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Vettel’s Infiniti FX Goes Into Limited Production

Infiniti FX50 S Vettel

Last month during the Frankfurt Motor Show, Infiniti brought a one-off FX Vettel concept that had aerodynamic and engineering updates which were tailored by the double F1 champion who was directly involved in the development of the SUV. Even though at that moment they’ve said that this will remain a concept, apparently the folks at Infiniti have changed their mind and this car will go into a limited production.

Infiniti FX50 S Vettel

This is only the first model that will be launched as a result of the collaboration between Infiniti and Vettel, who is the company’s ambassador and double world Formula 1 champion for Red Bull Racing. Andy Palmer who is the automaker’s boss described this newly established relationship similar to the one between Mercedes-Benz and AMG or the one between BMW and the M division.

Infiniti FX50 S Vettel

This Vettel edition of the FX50 S comes with a new design for the front grille, LED daytime running lights, a carbon fiber spoiler which has been modeled on the front wing of a F1 car, a rear spoiler, along with carbon fiber sills and wing mirrors.

Infiniti FX50 S Vettel

At the heart of this SUV is a modified V8 5.0-liter engine that churns 414 hp and is able to hit 186 mph (300 km/h) thanks to the fact that the limiter has been removed and it has more horsepower under its hood.

Infiniti FX50 S Vettel

Palmer added that since the FX50 S Premium costs 58,250 pounds, this limited-run Vettel edition might have “a price tag of up to 75,000 pounds.”

Source: Infiniti via Autocar

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