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The Launching of Land Rover’s “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” Delayed

Most of the time, we have the impression that celebrities are persons from somewhere outside of our world, preoccupied only with fashion, looking good and making lots of money. This is why we have the tendency to omit that, during their daily life, they are regular people too, with regular concerns and regular problems too; that sometimes they cannot honor their “celebrity” duties.

It’s the case of the fashion icon Victoria Beckham, who gave birth to her third child a couple of days ago, which is why the launch of Land Rover’s “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” is currently delayed. The Evoque is the product of company’s new creative design director and has already been finalized, waiting to be launched as soon as Posh Spice is ready to work again.

Here you can see the presentation video of the car:

The launching date and the technical specifications have not been yet indicated. But taking into account Victoria’s fashion style, we expect the car to present some of her influence in the interior design.

So, even famous pop stars are women when it comes to their family, children and personal fulfillment. But still, we cannot wait for the car!

[Source: Carscoop, Photo1, Photo2]

One Response to The Launching of Land Rover’s “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” Delayed

  1. Marcus Van Steur says:

    An extremely amazing design that looks both flawless moving or just parked.

    I believe this special model will sell many units as the fit & finish are fantastic, the design language used in this model is very much ‘Land Rover’-style, yet a touch of asymmetric design (some examples: Lamborghini, Vector, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, et al).

    My final question, I wonder if the models comes equipped with a ‘Sports Bra’?

    A 1st-rate quality vehicle all the way. My only gripe is the name (it is very close to the Cadillac Evoq prototype)…I think Range Rover could have summoned a better name, rather than copy one from a competitor.

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