generated by its extremely low price of around $2,000, in its standard spec.

With plans to release it in other markets, like Europe or North America, you can be sure that Tata will make some changes to the Indian-spec model, and add more features, in order to attract customers from those markets, changes which will definitely increase the asking price.

Now, according to a new report, that asking price might be as high as $8,000 when the car will eventually hit North America sometimes next year. Why the triple price? Tata Technologies president, Warren Harris explains:

The structural changes that would need to be made, the changes that would be required as far as emissions are concerned, and some of the features that would be appropriate to add to the vehicle for the North American market, obviously that would drive up the price point.

You can also expect to see a more powerful engine in the Nano, with the two-cylinder 600cc unit being replace with at least a 1-liter engine, capable of taking the small city car to 90 mph, which is blazing fast as opposed to the current 65 mph limit of the Nano.

Would you still be interested in a Tata Nano even though its price is much higher? Leave a comment below.


Customized Tata Nano to cost $220,000 and achieve 124 mph

Remember that controversial Tata Nano tuning project which was revealed when Tata and India’s DC Design signed a contract to offer aftermarket parts for the low-cost car?

Well it seems that its price will be just a *bit* higher than the regular $2,000 asking price of the stock model. How much, you ask? About 110 times as much, with the price tag for the customized Nano being a whopping $220,000.

For all that money, you’ll be getting a shell of the former Nano, with its insides, from the body panels, brakes, suspension to the wheels or engine being completely upgraded. The “monster” 624cc engine, which developed 33 HP, will be replaced by a proper “supercar”-like 1.6-liter unit, which will get this upmarket Nano to 124 mph.

Believe it or not, Dilip Chhabaria, the owner of DC Designs says that it will sell around 2 to 5 models each year, and will also begin to export them.

Frankly, we’re left without words. If you can muster some of your own, you’re more than welcome to share them in the comments section below.

Source: AFP via Autoblog

GM and SAIC preparing low-cost Tata Nano rival?

If you’re even remotely interested in cars, you’ve no doubt heard about India’s Tata Nano model which promises a cheap, albeit bare-bone means of transportation for emerging markets like its local country, and, with a few extra trinkets and “luxuries” will also reach European or North American shores.

But even though it has only been out for a short amount of time, bigger companies are already preparing to fight fire with fire, and are busy creating their own low-cost models for emerging markets. Nissan is already making great progress, and it seems that General Motors, together with its Chinese partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), are also planning a new model, to appear below the Chevrolet Spark / Daewoo Matiz model, which is selling in China through the 50:50 joint-venture the two corporations have going on.

Of course no official statements were given, but it’s seems a pretty logical move, which might meant that in a few years, we’ll be assaulted with low-cost models such as the Tata Nano. Is this good or bad? You be the judge by leaving a comment below.


Tata Nano Europa detailed, will have new features and cost more

The Tata Nano is certainly getting its fair share of news stories these days, from the presumed pick-up based off of it, to some rather nightmare-inducing aftermarket tuning options. But now, the guys at Autocar have received a prototype of the European version of the Nano low cost model, which will most likely debut in 2011.

The new car is definitely a more upmarket model than the Indian one, if you can call things like a five-speed manual gearbox, traction control, power steering, ABS or twin airbags luxuries. It will be powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, outputin 60 HP, and coupled with the aforementioned gearbox, as opposed to a four-speed Indian one.

A major aspect of the Europa Nano will be its small size, being extremely short than other regular A segment models. No word yet on whether or not this specific version will be a five-door, or retain the lack of any boot access from the Indian-spec ones.

But all these luxuries will come at a cost, as Autocar speculates that the final price will be around £4,000 – £5,000 in the UK, translating to €4,400 – €5,400 or $6,500 – $7,500. For what if offers, do you consider it a bargain? Let us know by leaving a comment.


Tata reportedly planning Nano-based pick-up, codenamed Penguin

A new report has just arrived from India, together with a spy shot which might betray the fact that local carmaker Tata is indeed planning to release a pick-up version based on its low-cost Nano model.

Frankly, words betray me at this point, and thoughts like “What’s it going to carry?” are present. But considering the design of the front cabin or the single windshield wiper taken straight from the Nano, it just might come true, courtesy of a few weld spots and a pick-up flat bed.

Indian websites are revealing that the upcoming model, codenamed Penguin, will be powered by a rear-mounted 350cc diesel engine, sending all of its “massive” power directly to the back wheels. Just imagine the burnouts possible with it! (/sarcasm).

But seriously, if this model will come to life, I’m sure it will bring in even more money for Tata, alongside the Nano. What do you think? Leave a comment with your view on this awkward little prototype.


Tata chairman says hybrid Nano will arrive soon

Tata boss Ratan Tata has once again confirmed that a hybrid version of its low cost Nano model will arrive in the future. He hasn’t revealed what type of system his company will employ, but it’s safe to say that it won’t blow anyone away, or be expensive, as that will contradict the purpose of the Nano.

Either way, the small Indian car is still doing great, and with fuel economy figures around 50 mpg, due to its small engine and weight, it will definitely attract many people in the markets that it will soon appear, like Europe or North America.

Might a hybrid Nano spark your interest? Don’t be shy and drop a comment with your view on the small, low cost Indian model.


Tata Nano to receive aftermarket tuning options, world will come to an end

While most car fans consider the very existence of the Tata Nano as being an attack against the car industry as we know it, it seems that Carnation Auto, based in New Delphi, has teamed up with Dilip Chhabria’s DC Design to offer aftermarket tuning options for the Nano.

That’s right, let that idea sink in for a bit. We’ll not only be invaded, at least according to Tata, by Nano models, but some of them will also receive tuning to stand out from the pack, and judging from the prototype model pictured above, it’s not going to be pretty.

There isn’t much you can say after seeing such a thing. Luckily the body kit will be available in 2010, so until them we can shield our eyes. What do you believe? Leave a comment with your view on the matter.


Tata considers upgrading the Nano, “luxuries” will be included

Honestly, you can’t really ask for much when you’re buying a brand new car at just $2,500 like the Tata Nano. It has become extremely popular in its native India, and is gearing up to be released in other territories, including Europe.

But it seems that Tata isn’t happy with shipping an India-spec Nano to these countries, and is considering implementing some upgrades to the model, among which a better acceleration and … wait for it … a tailgate. No, I’m not kidding, it seems that future Nano owners will be able to push the 33 HP engine to a new redline at 6,000 rpm, but due to safety considerations, the top speed will still be limited to 65 mph. Also, the Indian engineers are considering shipping the Nano with a five-speed gearbox in Europe, and keeping the four-speed one in the local market.

And as I’ve said above, a big change to the Nano will be introduction of an actual tailgate, as if you want to store something in the boot of the current model, you need to open he back doors, fold the seats and place your cargo. Another “luxury” implemented might be a new system for the side mirrors, which may even hint at an electric subsystem, which would cost extra. A new “check strap” which will limit how far the doors open might also be included.

The changes aren’t confirmed though, and neither how much they will jack up the price of the cheap Nano.


Nissan wants to small a cheap car in the vein of the Tata Nano

It seems that one of the newest trends in the automotive industry is the introduction of small cheap cars, targeted at nations which are still in development, with the prime example being the Tata Nano, coming from India.

The popularity that the tiny model is enjoying has now sparked the interest of many other big carmakers, one of them being Nissan, which reportedly is preparing to launch its own small vehicle platform, dubbed V (think Versatile). This new car, which is in development for quite some time, will use fewer parts than current compact Nissan models, and will target countries like Thailand, India or China, at the middle of 2010.

Nissan also has high hopes for the small model, hoping to sell over one million vehicles per year as early as 2013. This also means that it will launch the V in other territories besides the Asian countries, like Europe or the US, around 2011.

Do you think that such small, cheap vehicles are the future? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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