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Toyota’s EV charger costs from $999

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The Japanese automaker Toyota has confirmed this week that its electric vehicle charger will cost starting from $999, including installation. As you probably know this by now, there are a few home charging solutions that will set you back less money, but for these you’ll have to pay extra for the installation, which makes EV owners forgo the level two charging stations at home altogether or they decide to opt for alternative solutions to fill the batteries of their car, thus skipping the official routes.

The price tag for Toyota’s charging station isn’t really news because when they announced the pricing for the 2012MY Prius Plug-In Hybrid, they said that the car will cost from $32,760, while the charger will be “from $999”. However, Consumer Reports stated that the car maker has confirmed that this price tag includes also the costs for the installation. The very good news is that Toyota has confirmed that regardless of what they have to do to install the EV charging station in the home of the customer; every buyer will pay the same.

We certainly have to appreciate Toyota for its decision to launch a one-size-fits-all pricing plan, especially since in this industry there are a lot of EV owners who are asked to pay even $1,818 for the installation of a charging station. This Toyota deal will save you a bundle of money especially if you are living in an older house for which they have to do a lot of wiring upgrades.

You can take advantage of this deal by buying the Prius Plug-In Hybrid, but most likely other producers of EV stations will lower the price tag on their products as a response to the offer that Toyota is making on its charging station.

Source: Toyota via Green Car Reports

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