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Toyota Prius Is Sold Out, Kind Of

2011 Toyota Prius

If you are in the market for a brand new 2011MY Toyota Prius hybrid, you’ll have a tough time finding one. It seems that the supply level is down to only 3,000 units which are enough for less than 10 days of sales. This situation in the automotive industry is called “sold out” and as a consequence, the dealers are now charging more money for the few Priuses that they have left in stock.

It was only last week when the Japanese automaker said that 75,000 units will reach the United States by the end of 2011. Toyota already promised to its dealers 36,000 Priuses over the course of this summer. In regular months, the company sells about 15,000 cars, but they managed to sell even 25,000 cars when the gas prices were high (May) and for this reason the inventory is very low at the moment. Another reason for the current situation is due to the severe impact of the March 11 earthquake, which lead to a terrible tsunami that caused a lot of issues to Japan’s industrial infrastructure, among other problems.

At the moment, Toyota is rolling out Priuses as fast as the factories that make components can deliver the necessary parts and it takes a long time before they reach stateside as the cars are shipped by sea and by long time we mean a couple of months of travel between the factory in Japan and the dealers in the United States.

Our recommendation would be to wait until this fall to buy a Toyota Prius hybrid, unless you want to pay a lot for getting one of the few ones available now.

Source: Green Car Reports

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