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Video: Deadly crash between a Chrysler Crossfire and a truck

We don’t have any certain details about this crash, because the news report’s in Russian, but from the images caught by a security cam in Russia a Chrysler Crossfire was going pretty fast, ran the red light and crashed into a truck. Like we said, we have no idea what that police officer is saying but reading through the comments from Carscoop it seems that the two dead people we see in the news report are the Crossfire’s driver and passenger, while the truck driver was thrown through the window and survived the violent accident. We’re warning you, the video ain’t pretty and it could definitely serve as an example of what wreckless driving can do.

Update: Thanks to our reader uranium, who has translated the news report, we know the crash took place at around 4 in the morning and the 23 year old Chrysler driver had a history of over 20 law violation. Police estimates he was doing around 200 km/h (125 mph) when he hit the truck. Unbelievable! The other passenger was 20 years old and they both died on impact. The truck driver was really lucky and survived the crash with a head concussion and few small injuries.

You can see the news report with images from after the crash, after the jump.

Source: Carscoop

10 Responses to Video: Deadly crash between a Chrysler Crossfire and a truck

  1. uranium says:

    Police officer says that Chrysler driver a lot of times was caught by police for rules violation – 23 times, 7 – speeding, 6 – priority violation and other violation like moving on opposite traffic, opposite tram lines etc.
    From other source I saw that truck driver survived, both driver and passenger of Chrysler died.

  2. uranium says:


  3. Vlad Balan says:

    Thank you for the extra info, uranium!

  4. intensive driving says:

    So the fool driving was an accident waiting to happen but I feel sorry for his passenger and all the other innocent lives touched by this man’s stupidity.

  5. uranium says:

    More photos and video are here:
    Short information from video comment
    It was at 4am.
    Truck was going on green light. Speed of Chrysler was around 200.
    Cabin was cut off from truck and thrown away for 40 meters. Driver was lucky to survive due because he held strongly steering wheel. He has concussion of the brain only and small injuries.
    Driver was only 23, passanger – 20.
    On the video at the end we can see previous owner, he sold it to street racer. And this is it.

  6. Vlad Balan says:

    You could be a news reporter, dude :) Thanks a lot for all the info.

  7. uranium says:

    Thanks, Vlad
    I just know both russian and english a bit :-)

  8. Vlad Balan says:

    I’ve updated the post with everything you told us. Thanks again :)

  9. greg berlin says:


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