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Toyota Prius still dominates Japanese market, ahead of hybrid rival Honda Insight

Although it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone remotely familiar with how the automotive industry works nowadays, it seems that the Toyota Prius is still experiencing strong sales in its native Japan, beating its fellow hybrid rival, the Honda Insight.

26,918 Prius models were sold during the month of October, showing the popularity that the Toyota model enjoys. The Insight however, ranked number nine overall, with just 7,074 models sold, but well over the target that Honda set for the hybrid model, of 5,000 units.

What’s a bit surprising is that the second best selling car was another Honda model, the Fit/Jazz, which went on to sell 15,444 units during October, showing that even a normal model, with the right accessories and qualities, can dominate a market which is oriented towards hybrids.

Source: Autocar

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