10 millionth Opel Astra produced | Rpmgo.com

Launched in 1991, the Opel Astra replaced the legendary Kadett (the first one was made in 1936) and is one of Opel’s most sucessful model which is currently being built in ten locations worldwide, in countries like Germany, Belgium, UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and Serbia. 17 years later, the 10 millionth Opel Astra was built yesterday at the Opel plant in Bochum, Germany. The milestone car is a Silver Lightning Astra Station Wagon 1.7 CDTI.

The first generation Opel Astra was built until 1998 with 4.13 million units sold, which makes it one of the most successful cars evers. The second generation, built between 1998 and 2004 was sold in 3.8 million units, while the current generation, introduced in 2004 was sold in 1.9 million units, with over 500,000 sold only last year.

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