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What you should teach your teen child about cars and driving

It’s for their safety, and you know it. And what they are teached during the driving classes isn’t always enough. So you should try to add some information to their knowledge. Here there are:

When a police officer asks him to stop the car, he should safely pull the car over, turn off the engine, pull the handbrake and roll down the window. Then, just answer to all the officer’s questions, without arguing or making sudden moves.

If he has a flat tire, he should pull completely off the road and call for roadside assistance. If he already knows how to change a tire, he should do that carefully and outside of the road.

If a drunken friend offers to give him a ride, he should refuse him and try to stop his friend from driving the car in that condition.

If using the cell phone while driving is allowed in your state, you should teach your teen child how to pair his phone with car’s Bluetooth system and keep repeating him that he should always use a hands-free device, so that to keep both hands on the wheel and the eyes on the road.

If he gets involved into an accident, he should turn on flashers and pull safely out of traffic, and then call the police to report the accident. You should also advice him to take pictures of the other car involved into the accident and to exchange insurance information with the other driver. He should always avoid getting into a dispute about whose fault was.

Driving in bad weather conditions requests for a specific driving behavior. So, he should reduce the speed, leave a safety distance between his car the car in front of him. You should also take him to practice in safe conditions the reactions he should have if his car slips on a snow-covered road.

What other advice do you have for parents to teach their teen children?

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  1. Tyler S says:

    Be careful driving with a car full of friends! It’s easy to get distracted.

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