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Vintage Car Shipping


No matter if the car that you’re shipping is the first Mustang, Thunderbird or Impala you’ve ever owned, or you’re a collector wit heavy experience, when it comes to getting an auto transport company that will carry your vintage car to that famous vintage show, where you plan to make some mouths fall open, you simply cannot place your pride and joy into just anyone’s hands. Since classic cars and roadsters don’t simply fly out of the assembly lines, they’re not Toyotas, collecting them is turning more and more into a privilege than a hobby, therefore you don’t exactly do your grocery run in a 67’ Chevy Impala. So if you want to ship it anywhere, no matter how far or close the destination is, you must always expect the best service possible while being offered affordable quotes.

Here is where the National Transport LLC comes in.


They can appreciate the delicate process that’s involved in transporting classic cars. The transportation of classic cars is considered one of their specialties alongside enclosed shipping and other exotic or rare automobiles, therefore they are fully aware of how valuable can a car get. Since you didn’t spend the last 10 years collecting and restoring classic cars just to see them thrashed, scratched, or damaged in any way by some careless driver of a bad transport company. They simply cannot have that.


National Transport LLC has spent countless months perfecting their services in transporting classic and collector cars starting with the fact that they make sure to have ready every transporting option the customer might require (including the enclosed transport option) to making sure that no matter where the destination is, they can get the job done in good time and in one piece. Their service in transporting classic cars is not only about the actual car shipping. It’s about all the delicacy and care for each process, from loading the car in the truck, securing it, to getting it safe and sound to your doorstep. It’s about providing swift and reliable service while being careful with the vehicle at all times. They give as much importance to your requirements and needs, as you place for your classic.


Vintage Car Shipping

National Transport LLC has been working with some of the most popular, companies like the Barret Jackson Auto Auction, or the widest online auto branch of Ebay: Ebaymotors.com. Most of the customers that bought or sold a car there have placed their cars in the careful hands of the National Transport LLC crew. Not to mention other numerous websites, companies or dealers that continue to be involved in the enlarged area of collector vehicle trading. They have shipped scores of vehicles across the entire US while providing a professional, competitive and top notch service that only has one purpose: delivering your car on time, without a single speck of dust on it. Therefore don’t head for any car shipping company that has “classic” in the title, instead head for National Transport LLC since they have worked and continue to work with people in the classic car collecting business and understand the true value of shipping services and the stress it inflicts on a classic car owner.


The term of “transporting treasure” may sound ridiculous to many. These are the people that clearly have no idea what a car is made of, or never seen a fully restored Dodge Charger revving nearby. Collectors understand the real effort behind each shiny centimeter a classic car has. That’s why classic car shipping demands are so high and so few car shipping companies can meet them.

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