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2012 Volkswagen Beetle To Be Revealed This April

2012 VW New Beetle

This isn’t the first time that we talk about the next generation of the Volkswagen Beetle, but now we know that it will be officially unveiled on April 18th. The German automaker has joined forces with MTV to have the Black Eyed Peas perform in New York for the car’s unveiling. In addition, VW will introduce the car in a star studded event, spanning three continents.

Volkswagen says the next generation Beetle will boast ‘radical design’

Volkswagen is starting to slowly hype up its next generation Beetle model, and has revealed that the new car will boast a ‘radical design’.

According to Autocar, the next generation Volkswagen Beetle, set to be revealed at next year’s Detroit Auto Show, has been thoroughly upgraded by the German engineers.

Besides the new design, which might borrow cues from the older VW Ragster concept (pictured above), the new Beetle will benefit from the same front-wheel drive platform as the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta sedan. This means that the next car will grow in size but handle much better.

A wide array of engines are expected in Europe and other territories, while the USA will get a 170 HP 2.5-liter engine. Expect a hybrid assembly, like the one we saw in the New Compact Coupe concept, to appear. Specifically, a 1.4-liter twin-charged gasoline engine coupled with a 27 HP electric motor.

Expect the next generation Volkswagen Beetle to appear on the global market at the beginning of next year, with a convertible model set to arrive in 2012.


Volkswagen taking final orders on current generation New Beetle

Volkswagen hailed the launch of the current generation New Beetle as something along the lines of the second coming, hoping that the retro-inspired compact would garner the same huge sales as the original Beetle cult car.

Sadly, at lest for the company, the high price coupled with lackluster marketing made the New Beetle a flop. Thanks to new rumors though, it seems that the next generation (new new beetle) will actually try to be a proper compact car, in order to rival stiff opposition like the Mini Cooper or Fiat 500.

Still, if you’re set on owning a current New Beetle, you’d better get one soon, as Volkswagen will cease production in the near future, making them only a collector’s item. If you’re lucky, you can even get one of the Final Edition New Beetles, which were paraded through the 2009 LA Auto Show.

If you do have some common sense though, it’s best to wait until the end of the year when the new New Beetle will be presented to the public.

Source: Volkswagen via Autoblog

Next generation Volskwagen Beetle detailed

Volkswagen bet big when it launched the New Beetle model, hoping that its retro-inspired looks would attract people to the car. Sadly its high price and the lack of many customization options meant that the car would gather attention only with the plethora of special editions announced for it.

But the German company is saying that with the next generation Beetle, things will improve, as it has learned from its mistakes. No other official details are known, but luckily the guys at Autocar have spoken with an insider and have a lot of details to share.

First off, the new platform of the next Beetle is both wider and longer, in order to facilitate better handling and more space for the inside. The looks are rumored to be heavily inspired from the Volkswagen Ragster concept which was shown many years ago (pictured above), but a lot of modifications will be made to its design.

More customization options, especially for the exterior will be made available for the new car, so that everyone can create their unique model. It is believed that the new Beetle will set its sight on the brand to beat in the small car segment: Mini.

The car is set to be previewed later this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and manufacturing will commence shortly thereafter at the Mexico VW plant. Among the rumored engines are gasoline units like a 105 HP 1.2-liter, 160 HP 1.4-liter, and a 210 HP 2.0-liter engine. The US is rumored to receive a 170 HP 2.5-liter five-cylinder petrol unit as well. Diesel fans will likely enjoy a 105 HP 1.6-liter and a 140 HP 2.0-liter. A hybrid option, likely based on the New Compact Coupe‘s 150 HP 1.4-liter engine running together with a 27 HP electric motor, will also be featured.

Overall, the new Volskwagen Beetle sounds pretty good. In the end though, it’s up to the company to price it competitively and market it accurately if it wants to really contend with cars like the Mini Cooper or Fiat 500.


Volkswagen launches Jetta TDI Cup Street Edition, Passat CC R-Line and New Beetle Red Rock in US

Volkswagen fans in the USA will definitely have reasons to be happy in the next few weeks, as the German carmaker has revealed three special editions of its various models that will be arriving in dealerships near you.

First off, the New Beetle is receiving yet another limited edition, consisting of 750 cars, named Red Rock. What sets it apart from the other expensive Beetles? Well the metallic paint and black roof, which matches the all-black interior. Consumers will be able to also enjoy 17-inch wheels and a sport suspension on their coupe Beetle for just $20,390.

Customers will be really happy to see another model though, as VW announced the 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Street Edition (pictured above), which is basically a road-legal iteration of the cars the company has been running in the TDI Cup for the last few years. While the power levels are the same, 140 HP and 236 lb-ft of torque coming from the 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine, a lot of handling and visual upgrades are featured. These include a new body kit consisting of restyled front and rear bumpers, side skirts, GLI-spec brakes with special red calipers, and revised suspension settings which take advantage of the 18-inch Charleston wheels.

Last but not least, the Passat CC R-Line special edition will be making its way to the USA, including a new, slightly more aggressive body kit, 18-inch Mallory wheels and a plethora of R-Line badges. Power comes from the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which is mated to a six-speed DSG gearbox that includes paddle shifters.

Overall, if you’ve been wishing for a more personalized VW model, now’s your chance to get one.


Volkswagen New Beetle pick-up truck edition has everything you need for hauling flowers

We’ve covered quite a few interesting customization projects from the Tokyo Auto Salon, most of them based on Japanese models. But this doesn’t meant that European or US cars were neglected.

In the spirit of equal opportunity tuning, Japan’s Body Shop Hayashi decided to tackle the Volkswagen New Beetle. But they didn’t take the conventional route of adding a body kit or some go-fast vinyls, but actually modified the small model into a … wait for it … pick-up truck!

And how did they want to showcase the new “rugged” hauling ability of the VW? By throwing in flowers into the truck bed. Sadly no performance details were given about this Amarok-rivalling pick-up.


LA Auto Show 2009: Volkswagen reveals Final Edition New Beetle collection, marks the end of the generation

During the 2009 edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen took the chance to introduce the last (hopefully) special edition of its New Beetle model, which marks the end of the current generation which despite bearing the iconic name, hasn’t really been a hit.

The Final Edition New Beetles will come in coupe and convertible flavors, each in a limited run of 1,500 units. They will all be powered by the 2.5-liter inline-five cylinder unit, which developrs 150 HP and is coupled to a six-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox that sends the power to the front wheels. Speaking of wheels, they will be feature a unique set 17-inch alloy rims, coupled to a new sport suspension.

In terms of looks, the new Final Edition will featured an Aquarius Blue paint job, with the hardtop model sporting a black roof and integrated fog lights, as opposed to the convertible, which goes for a two-tone look, alternating the Aquarius Blue with Campanella White, the former stretching out to cover the folding canvas top.

You should also expect special badging to adorn the interior of the models, which start from $20,240 for the coupe and $27,170 for the convertible.


Volkswagen launches New Beetle Black Orange special edition, goes for a little Porsche look

While popular with retro fans, the Volkswagen New Beetle wasn’t really the hit the German company wanted. Who knows, maybe the next generation will be different, but until then, VW has announced a new special edition of the small city car, dubbed the Black Orange.

While we’ve seen a few other special New Beetle editions, this one is quite interesting, as the exterior will be offered in a choice of either black, with white stripes on the side or orange with black stripes, managing to pull off a classic Porsche look.

The special edition will be available for both the hatch and the convertible verison of the New Beetle, and will also arrive with a set of 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels on the outside and for the interior, a three-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum pedals and sport seats, all featuring orange stitching.

Starting at a hefty €22,550 (around $33,800) for the hatch model with the 1.6-liter petrol engine developing 102 HP, the New Beetle Black Orange will also feature standard equipment like A/C, an upgraded audio system, armrest and electric windows.

Does this funky new edition spark your interest or is the Beetle a lost cause in your view? Don’t be shy and leave a comment below.