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Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition

Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition

The Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition (long name, isn’t it?) was revealed first  at the Tokyo Auto Salon that was organized a couple of weeks ago, but now the luxury tuner has published a few pictures with this mean-looking black machine. A year ago they launched a styling package for the facelifted Lexus LS460 (the 2010 model) and due to the high demand; they’re back with this Black Bison design template.

Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition

As you can easily see from these images, the car has been heavily stylized, offering a new front bumper that features vertical LED DLRs along with an awesome blacked out grill, side skirts with louvre design accents, a new roof spoiler, fenders with chrome vent molding, an updated rear bumper fascia that has a diffuser and a deck lid spoiler.

Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition

This Lexus LS600h rolls on Wald’s Mahor multi-piece rims that are available in either 8.5-11.5×22 or 7.5-13×24 with a matte black finish.

Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition

In these pictures you see the LS600h, but Wald said that the Black Bison Edition will be available for the LS460, along with the LWB (long wheelbase) version.

Wald International Lexus LS600h Black Bison Edition

Source: Wald International via WorldCarFans

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Wald International tunes the BMW 7 Series, Infiniti M, Jaguar XJ, Porsche Panamera and Rolls Royce Ghost

Usually tuning companies release their aftermarket packages with plenty of space in-between, but Wald International took a radically different approach and revealed not one but five new tuning projects.

The packages, all aimed at exclusive luxury sedans, are certain to make plenty of people excited. As such, BMW 7 Series, Infiniti M (Nissan Fuga in Japan), Jaguar XJ, Porsche Panamera and Rolls Royce Ghost owners should start saving up for when these packages will appear. Sadly though, the Japanese tuning group didn’t reveal any concrete details about what the kits will contain, but judging from these pics, new body kits as well as a few other cosmetic enhancements have all been added.

Hit the gallery below to see all of the modifications Wald International made to these luxury sedans.

Photo Gallery: Wald International Luxury Sedan Tuning


Toyota Land Cruiser V8 tuning package by Wald International

Rappers all around the world rejoice! We usually like the tuning programs from Japanese tuner Wald International but auch, this one makes our eyes hurt. The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is one big beast, we know that because we had the chance to test drive it last year, and giving at a sporty and aggressive is just…wrong! The Black Bison package features new, huge front bumper, side skirts, rear apron with integrated diffuser, roof wing and new alloy wheels. Unless you’ve got an exaggerated ego and really like to get noticed, we don’t see any reason why anyone would buy this package.

Photo Gallery: Toyota Land Cruiser V8 tuning by Wald International


Lexus IS-F gets Wald International tuning treatment

The Lexus IS-F definitely is one of the most beautiful high performance sedans out there, but Japanese tuning company Wald International decided to give the IS-F a look that truly matches its performance figures. So they came up with this, the Sports Line Black Bison Edition, which debuted earlier this month at the Tokyo Auto Salon. So, what Wald did was design a new carbon fiber body kit which includes new front spoiler, rear wing and rear diffuser with side vents built in, plus a set of 2- inch dark colored Mahora 3-piece allow wheels. As Wald International got us used to, the package is quite extreme, but still, very aggressive and impressive.

Photo Gallery: Lexus IS-F tuning by Wald International


Nissan GT-R tuning package by Wald International

Looks like things are really busy for the Japanese tuner Wald International. After today we’ve presented you their BMW 3 Series package, now we have another product from them, a tuning program for the new Nissan GT-R. This is actually a preview, because the package is not on the market yet, but it will include a full bodykit with carbon fiber front lip spoiler, custom nose cover, carbon-fiber engine cover, new rear wing and 22 inch multi-spoke wheels. We also know that a custom exhaust system will be among the mechanical mods, but that’s about it, more details will be released once the package is out. Check out one more photo after the jump. (more…)

BMW 3 Series bodykit by Wald International

German cars are definite favourites for tuning and improving the performance, especially by european tuner groups, but that hasn’t stopped the japanese guys from Wald International to take a swing at BMW’s 3 Series, by fitting it with a superb bodykit.

This kit made for the E90 3 Series is consisted of new reworked front and back bumpers, four new fog lamps grace the front one, side-skirts come to complete the agressive look on the sides of the car, and in the back, a trunk-lid spoiler finishes of the kit. Add to all of this, the 19-inch allow rims, wrapped with custom low-profile tires, and the custom exhaust system which gives a trully fantastic sound. Unfortunately the guys from Wald didn’t touch the performance settings, so you’ll have to be satisfied with only the fast look, because you won’t even stand a chance to a M3. One more photo after the jump. (more…)

Bentley Continental GT Black Bisson by Wald International

Japanese tuner Wald International is responsable for some really interesting premiere tuning packages like the ones for the Mercedes Benz CL or the Lexus IS. And their latest creation is a tuning program for the Bentley Continental GT. Called the Black Bisson Edition will feature a more aggresive body kit and Wald’s 21-inch Portofino, Aufzhalen and Mahora wheels. That’s about all the info we’ve got so far, because Wald didn’t make an official press release, but we’ve got some really cool photos for you, after the jump. Check it out!


Mercedes Benz CL tuning by Wald International

Now this is some serious tuning from Wald International. The Japanese tuner has taken the otherwise elegant and stylish Mercedes Benz CL Class and turn it into this monster, the W216. The program consists of an aggressive body kit, featuring a new front spoiler, side steps, rear skirt, roof and trunk spoiler and sports fender ducts, all finished in black paint. Wald also made some mechanical modifications, like a new brake system with 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston in the rear and new exhaust system. We don’t have the official performance numbers, but I guess we’ll have time to get them, because the first deliveries are expected in January 2009.

Check out a complete photo gallery of this impressive tuning program, after the jump.