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UK Road Deaths Reach Lowest Level In History

We have extremely good news coming from the UK Department of Transport. It seems that the number of people who were killed last year in road accidents dropped by 16% from 2222 casualties to 1857, which is the lowest rate ever recorded since 1926.

There were 842 less casualties last year, which is 20% lower than in 2009. As far as motorcyclists are concerned, 403 people died last year, 15% less than in 2009 while the number of pedestrians that perished was 405, 19% less than in 2009.

The bad news is that the number of casualties among cyclists went up by 7% to 111 people, despite the fact that the cyclist traffic went up by only 0.5%.

Overall, a total of 208,655 people were considered to be casualties in road accidents last year in United Kingdom.

Source: Autocar.co.uk

One Response to UK Road Deaths Reach Lowest Level In History

  1. Shop cheap cars says:

    That’s good news number of accidents are drop this year and day by day it’s decreasing. It goes to Department of Transport and UK government they are doing good and taking hard steps against it.

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