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Tata Nano models experiencing “slight” problem: they catch fire

Many people in India eagerly awaited the low-cost Tata Nano city car. Offering a cheap and reliable means of transportation, with just a bit more power than a scooter, the Nano is experiencing sales like the proverbial hot cakes.

But it seems that Nano models were so hot that several new cars erupted into flames just after their customers picked them up from the dealerships. The latest incident involved a Mumbay resident who picked up his brand new Nano, and was being driven by a chauffeur (he didn’t have a license yet) to his home.

On the road, the two guys were overtaken by a motorcycle, and the rider immediately pointed out that the rear of the car, which housed the engine, caught fire. The driver and passenger managed to get out safely, but the resulting blaze (pictured above) charred the Nano model (pictured below).

This isn’t the first time Nano cars have caught fire, as three more such cases were reported at the end of last year. Tata denied that a recall was in order, as the fires are likely due to short circuits, and aren’t connected.

Either way, you can be sure that these incidents will make a considerable dent in the popularity of the Nano. Now, at least, Toyota’s unintended acceleration problems don’t seem so severe.

Source: IndianAutosBlog


3 Responses to Tata Nano models experiencing “slight” problem: they catch fire

  1. intensive driving says:

    Pictures like this must make the people at Toyota feel better :)

  2. [...] company Tata is selling the new Nano low-cost models like hot cakes. But as we revealed yesterday, some models are a bit too hot for their own good, as four cars have been involved in spontaneous combustion incidents while parked or on the road.As [...]

  3. venkatrajaraman says:

    This is ok, but current situation the people need electric car instead of this.
    Tata will try same nano with electric, price around INR 1.5 Lakhs will be good.
    Tata contribution to India again more environment………..

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