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We usually judge drivers by how well they handle themselves on the road and when trying to accomplish various maneuvers like the dreaded parallel parking. But the Insurance.com website recently made a study in which it tried to categorize bad drivers by the jobs they have.

The results were pretty straightforward, showing that people with high stress and busy jobs are usually worse drivers than those who don’t think about other things when they are in their car.

Curious to see the 10 worst professions a driver can have? Hit the jump to find out.

10. Nurse – It seems that things can really go awry if you’re a nurse and try to drive a car. The fact that shifts can usually get expanded or you’ll be too tired to even think straight will definitely impair every day skills, not to mention your driving ones.

9. Coach – This is a bit of a weird result, but keeping in touch with many players and technical staff can always require you to make or take phone calls wherever your are, including in the car. Somebody should really think of introducing them to handsfree devices or headsets, just to make it a bit safer.

8. Barber/hair stylist – Another peculiar choice from Insurance.com, but it seems that you can never take your mind off of cutting people’s hair or styling it. Perhaps it would be best to keep your eyes on the road and not on the hairdo of the driver in front of you.

7. Marketing/Advertising – In case you work in advertisement, you always need to stay one step ahead, and this means checking out the ads of the competition. This can often cause some people to focus on the billboards near the side of the road rather than what’s on it or on the actual road signs.

6. Dog Groomer – Seriously? Wouldn’t you just keep the dogs in the back of the van or an estate? I think these guys should know best not to get a lot of dogs in the car, or to let them loose inside. One pesky dog later and you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

5. Business professionals – People are always too busy checking up on employees, scheduling meetings or thinking they can do all that plus drive a car at the same time. One piece of advice: get a private driver and be done with it.

4. Bartender/Waiter – Waiters and bartenders always have to move as fast as possible. This doesn’t translate so well on public roads, so it can earn you either quite a few fines, or a pretty severe crash. There’s no tip waiting for you from the police though, so keep your calm.

3. Government workers – Eh, who cares if you dented your car or got into a little mishap with the police, your friends on top can easily work things out right? Well you won’t be thinking that when get into a serious crash and end up in the hospital.

2. Financial professionals – Yeah, you have the money to pay for a bigger insurance or to get your car fixed, but it won’t save you from all the things you can happen on the road, especially since you might run into a …

1. Attorney/Judge – Well what do you know? It seems karma does end up costing lawyers or judges something, even if it is just a bigger insurance premium. Getting all worked up with case notes, legal documents or hearings can be pretty cumbersome. Throw in the necessity to chase a few ambulances or get to the court on time and things aren’t looking pretty good. According to Insurance.com, 44% of attorneys who filed for comparison quotes last year on the website had been involved in an accident during their driving “career”.

According to the same website, people least likely to get into crashes or have their insurance premiums jacked up are athletes and homemakers. If your profession isn’t in those categories (ours isn’t), don’t take it as a sigh of relief. Stay focused when you drive and try to do as few things as possible while handling your car. If you want more car insurance tips, we also covered the subject some time ago.

Source: Insurance.com
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