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Tesla Model S Alpha Version Revealed

Tesla Model S Alpha

A few days ago, Tesla Motors unveiled a Model S Alpha prototype which is a near product-ready model that we will be seeing in the second half of next year. In comparison to the latest prototype we’ve seen, the Alpha version comes with a new front bumper and bigger front air intakes, even more beautiful than before.

Tesla Model S Alpha

Deliveries of the Tesla Model S will start in mid-2012 for the North American market while Europe will have to wait a couple of months. It will be available in three main variants, differentiated by the range. The top-spec model, dubbed Model S 300M will have a base price of about $77,400 and will come with the biggest battery pack available that should last approximately 300 miles (483 km).

Tesla Model S Alpha

The entry-level model, named 160M will offer a driving range of up to 160 miles (258 km) while the mid-range 230M will provide a driving range of 230 miles (307 km). The latter will be $10,000 less expensive than the 300M while the 160M will be $20,000 cheaper.

Tesla Model S Alpha

Source: Tesla Motors via WCF


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