Unlucky Lamborghini Gallardo goes up in flames

Everytime we see something like this, we can’t help feeling sad seeing supercars going up in flames like this. It happened about a month ago when we reported about the McLaren F1 catching fire in California and it happened now, when we saw this £75,000 Lamborghini Gallardo burning on a street in Peterborough, UK. According to eyewitnesses, the orange Gallardo “pulled up with smoke billowing from its engine. Two men were seen to jump out of the vehicle.” As you can see the fire is quite spectacular, firemen saying it was amplified by the car’s carbon fibre and alloy construction.

[Source: BBC]

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  • secretbreaker says:

    What a waste….
    We should always service our car..

  • Intensive Driving Courses says:

    I do not know whether anyone saw Top Gear lately?

    But they had an endless display of pictures taken of Lamborghini cars on fire.
    It seems as though the cars are quite susceptible for catching fire!

  • Smokey says:

    I can’t really tell what kinda car it is… Maybe I just can’t see it.

  • Randy says:

    There are two reasons Galaardos catch fire. One is that they forget to tighten the bolts on the drive shaft at the factory… make sure you buy a car built on a Tuesday or a Wednesday : )
    The spinning drive shaft then takes out hydraulic lines and spewd fluid all over the hot engine and exhaust.
    The second reason is the computer has a spark sensor system built in to stop missfires. If the computer senses that a plug isnt firing it shuts down that bank of cylinders but doesnt shut down the fuel flow. The result is that catalytic converter is filled with fuel until it catches fire.

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