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Vacation Nation

The following guest post was written by our friends from LemonFree.com, the Automobile Search Engine.

Taking a vacation can be costly. Even though we know that it is very important for our emotional health, it may seem that the stress induced by trying to micro-arrange it isn’t worth it. With the fluctuating world economy, airfares ride a perpetual roller coaster. If you have a family, air fair can make a huge dent in your holiday budget.

This is not a good reason to cancel you vacation plans. If you vacation in the summer months, like most people with children do, you might give some consideration to keeping your vacation destinations on the continent. Driving at a leisurely pace to your destination doesn’t have to be torture.

Some of the more daring of you might go hiking or camping locally. Others might plan a series of day trips. This is definitely your personal choice.

Is it time to replace your vehicle? You have likely been scanning the car or truck classifieds. You have watched for used cars for sale or used trucks for sale everywhere from the local grocery store bulletin board to screening used trucks for sale offers on the internet. An additional vehicle will cause your auto insurance to increase, so you want to plan your purchase wisely.

Now you can consider combining your need for a vehicle with your vacation plans.

If you have a larger family, the expense of flying to your destination, renting a car there and flying home could be offset by purchasing a full sized Ford F150, or one of the new Ford F250 truck.

These vehicles even have reasonable towing capacity so you could bring a rented storage trailer and ride in un-cramped comfort in the extended cab models.

If you have a small family, or there are just the two of you, a fuel efficient, smaller Toyota Tacoma might be just what you need.

If buying a Toyota Tacoma doesn’t appeal to you, consider renting one, with unlimited mileage, from a national car rental business. Often the longer the rental period is, the lower the daily rate becomes. Yes, monthly rates are available.

The only requirement for this new kind of vacation is that, at least one person in the group must love to drive. This small detail aside, the vacation route becomes a wide open road. I think I hear it calling out to you!

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