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The Aston Martin Experience by Using iPhone App

High-tech and mobile applications are increasingly widely used in the automotive industry, but this is part of its development, we say. What’s surprisingly pleasing to see is that even the exclusive sports cars and with a rich heritage around the world are doing the same thing, trying to stay tuned with all the evolution from the industry.

One of those cases is the cool Aston Martin brand, which has always tried to combine the latest technology with graceful styling and acclaimed performance. This time, their up to date improvement is the Aston Martin App, a way of creating and remaining loyal to its ethos and driving experience.

In the city or at home, the app is ready to use. This is what it does:
- ignition – the Aston Martin App offers the possibility to start-up by using an exhaust note.
- accelerator – you can use the phone as an accelerator, which is kind of awesome. V8 & V12 Vantage, DB9, DBS, Rapide and even One-77 are the featured models from the app.
- top roads – if you want to find the best driving roads or some information about checkpoints to share experience, you just have to use the app.
- speedometer – the app gives you access to speedometer race upwards via GPS and hear the sound of the Aston Martin model chosen by you. The results are shown with a faithful reproduction of the Aston Martin in car dial , with speeds in mph and km/h. Actually, we are talking about a digital version of the car.
- the guide of a city – it features information about 40 of the world’s coolest cities and the full London, including restaurants, bars or hotels.
- telemetry – the Aston Martin App displays the G Force from the vehicle with a 0-60 timer and sharing functions.
- camera on board – due to the app, the iPhone can be used as an onboard camera too, augmenting an overlay of key driving data into the driver’s view.

If this sounded interesting to you, you can get the Aston Martin Explore App on the App Store.
So, what do you think: is this mobile app a “wow” in the automotive industry?

[Source: Aston Martin]

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