The horror: IdingPower’s tuning program for the BMW M3

The first question that hit us after we saw these photos is “Why?”. This BMW M3 tuning program was created by Japanese company IdingPower and consists of a new body kit with front lip spolier and a huge wing, new alloy wheels, sport exhaust system and new suspension and brake packages. We don’t know about you, but that rear wing is hideous, not to mention useless on the streets. Anyways, we think these guys love the Subaru Impreza WRX STi too much, because their M3 sure looks a lot like it.

Photo Gallery: BMW M3 tuning by IdingPower

Source: Carscoop

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Comments (3)

  • Car Tuning says:

    i think the japanese tuner thought they could make it look like a Subaru Impreza from the WRC. The car’s front side and lip look pretty well but that rear wing is hideous. Maybe they installed it to keep thieves away because no one would steal a BMW with that ugly wing.

  • Cisco Kid says:

    “Blasphemy” may be used by extension to describe any display of gross irreverence towards any person or thing deemed worthy of exalted esteem.

  • JSams4131 says:

    If someone broke into this car and stole it for parts he’d be doing everyone a favor. this is really, really abhorrent it doesn’t match up with an design cues of the M3…inducing vomitting now.

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