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Woman accuses police of mistreatment during forceful arrest

Allegations for police mistreatment have sparked in Sioux City when a patrol car dashboard-mounted camera captured a video with a woman being arrested. On August 8th in Sioux City, this woman by the name of Dacota Daniels (aged 34) was detained by two officers after they stopped a rental car in which she was a passenger.

As you can see, one of the officers was wearing a uniform while the other was in regular clothes. The latter wrote in the report that the woman’s fiancé was driving the vehicle even though he was “known to have a barred license.” The woman was taken out from the rental car and questioned but the confrontation escalated when she took out her phone and then she refused to put it on the ground. As this video shows, the two police officers used force in order to get her in handcuffs.

Later on, Dacota Daniels claimed that the two police officers mistreated her, causing a few bruises and a black eye, and she is now thinking of suing the local police department.  The chief of the police, Doug Young, stated that the investigation made by the department has concluded that the actions of those two officers were justified.

Source: Sioux City Journal via Carscoop

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